Gay Student Receives Death Threat on North Carolina Campus:
‘Death is Almost Too Good For You. Almost’


A student on the campus of Guilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina was threatened last week:

"On Monday, a student found a note on his door that had a death threat and called him a derogatory name. The note also said 'nobody wants your kind on campus.' On Thursday, someone dropped a rock with a letter attached in the same student's window. The note used the same derogatory name and also said: 'You don't deserve life like the rest of the world. It's bad enough with out all the gay crap pulling people down. It's sick, unnatural, and death is almost too good for you. Almost.' The dean of students who live in Bryan Hall informed students about the hate crimes during a meeting on Friday."

Students are reportedly organizing a march on campus for this Wednesday in response.

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