EXCLUSIVE: 140 LGBT Leaders, Allies Endorse National Equality March

A groundswell of support for the National Equality March, set for October 10 and 11 in Washington D.C., is building as the date approaches. Towleroad can exclusively reveal a list from Equality Across America of 140 prominent LGBT figures and allies who have put their names and endorsements behind the National Equality March, which seeks equal protection in all matters governed by law in all 50 states.

Equalitymarch The new list consists of a broad range of LGBT strategists and visionaries, media figures, entertainment industry notables, elected officials, and HIV/AIDS and community activists, from across the country.

Said activist Robin McGehee, who is running day-to-day operations of the march with Kip Williams: "I will never be able to describe the humbling amazement of a once closeted lesbian from Mississippi, who would read about the movement and it's leaders, now being able to work with and plan for the people and community I had admired from afar.  The people and organizations that are endorsing the National Equality March are giving young activist and organizers, like myself, encouragement and support to continue our movement's forward push for full federal equality."

Among the 140 new endorsers of the march are activists, strategists, and leaders in the fight for LGBT equality: Diane Abbitt, Roberta Bennett, Ethan Geto, Neil Giuliano, Cleve Jones, David Mixner, Nicole Murray-Ramirez, Ann Northrop, Torie Osborn, Judy Shepard, Nadine Smith, Peter Staley, Sean Strub, Urvashi Vaid and William Waybourn.

Entertainment industry endorsements include: Oscar-winning Actress Charlize Theron; Oscar-winning Producer Bruce Cohen; Oscar-winning Screenwriter Dustin Lance Black; Emmy-winning Actress Judith Light; Tony Award winners Alan Cumming and Harvey Fierstein; Jazz impresarios Kate Clinton and Dave Koz; Chad Allen; "Mad Men's" Bryan Batt; Beth Broderick; David Drake; Herb Hamsher; Lance Horne; Dan Karslake; Michael Kearns; Tim Miller; Holly Near; Larry Sullivan; Bruce Vilanch and Judge David Young.

Elected officials and other political leaders endorsing October's march include: US Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin (D-WI); State Senator Tom Duane (D-NY); San Francisco Supervisor Bevan Dufty; former US Congressman Ed Feighan; Assembly Member Micah Kellner (D-NY); former California State Senator Sheila Kuehl; Assembly Member Daniel O'Donnell (D-NY); NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn; Victory Fund president and CEO, Chuck Wolfe; Donald Hitchcock; Charles O'Byrne; Marsha Scott; Frank Selvaggi; Richard Socarides; Rich Tafel; Will Trinkle; Jon Winkleman; Peter Yacobellis and Paul Yandura.

Endorsements by members of  the media include: Air America's David Bender, and other radio personalities, Lance Helms, Ace Lundon, Michelangelo Signorile, and Tony Sweet; as well as literary figures and blog writers, Richard Burns, Robert Desiderio, Lane Hudson, Doug Ireland, Jonathan Katz, Eric Marcus, Patrick Range McDonald, Bob Smith, and Pam Spaulding.

HIV/AIDS and other community activists endorsing the march include: Chip Arndt, Aaron Baldwin, Dr. Jerry Cade, Mark Ishaug, Corey Johnson, Dr. Tony Mills and Dan Montoya. Leaders of the faith community endorsing the NEM include: C. Weldon Gaddy (Interfaith Alliance), Mitchell Gold (Faith in America), MCC Church Founder Rev. Troy Perry, and President of Pacific Association of Reform Rabbis, and Soul Force Freedom Ride Founder, Jake Reitan.

We at Towleroad (Andy Towle and Michael Goff) are included on the list as well and urge everyone to meet us in Washington D.C. in October.

The full list of new endorsers, AFTER THE JUMP...


Diane Abbitt, President, California Equality and Lesbian Legend!     
Chad Allen, Actor/ Producer                    
Jeff Anderson, Fundraiser/ Activist (San Francisco)            
Chip Arndt, Activist, Winner of the Amazing Race 4            
Toni Atkins, Former City Council Member of San Diego        
Dennis Bailey, Author/Actor                    
Aaron Baldwin, LGBTQ/HIV Activist                
Tammy Baldwin,  Congresswomen (D- WI)            
Jarrett Tomás Barrios, President, GLADD                
Bryan Batt, Actor, AMC’s “Mad Men”                
David Bender, Air America                    
Roberta Bennett, Attorney/Legendary Activist            
Jeff Berman, Attorney at Law / New York City            
Dustin Lance Black, Oscar Winning Screenwriter (”Milk”)        
Jeremy Blacklow, Entertainment Industry            
Steven Bluestein, Playwright                    
Beth Broderick, Actress                    
Bil Browning, Founder and Publisher of Bilerico.com        
Richard Burns, Screenwriter                    
Dr. Jerry Cade, Director HIV Service University Medical Center/Las Vegas    
Jeffrey H. Campagna, Founder, ThePowerOnline.org        
Tom Carpenter, Former CoChair of Servicemembers Legal Defense Network (SLDN)
Michael Cashman, Member of the European Parliament        
Lt. Daniel Choi, West Point and United States Army            
Kate Clinton, Comedian/Writer                
Bruce Cohen, Oscar Wining Producer                
Alan Cummings,  Actor                    
Robert Desiderio, Actor                    
Tanya L. Domi, Former US Army Captain/ Human Rights Advocate    
Clay Doherty, Former Executive Director, Gay and Lesbian Leadership Council of the DNC
William Alan Donius, Former Chairmen/ CEO Pulaksi Bank/ St. Louis    
Craig Dougherty, Corporate Leader/ Entrepreneur            
David Drake, Obie Award Winning Actor/ Playwright and Director    
Tom Duane, New York State Senator                
Bevan Duffy, San Francisco Board of Supervisors            
Rabbi Denise Eger, President of Pacific Association of Reform Rabbis    
Brian Ellner, Political Activist/ New York                
Edward Feighan, Former United States Member of Congress (D-Ohio)    
Harvey Fierstein, Actor/ Writer                
Sally Fisher, Founder/Intersect Worldwide            
Randy Florke, Founder, Rural Connection            
Robert Forbuss, Nevada Board of Regents            
Joe Freeman, Political Activist                    
Alan Friel, Labor Day LA                    
C Weldon Gaddy,  Interfaith Alliance                
Ethan Geto, Geto and de Milly                    
Neil Giuliano, Former Mayor of Tempe, Arizona and President of GLAAD    
Mitchell Gold, Faith in America – Board President            
Michael Goff, Towleroad/ModUrban Media / Founder, Out magazine
Herb Hamsher, Producer/ Manager                
Lance Helms, Talk Show Host, “Lundon Calling”            
Lance Horne,  Musician                    
Mark Ishaug,  President, AIDS Foundation of Chicago        
Chad Johnson, Former Executive Director National Stonewall Democrats    
Corey Johnson, New York Democratic Party Activist            
Lane Hudson, Commentator and Writer                
Doug Ireland, Journalist                    
Cleve Jones, Activist, The Names Project AIDS Memorial Quilt        
Kim Kakerbeck, Former CoChair of Empire State Pride Agenda (New York)
Gregg Kaminsky, Travel Expert                    
Barry Karas, Political Operative/ANGLE                
Fred Karger, Founder, Californian’s Against Hate            
Leslie Katz, Former San Francisco Supervisor            
Dan Karslake, Director/Producer (”For the Bible Tells Me So”)        
Jonathan Katz, Author/Historian/ University of Buffalo        
Michael Kearns, Actor/Activist                    
Micah Kellner, New York State Assembly Member            
Dave Koz, Smooth Jazz Legend For Sax                
Sheila Kuehl, Former California State Senator            
Donald Hitchcock, Democratic Party Activist            
Judith Light,  Actress                    
Tony Leonhardt, Union Advocate, Association of Professional Flight Attendants
Ace Lundon, Talk Show Host, “Lundon Calling”            
Jack Mackenroth, Fashion Designer/ TV Producer            
Sean Maloney, Partner, Kirkland & Ellis LLP            
Eric Marcus, Writer/ Journalist                    
Patrick Range McDonald, Award Winning Journalist            
Robin McGehee, Activist, Meet In The Middle Organizer        
Dana Miller, Producer/ Writer                    
Tim Miller, Actor/ Performance Artist                
Dr. Tony Mills, HIV/ AIDS Activist                
David Mixner, Author/Activist                    
Patrick Menasco, Attorney                    
Dan Montoya, Former Presidential Commission on HIV/AIDS Member    
Larry Moss, New York Democratic Party Official            
Christopher Murray, Author/ Psychotherapist            
Holly Near, Musician/Actress                    
Ann Northrop, Activist, Co-host Gay USA                
Charles O’Byrne, Prominent Political Strategist            
Danny O'Donnell, Assemblyman, NY                
Andrew Oldershaw, LGBT Media Specialist            
Torie Osborn, Author/Activist                    
Dan Osheyack, Point Foundation Board Member            
Alfredo Paredes, Executive Vice President, Polo Ralph Lauren        
Jay Perez, Attorney at Law/ St. Louis                
Dana Perlman, Human Rights Campaign Board Member        
Rev Troy Perry, Founder of the MCC Church            
Christine Quinn, City Council President of New York City        
Nichol Ramirez, City Commissioner, San Diego, Activist        
Phil Reese, Talk Show Host, “Lundon Calling”            
Jacob Reitan, Founder of Soul Force’s Equality Rides and “The Right To Serve”
Randi and Philip Reitan, Parent Activists for LGBT Rights        
Howard Rosenman, Film and Television Producer, Writer and Actor    
Guy Ross, Trustee, University of Richmond (Virginia)        
Marsha Scott, White House, President Clinton            
Frank Selvaggi, Co-Chair of Empire State Pride Agenda/ New York    
Judy Shepard, Matthew Shepard Foundation            
Michelangelo Signorile, Talk Show Host/Writer            
Bob Smith, Comedian/ Author                    
Richard Socarides, White House Special Assistant to President Clinton    
Jeff Soukup, Fundraiser/ Activist (San Francisco)            
Pam Spaulding, Blogger                    
Peter Staley, Founder and Advisory Editor/AIDSmeds.com        
Jonathan Stoller, Financial Advisor                
Alan M. Strasburg, Former Board Chair, The Trevor Project        
Sean Strub, Founder of Poz Magazine and CEO of Cable Positive    
Tony Sweet, Talk Show Host/ Los Angeles            
Larry Sullivan, Actor/The Trip                    
Rich Tafel, Founder of Log Cabin Republicans/ President of RLT Strategies
Charlize Theron, Academy Award Winning Actress            
Andy Towle, Towleroad.com
Jeff Trandahl, Washington, DC / Environmentalists            
Will Trinkle, Board Member of GLAAD                
Curt Truman, Los Angeles, President Truman Real Estate        
Urvashi Vaid, Author/ Activist/ LGBT Leader            
Dana Vera, Managing Editor/ White Crane Journal            
Bruce Vilanch, Writer/ Actor                    
Bo Young, White Crane Institute/ White Crane Journal        
Honey Ward, The Experience                    
William Waybourn, Former Executive Director, National Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, Former Managing Director of GLAAD
Scott Widmeyer, Former Board Chair of Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund and CEO of Widmeyer Communications
Kip Williams, Activist, One Struggle One Fight            
Rev. Nancy Wilson, Head of International MCC Church        
Bob Wingate, Publisher, Outbound Press                
Jon Winkleman, Stonewall Democrats                
Chuck Wolfe, CEO and President of National Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund
Peter Yacobellis,  Aide to Governor Paterson            
Paul Yandura, White House, President Clinton            
Judge David Young, Television Judge                
Jose M. Zuniga, CEO of International Association of Physicians in AIDS Care

"Equality Across America (EAA) is a network of decentralized organizers
in every one of the 435 Congressional districts. These organizers form
Congressional District Action Teams (CDATs) that work within their own
communities to achieve full equality for LGBT Americans and their
families. EAA supports the following key pieces of legislation: the
Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), the Uniting American Families
Act (UAFA), the Repeal of Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), and the
Repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT). With members of every race,
class, faith, and community, EAA sees the struggle for LGBT equality as
part of a larger movement for peace and social justice. The National
Equality March (NEM) is being organized by EAA to show broad-based
support for full equality for LGBT Americans on the doorstep of those
who can make that happen – the United States Congress. The event will
be held Saturday, October 10, and Sunday, October 11, 2009 in
Washington, D.C. Each EAA Congressional District Action Team will
mobilize its community to attend the event. "