1. nic says

    alan turing was a brilliant man who helped save the western world from fascism. but he was driven to suicide by a male hooker and the British govt. of course he deserves an apology.

  2. says

    Bravo! Wonderful to see a government being held accountable and responding in kind. Coming from Australia, where Prime Minister John Howard refused (for 12 years!) to apologise to the systematic removal of mixed race aboriginal children from their natural parents. It was a shameful period in our history, compounded by a small minded man’s refusal to apologise decades later. One of Kevin Rudd’s first acts as incoming PM was to say sorry to the “Stolen Generations”. It was a profoundly moving act.

  3. says

    Breaking the Enigma code was, of course, a vital contribution, and it’s so sad that his contributions to computer science (he basically invented it) were cut short. We need more gay heroes and Alan Turing is a good one.

    It’s nice to see even the standard homophobes are in the minority over this for once over at Gizmodo and the banhammer is out.

    There’s a great book on Turing by David Leavitt… the geekiest parts are challenging but it really opens your eyes and makes you wish it were on some required reading lists. In high schools.

    There’s a

  4. rick says

    I hate this apology.

    “sorry for what happened to him.” Like he was hit by lightening. Your bloody government killed a global hero for Christ’s sake.

    Make him a fucking knight and spend some money some fucking place in his name !!!

  5. Henry Holland says

    There’s a really terrific movie about Alan Turing starring openly gay Derek Jacobi called “Breaking the Code” that is well worth seeking out. What a fascinating man Turing was and he was kind of a hottie too, he ran distance races and was in good shape.

  6. says

    @Nick: I agree….Turning seems to have been a great patriot……I’m not quibbling but we need to name our heroes more often; we need to emphasise the inconvenient truth of their contributions to the story of human progress, whether Alexander, Gide, Oscar Wilde, Michaelangelo, Harvev Milk,and all the silent ones……we have quite a list to be proud of.

  7. John in Boston says

    Unbelievable; chemical castration or jail. The man is a national hero and they treated him like shit.

    Charles Darwin’s theories don’t put homosexuals in the best of lights. Social Darwinism was instrumental in the creation of the eugenics movement(s) that reached it’s inevitable peak with Nazi Germany and the holocaust. MANY gay men suffered,were even murdered, because of social Darwinism, which has been discredited through our now superior scientific understanding.

    Reminds me of gays who think Che Guevera was cool. He was uber homophobic, being responsible for many murders and brutal treatment of gay men after Castro took power in Cuba.

  8. Karl says

    @ John in Boston: The term “Social Darwinism” was coined in the late Nineteenth Century to describe the misuse of Charles Darwin’s theories, mainly by politicians with little understanding of the actual science involved. I don’t see how Darwin himself or his theories on evolution are to blame if they are twisted to serve some terrible agenda.

    As for Che Guevara, I think the people who admire him do so because of his advocacy for the poor and for Latin America. It’s a shame he was homophobic, but so were the people who made up the forces he was fighting. Everyone was at the time. George Washington was doubtless homophobic too. It doesn’t make him unworthy of our respect.

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