1. hoganbcmj says

    Good lord, can we quit pretending this guy is hot. He is fat, pudgy, porky, large, rotund, big, piggy, overweight, in bad shape, fat, fat and F***KING FAT! Okay?

  2. Scott says


    What WEHO Crystal Den are you living in where he’s considered fat??? I personally find him extremely unattractive, but he’s not even close to being fat.

    Reality. Look into it.

  3. Hawthorne says

    Good lord, why all the snark? If you don’t like what he looks like, DON’T LOOK. I dare ANY of your negative types to try for a magazine cover. I wonder if you’d make the grade. Do we HAVE to be such shredders? How about being a little more positive?

  4. says

    @ hoganbcmj: well let’s just wait and see what you look like after you give up the “sniffles”, you might end up three times his size.

    He’s not fat, he’s not a muscle queen and he doesn’t pluck & trim, and that makes him even more attractive. I’ve never seen the show he’s on, but have seen him and that other guy on blogs before. Me personally, the other guy is WAY to pretty for my taste. Ed Weswick, now he’s someone I could go for.

  5. Matty says

    Vapid and shallow? Actually, that sums up just about everyone who has commented on here so far.

    Yes, he’s not your typical waxed, orange-skinned, steroid gym queen and that’s exactly what makes him sexy. I’ll take a real man’s body over a gay stereotype any day, it’s all about diversity.

    Funny how we as gay men strive to be accepted but are quick to judge anyone who doesn’t look like a circuit party monstrosity.

  6. says

    I think he’s OK. Never really watched Gossip Girl but he was kinda hot in S. Darko. It can’t be easy to stand next to Chace Crawford all the time without looking like chopped liver.

  7. walter says

    I would not even begin to think that the scum that comment here represent men – gay or straight.

    Representative of sad elitist self hating narcisstic personality disorder sufferers much more likely.

  8. Ashlyn says

    Ok all of you are fucking idiots………he is sexy as hell….god i want him…. all you can hate him all you want that jus means more for me….yayness i love you ed you flipping sexy…yummy. hes like a strawberry dipped in chocolate

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