Hot Pink Grasshopper Discovered in Britain


An 11-year-old Brit at a wildlife preserve recently found a common green grasshopper that was born pink:

"Fraser Rush, nature reserves officer for East Devon District Council, said: 'There are millions of common green grasshoppers but I have never seen a
pink one. The female comes in a variety of colours, normally different
shades of green and brown. Occasionally it tends towards purple, but this is
a leap beyond that to pink.' He added: 'Pink grasshoppers are unusual but not unheard of. However the
intensity of the pink in this case must make it highly unusual.' Mr Rush said the pink grasshopper was 'a natural variety of the species,
albeit a rare one. It has not been caused by any mutation, or any
environmental effects.' He added: 'There is a chance it will have bred already and will pass on its
pink gene.'"

The rare bug was observed and released.