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    Sorry, but I don’t disagree. Bullying isn’t just for gays and lesbians; it’s for everyone that has been made to feel worthless by idiots with a god complex. Perhaps this school district should go back and be more inclusive in its curriculumn on harrassement.

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    I’d like to hear what these people think would be a better option, if they honestly don’t think children should know it’s bad to harass people for being gay. Should they be telling kids it’s *not* okay to be gay? They have a “religious objection” to the idea that you shouldn’t bully gay people? This is tacitly encouraging the bullying of children. That’s repugnant.

  3. Jim says

    God forbid that anyone would say that “being gay is OK.” Which, in this course, they don’t. The right wing, as typified by O’Reilly, can’t deal with being called out as the violent savages they are, when rational people say, “Enough.” Conservatives love violence and get off on the threat of violence (as seen by the gun toting people at tea parties), are far more violent than moderates and liberals, and prefer settling scores with a fist in the face, out in the parking lot. They don’t like it when people try to stop them, and their kids, from being violent, pseudo-macho assholes.

  4. SFshawn says

    Bill O’Reilly is just another angry old man who never came out of the closet and HATES others who live their lives freely.
    Come out Bill. Enjoy that big dick up your ass and please just shut the fuck up already. :)

  5. DR says

    And Derek hit the nail on the head. If this story is correct, a policy on “anti-bullying”, which, as mandated by state law, which *should* cover a multitude of races, classes, religions, etc, is being used *just* to cover sexual orientation. The parents were sold one thing but are being given another. Not fair. If Alameda County can’t get the course right, that’s problematic.

  6. Wheezy says

    I wasn’t bullied for being gay either. I was bullied because I was short, I was a massive geek, I came from a ‘bad’ family, I lived in a ‘bad’ neighborhood, and my mother was an unmarried, atheist hippie. It’s not about stopping people from bullying kids who are gay, it’s about stopping bullying, period.

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