1. sgeza says

    They are shouting filthy at the beginning of the video. They couldn’t throw anything at the marchers, although one woman was beaten on the way home, because she was wearing the Budapest Pride T-shirt. She was waiting for a bus alone after the march. Aside from that nothing serious happened and many straight people marched in solidarity. Even the previous president Ferenc Gyurcsany showed up with his wife.

  2. jimmyboyo says



    I was thinking Their riot gear looks sexier than US riot gear

    almost s/m cluby schtick gear as vs real riot gear

    Oh, and congrats to Budapest gays

  3. says

    Hungary undertook to adopt and abide by western European standards prior to being allowed to join the EU. I, for one, regret voting to allow them in……..they should have demonstrated more tolerance before joining……there are enough homophobic Neanderthals about already…..including the Poles, who also seem to be homophobic……yes, not all the populations are but there are sizable groups of Nazi right wing extremists out there in these countries. Now what did that asshole Rumsfeld call them; “New Europe”….what a fucking ignorant bollox. Of course Glen Beck would probably approve and call them tea party express !

  4. says

    The problem in Hungary is a strong right-wing neo-Nazi faction. It is not the majority of the people.

    Poland is more complicated, since it has a much more monolithic population now and a VERY strong Catholic Church. If the Catholic Church is the problem, are you, kiwi and Jack, suggesting that it doesn’t belong in Europe? Good luck with that idea!

  5. Vlad says

    Yes, kiwi and Jack, I’m sure that kicking these countries out of the European Union would hasten greater acceptance of gay people. Have you ever given any thought as to how a more open and tolerant society develops or that it might take more than a few years? Isolated and impoverished societies usually aren’t paragons of social inclusiveness.

  6. barneee says

    I have made this video in Budapest. It was terrible to be in Oktogon….pfff that is my shame! Please forgive to Hungary, there are not only stupid neo nazis here!

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