News: Taylor Lautner, Harrah’s, Swaziland, Gay Ice Cream Truck

RoadLesbian couple in Swaziland bids to become country's first same-sex marriage.

Paterson RoadNY Governor David Paterson shaves his beard.

RoadLa Toya Jackson makes video she promised not to make because she just can't help herself.

Road"Marriage Minutemen" form in New Jersey to oppose marriage equality: "We want to stop any redefinition of marriage that happens
without a public vote."

RoadIs this what life without Britney does to a man???

RoadAmerica's first black lesbian mayor, Denise Simmons of Cambridge, Massachusetts, marries her partner Mattie Hayes.

RoadBig Gay Ice Cream Truck a finalist in NYC's Vendy "street food" Awards.

RoadHarrah's Atlantic City casinos in bid to draw gay and lesbian tourists: "Harrah's has been catering to gay and lesbian travelers at its
Las Vegas casinos for a few years, but will launch a similar
campaign in the country's second-largest gambling market with an 'Out in Atlantic City' weekend of partying Sept. 25-27. The event,
expected to draw more than 1,000 people, will bring some of the
best-known names in the gay and lesbian entertainment scene to the
Harrah's casinos."

RoadQuadriplegic sails around Britain solo.

Shard RoadRenzo Piano's "Shard" to dominate London skyline: "Construction
has begun on the Shard, a skyscraper that will be the tallest building
in Western Europe and will provide amazing views of London…inspired by
towering church spires and the masts of ships that once anchored on the

RoadThousands call for Turing apology in Britain.

RoadPossible arson investigated at Stereo nightclub in Montreal.

RoadSex club planned for historic hotel in Gloucester, UK.

RoadTruman Capote signed one of his books…to Harry Potter: "Howard Rose of Brier Rose Books in Teaneck, N.J., is selling a first-edition copy of Truman Capote’s 1967 book The Thanksgiving Visitor, autographed by the author in January 1978 'for Harry Potter with gratitude.'"

RoadCranberries to reunite.

Lautner RoadBruce Weber points his lens at Twilight's Taylor Lautner.

RoadAnd that other vamp, Robert Pattinson, does Premiere.

RoadGay Big Brother contestant Kevin finally wins Head of Household competition, reads letter from partner of nine years.

RoadMaine governor Baldacci to appear at marriage equality fundraiser.

RoadFull slate of LGBT candidates vie for NYC City Council seats.

RoadTransgender teen in Vermont makes plea for genderless bathrooms: "Kyle Giard-Chase, 16, asked the Vermont Human
Rights Commission on Thursday to endorse the effort. He said that
before he came out last year as transgendered, he was a three-sport
athlete and the co-captain of the field hockey team, a girls' sport, at
South Burlington High School. At an away game, he said he was verbally
harassed and threatened by the members of the host school's football
team for using the girls' restroom. 'The harassment only stopped when I was reduced to tears and told them I was in fact a female,' said Kyle, now a senior."


  1. Pender says

    I’ve long thought that gender-segregated bathrooms are an embarrassing feature of our society and a further demonstration of how seldom people are willing to question things that other people don’t force them to question. Make floor-to-ceiling stalls if necessary, but gender segregation in public restrooms is anachronistic, unnecessary, expensive, and extremely hurtful to a very vulnerable minority.

  2. Will says

    WTF was that article about re gay NYC council candidates, propoganda? An endorsement of those running? Quinn has at least two openly gay primary challengers that are not mentioned. Where are they?

    I hate it when Andy is propogandist. We’re not all stupid Andy. Some of us are independently informed. I might add that Quinn is no where near as popular as she used to be (slush fund, giving Bloomberg a run at a third term), but since she is the incumbant, she’ll likely win due to low turn out.

  3. Dude says

    How about we just add a coed bathroom – and keep male and female bathrooms for the MAJORITY that enjoy that.

    You know the biggest way to have the majority side against you is to only think for the minority.

    We have a pre-op guy who is requiring all the women in the office deal with him using the ladies room – because he feels like a lady – but still takes a wizz out his penis.

    I bet none of them really appreciate it.
    But who carees about them right ?

  4. bobbyjoe says

    “We have a pre-op guy who is requiring all the women in the office deal with him using the ladies room – because he feels like a lady – but still takes a wizz out his penis.I bet none of them really appreciate it. But who carees about them right?”

    Being a ladies room, I’m fairly certain there aren’t urinals, so unless this person is “taking a wizz” in the sink, then are our sympathies supposed to be with those who are paying a little too much attention to what’s going on in someone else’s closed bathroom stall?

    Unless you’re Gladys Kravitz or Larry Craig, one would imagine one ought to be paying attention to what’s going on in one’s own stall, not someone else’s.

  5. says

    “You know the biggest way to have the majority side against you is to only think for the minority.”

    The biggest way never to achieve minority rights is to follow the majority’s thinking. Kyle was harassed for using the “biologically appropriate” restroom. Since stalls are basically gender neutral why not try to find ways to accommodate those who don’t fall neatly into male/female categories. But to do that requires stepping beyond the majority ignorance of gender ambiguity. I salute Kyle for speaking out instead of hiding in humiliation.

  6. jimmyboyo says

    crispy it appears some anglo-fetishists can change an ever so tinsy tiny bit

    The kid is cute for a micro shorty, but now I feel like a lech because he is so young

  7. JT says

    Well there must be a number of Harry Potters out there. (Imagine what they have to go through). Anyway, A Thanksgiving Visitor is a beautiful piece of writing, like all of Capote’s work.

  8. Trent says

    Agree with Will about the posting on the NYC City Council races. Andy, that’s just a link to the Victory Fund’s endorsements–which conveniently manages to ignore the fact that LGBT candidates are challenging Christine Quinn. Please don’t just regurgitate self-congratulatory online press releases.

  9. Q says


    Unless you know something about Kate Moss’ heritage that the rest of us don’t, it was not an “all Black” shoot. And what the fuck was she doing in a shoot about DETROIT, like some modern day Fay Wray?? Too Black, too strong, maybe? Furthermore, that shoot was 4 years ago and he was commissioned to do it by W magazine, so he was simply doing his JOB. His personal works however, speak volumes about what “type” he finds beautiful.

    Re Hilary Lister: You rock, girl!! Congratulations!

  10. nic says

    “DUDE” is a tool.

    as to taylor lautner,

    he said, “And I love the action-drama films like Matt Damon and Brad Pitt do.”

    i’m sure that once you’re 18, matt and brad would not mind having some action-drama with you, pretty boy. well, a lot more action, and a lot less drama. i know i would.