1. walter says

    You are crazier than Sarah Palin !!!!


    The rest disgusting old thug — but there was a day when a racist southern thug would not get a facelift, veneers, and dirty dance with a non-white woman on National TV.

    America we have come so far.
    We should be proud.

  2. cd says

    as Carrie Ann says, he has a way about him, it’s called creepy, particularly when he pointed at Bruno “video vixen from Elton John’s 1983 I’m Still Standing” Tonioli. Also, Donny’s a worse dancer than Marie.

  3. SF_Scottie says

    Strange. Weird. Disgusting. I will give him an incredibly small kudos for being a stick up the ass Republican that who is doing something outside of his staunchy white southern (blah blah blah) self.

  4. princely54 says

    I refuse to spend even a millisecond watching this putrid scumbag try to rehabilitate his TRUE image and appear to be a ‘fun loving good ole boy.’ The truth is so far from that that even the ‘fantasy’ of this show can’t remove the stench.

    Plus, I just hate that show….

  5. AggieCowboy says


    He was expelled from Baylor when caught painting an A&M building green & gold. He should have known then that he wasn’t a very good criminal.

  6. Kyle Sullivan says

    I refuse to watch that show and told the producers so — and why.

    What I now want to know is WHY the hell you’re giving this son-of-a-bitch more publicity?

  7. Critifur says

    Why do you bother covering this. It is not news, it has nothing to do with GLBTQ interests, and Tom Delay does not deserve the space it took to include him in the blog. I really just do not understand your need to report on this. I am so fed up with non-news, news on “newscasts”, and though I do not hold Towleroad to the same standard, I would hope you make better choices than this. It is truly offensive.

  8. Julius says

    I’m so bitter that this douchebag’s been paired with Cheryl Burke. She’s a wonderful dancer and choreographer — and a 2-time DWTS champion. She’ll be out together with Mr. LAME-O soon enough. Not. Fair.

  9. Mike M. says

    I find it really ironic, or cynical, that Dancing with the Stars had one of the largest floats in the NY Pride Parade (with Cheryl on the float) and then followed it up by having DeLay, not only a shamed and corrupt politician, but also one that has been no friend to the GLBT community, on the show!