1. richard says

    difficult to get medical attention at times for the same reason. ignorance and intolerance are represented the same way over the years….and if you’ve made progress by stalking people but incapable of socializing — oh, what a pathetic state of progress. much like someone exclaiming people are always hateful — yes, look in the mirror on this 8th anniversary of 9-11. hate crimes ?? hmmmm……and the perpetuation of hate productions. after all, if one is working with healthy people, getting basic assistance should not be a challenge. but…with idiots??

  2. Brian in Texas says

    Guilford College in Greensboro, NC….enough said. Not exactly the beacon of diversity in the world. Glad a group of students are getting together to march in support of this brave student. I hear Charlotte and UNC at Chappel Hill are a little more tolerant.

  3. Lou says

    Wow, I wonder if this fulfills the “quota of intolerance and violence” that Mike Huckabee claimed didn’t exist.

    Is anyone else sick of hearing this news on this site? Sick of seeing photo after photo of bashing victims? another day another gay bashing?

    Something needs to be done.

  4. phillip says

    Having gone to UNG-Greensboro just a few miles from this college, it is hard to fathom. Granted it’s in “Jesse Helms’ land”…but typically North Carolina college towns are pretty liberal…I suspect this is a sick prank…albiet one that should be taken seriously! ! !

  5. Josh says

    As a Guilford grad and a previous leader of it’s campus GLBT group, this seriously freaks me out.

    I’d like to reiterate MPLS_GUY’s reminder that Guilford College is a Quaker school and diversity is a cornerstone of it’s teachings.

    But sadly, bigots are everywhere and ignorance is a difficult virus to kill.

    I’m confident in the campus president, Kent Chabotar, and his ability to handle this situation

  6. Bill says

    I hope the perpetrator is found and punished. I hope this student moves on and doesn’t let this interfere with his education. I hope this student prepares himself for possible violence.

  7. Kevin says

    I’m afraid that as we see rights advance for the gay community in more traditionally liberal states, we’ll see a retribution of increased violence in more conservative areas. I’m afraid we might see these issues happen at the Guilford Colleges out there where an atmosphere of acceptance is generally understood by most of the students while there remains a bigoted few cynical about seeing liberal values emerging where conservative attitudes have traditionally prevailed.

  8. Yeek says

    I really hope this doesn’t turn out to be one of those “fabricated” victim stories where the gay kid turns out to be making this shit up. The last thing we need is another one of those…way too many recently. Sick of ’em.

  9. Dana says

    As an alumnus of Guilford College and its GLBT student club, I am especially sad that this incident took place at Guilford. The school is by and large a friendly, open, welcoming community in which people are free to be themselves. This is a painful reminder that even in places that feel very safe, there still exists prejudice and fear. In my experience, this is not at all representative of everyday life at Guilford. My guess is that there’s more to this story than makes the front page, but any way you slice it, it’s very troubling.

  10. Rose says

    I would like to also reiterate the response to people who keep stating that Guilford College is a conservative school and one consumed by homophobic individuals that that sentiment is indeed false. G.C. is in fact a beautifully liberal campus which embraces diversity and furthermore, promotes and supports diversity through the state through many programs.

  11. Chuck Lampman says

    I am afraid there is an assumption on the part of many Gay and Lesbian young people that everyone will accept where they are coming from. Sometimes it it better to let time and maturity manage the “Coming Out Thing.” I am so sorry about the hate thing, I was out at 17 in 1956, we have worked hard to get where we are. I think that many young people do not understand the pain we went through.

  12. Douglaz says

    Obviously there’s been a long, determined effort by the radical right to subvert Guilford College’s liberal culture and gradually ‘dilute’ it until GC is just another southern college with a mythical liberal face. The pumping-up of the school’s athletic program with hords of rednecks from the boonies is one source of this subversion. Then to make THEM happier it seems that WQFS has turned FROM mostly provocative, industrial-punk into a “Country & Folk music” station.

    When’s the Guilford Republican club going to open-up? How ’bout the “QUACKER-NAZIS” coming-out party? (all thost ‘Brownshirts’ among you)

    Heck, I’ll bet High Point University (in ‘ole Right-Wing HP)is MORE liberal in practice than Guilford! Face it folks, The “Taliban-Right” has effectively TAKEN CONTROL of Guilford College while you lame “liberals” have been busy watching your credit cards.

  13. LuckyBlueEyez says

    The homophobic hater should be banned from attending school and put in jail for death threats! This is a public school and all students have a right to attend!

  14. LuckyBlueEyez says

    P.S. Accept is a word that I never apply. Accept? I as a homosexual don’t look for, need or seek any acceptance. I am proud to be me and any hater who assumes I seek anything remotely close to acceptance is very wrong. I am not below anyone nor do I place myself in a position for any so called acceptance from anyone but myself! I accept me….and that is all that matters. I don’t use that word for any haters benefit. I am above that. That word puts homosexuals in a place to be judged and I refuse to give any hater that ability! No public establishment has a right to ban any one because of their sexual identity, any who do so should be sued for everything they have and stripped of all ownership/position. I do go where I am not wanted, especially if I know they are prejudiced. No one has a right to tell me that I cannot enter because I am a homosexual. They better have a dayum good lawyer!

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