1. Attmay says

    Cue the myna birds squawking “RAAAAACIIIIIIISM!” at anyone who points out his bigotry in 3, 2, 1…

  2. Bart says

    Here’s just a few logic-bombs that this idiot doesn’t seem to realize has exploded around him. First off, he talks about “family”…what the hell does he think my partner and our two children are? Second, he speaks of God…but seems to know nothing about him. He actually says the HE (the idiot Reverend) knows what’s right. Not Jesus, not God…him. Wow! A demigod. How nice.
    Third, these bigots always want to put everything up for a vote of the people if their elected officials disagree. For a black man not to understand the dunderheadedness of that kind of vote I have two words for him: Abraham Lincoln.
    He’s worried about becoming a “modern day Soddam and Gommorah” (sp? — my apologies), yet he then seems NOT to understand that Jesus Christ showed up and died on the cross, and by His blood a new covenant was formed between man and God. These retards that run to bits of scripture (and quite frankly, seem to know nothing about the historic text rather spit out some bad interpretation of what was occurring in Soddam and Gommorah) are the very high priests and blasphemers that Jesus fought against. This guy is not a Christian, he is a charlatan who dresses in a white collar and minister’s garb for a camera.
    Lastly, he’s a racist and a homophobe. Period. That’s all he is. Has nothing to do with religion, God, Jesus, Christianity, but all to do with this man’s pathetic fear.
    You would think a minister like this would be more inclined to spend his time trying to get men to stay with and marry the women they’ve impregnated. You know, something that is actually sorely needed in D.C. But he ignores that. He ignores the reality of Washington D.C. because he’s a little scared them homos are actually going to create loving families, assimilate into life without a problem – like most of us do – and he won’t have a boogyman to scare people into putting money in his collection plate.
    You don’t scare me, Reverend. But you also don’t speak for most Christians. You’re a scared, little man who really needs to return to scripture, preferably one of the gospels of Christ and read. Try and figure out who this man, which Christianity was based on, is actually about. It is certainly not what you stand for.

  3. Strepsi says

    Can someone please arrange a visit to this Pastor by the Pastor Sylvia Hayward-Harris? She needs to school this fool on some actual Christian values like compassion and acceptance, because Pastor Jackson has none.

  4. SFshawn says

    Just reinforces my belief that organized religion is a waste of time,energy and money that could be allocated elsewhere to actually help people. This ugly man with his ugly bling and his even uglier heart need to stop their hating and start some loving. What a waste of human life he is.

  5. Tom A says

    This man abandoned his wife and children to move to DC and move in with a man- so he can stop people from marrying!?!

    Color me confused.

  6. Chitown Kev says


    If you only knew some of the epithets (racial and otherwise) that come to mind when I look at this Uncle Tom (or is it Aunt Ja-mama?) bitch. And I’m black.

  7. Attmay says

    Chitown Kev,

    I’m white, and I hurled every anti-white racial slur I could think of at Steven Anderson.


    You’re the troll. You’re also an unbalanced psychopath who resorts to name-calling when you lose the argument. I saw you trolling on a right wing site several months ago.

  8. Chris says

    Personally it’s to pay Madame Harry no mind. The African American community in DC is more open minded than most people think.

    He’s just blowing off hot air.

    Pay the queen DUST!

  9. says

    Ok, Heather has 2 mommies, but Shanikwa has 4 baby daddies!

    The DC Black community has much greater concerns that threaten its present existence than same sex marriage; it doesn’t rank in the top 100 DC Black comm. concerns.

    Rev. Jackson – go back to PG County Maryland and volunteer at one of your county MANY failing schools (50% graduation rate), or one of the infinite challenges facing your predominately BLACK community.

  10. Adrian Kimberly says

    Okay, my good “reverend,” let’s put your civil rights up to a vote NOW. Today. Right this minute.

    Ready to get back to the plantation from which your relatives were freed following governmental action (and NOT by popular vote!)? I sure hope so because the majority of folks would vote to REMOVE your hard-won rights and turn you and your family into slaves once again.

    Being a slave to a ridiculous religion ain’t nothin’ like being a slave to the descendants of Strom Thurmond.

  11. vincent says

    Ummmm, 9 justices spoke for the entire country when they ruled for inter-racial marriage. As a straight, Christian fellow, he’s a blow heart trying to get his 15 minutes of fame. What an insult he is to all accepting straight people, hell, what an insult this bozo is to all humanity.

    Three words to the “Bishop:” Seek Professional Help

  12. sally brown says

    We as human beings, and as the people of the Lord Jesus
    christ, two of the same sex can’t produce anything escept death. There can be no multiplication with 2men upside down to one another or two women in the same positions. I am a bonified woman created woman, I’m disgusted that some will say that they were created in this perveted manner. If you will tell the truth there is hope, as long as you live and continue to confess a lie you will never be free.GOD creates, man make, you were taken advantage of at some point in your life. Tell the truth snager tooth and shame the devil, let rejection, bitterness, anger, unforgiveness and all other deamons you have encountered be loosed in Jesus Name along with the Blood of Jesus. It’s not a point of being in slavery,for every homo,and every lesbian are already in slavery,there is a sin caused curse. I pray Salvation be received in Jesus Name

  13. All The Same says

    Feh, let me know when (not IF) the sex-scandal breaks out on this guy…happened to Eddie Longstroke.