1. Billy says

    Yet another video I won’t watch. Why does this site keep posting horrifying injuries? It’s a GAY BLOG. This is sick.

  2. says

    Yes these types of injuries are horrific and can send a chill down your spine. But, they’re also interesting and reminders that while sports are awesome and help define our culture, they can carry high risk for injury. Keep posting these Andy–it’s nice to see you appreciate news beyond just solely GLBT.

  3. crispy says

    He’s been banned for 11 games. But the defender whose leg he broke will be out for at least 12 months.

  4. Kugel says

    @Chris: this is not a ‘gay blog’, it is Andy’s blog. He can post whatever he wants. You don’t have to read.

  5. Joshua says

    I disagree with your statement Marcin Waselewski had his leg broken by Axel Witsel. Waselewski is responsible for breaking his own leg. He slid into Witsel. Witsel is blameless because there was nothing he could have done to avoid the accident.

  6. crispy says

    Joshua, the Belgian Football Association, the Belgian media, and even his own teammates disagree.

  7. Mr. E says

    Oh, come on. That wasn’t so bad. But yes, a very bad break.

    It’s Andy’s blog and he can post what ever the hell he wants. Seriously, stop whining, you babies.

    And seriously, just imagine if CNN and FOX, etc. actually reported and showed what war looks like. The American people would have demanded the Iraq war end immediately from the million times more gruesome images than this one.

  8. DR says

    Seen almost as bad (ever watch a kickboxer’s leg break in half, not pretty), but this takes the cake for “worst break I’ve seen”, mainly because it’s so unexpected.

  9. nic says

    so, did witsel intend to do that to waselewski? wow! when push comes to shove in the real world, i’d like to be able to do that in the nanosecond he did. while i totally appreciate soccer players, i guess i really don’t no futbol at all. cue joni mitchell.

  10. Garst says

    Did that guy have a bone (two technically) in his lege to begin with? It’s not exactly easy to break a shin bone.