1. Andres says

    Ahh, So THAT’S the actual end-goal. We have a master plan to funnel all public funds and resources towards us. It was never about equal rights.

  2. Terry says

    In the 5 or so years since Massachusetts has had same-sex marriage, have there been any desire for incestous relationships to be given the right to marry? Has there been in Canada? I’ll answer that…FUCK NO.

    These people are nothing but hateful liars. They’ll say anything, they’ll make up the most disgusting shit just to spread their hate. And I’m getting godammned sick and tired of having these digusting bigots having such a large say in our RIGHT to same-sex marriage equality.

  3. says

    I shouldn’t be amazed at this point that such complete idiots are allowed to hold public office, but his illogic is enough to make one’s head spin or explode. He says we want “public funds and resources” as if gay people don’t pay taxes and want something different than what straight people already have. Never mind that the push for marriage equality predates the Republican fantasy of a socialist agenda.

    As for the whole slippery slope Rick Santorum craziness, I always respond: if marrying your sister or your cow or 4 other people is so personally important to you, then take it to the courts and the legislature, fight for those rights, and see how far you get.

  4. 1♥ says

    Help me out here, what socialist country allows same-sex marriage? Or allow Gays to have equality?
    None that I know of, and I believe the Socialist hate Gays as much as the Repubs do.

  5. ichabod says

    My response to all these whining wing nuts is something the great Dolly Parton has said many times:

    “Get off the cross, honey. Somebody else needs the wood.”

  6. Disgusted American says

    These idiots won’t be satisfied until they put a fire underneath some Right-wing lunatic with a grudge against the LGBT community….and start Shooting/killing people at a parade etc…….then and ONLY then will People like King be sorry for what they’ve done…or maybe he won’t,but LGBT Americans WILL Rise UP and say ENOUGH!!!!They act like LGBT Americans are some kind of Enigma/Aliens….there ARE 10’s of millions of LGBT Tax Paying,Law abiding Americans, many with children/families who are NOT going away.

  7. mrmnyc says

    Last time I checked, homos paid taxes just like everyone else, but aren’t allowed access to a laundry list of rights & benefits. So in a way, yes he’s right. I DO want access to that general pool.

    What an a-hole.

  8. Lars says

    It amazes me how right wingers in both Canada and the USA have taken socialism to be a bad word. Socialism means the government works for the citizens, not corporations. Spain, and Great Britain both have socialist governments, Spain more so, and socialists make up a large part of many governments throughout Europe. Yet in the US uttering the word socialism is supposed to make me shrink in terror.
    It’s the deluded religious right!
    Christ taught us to love one another, but try telling that to the likes of the Westboro Baptist Church or Sarah Palin. If I believed in god at least I would have the satisfaction of knowing the religious right are all destined for fire and brimstone.

  9. JohnInManhattan says

    The White House should hire King to write the next brief in defense of DOMA. He’s got all the talking points.

  10. Derrick from Philly says

    I think we ought to pull the plug on right-wing conservatives; they’re caught in an evolutionary cul de sac.

  11. says

    I think the deluded congressman is trying to say is the bible says one man one woman, and the bible provides order and if we disturb this order chaos will happen with bestiality, group marriages and crap like that.

    Unfortunately Congressman King has a safe seat to announce his BS, he won all 32 counties of his district and won with 60%. Maybe we should hope for many Iowans to move out and his district would be changed so he would lose due to reapportionment.

  12. Jim says

    It’s really a simple thing to translate: “I’m a politician. Look at ME. GAYSARE BAD! LOOKATME!ME!GAYS!SOCIALIST!LOOKLOOKLOOKATME!ME!HEYYOU!LOOKLOOKLOOKATME!ME!”

  13. James says

    MRMNYC is right.

    Apparently we are moving towards “a society where the foundations of individual rights and liberties are undermined”. We are already there Steve. Allowing same sex marriage IS allowing people to exercise those liberties, so your argument is oxymoronic.

  14. Donovan says

    It’s a well known fact that all socialist rulers were circuit queens: Stalin, Chairman Mao, Marshal Tito, and especially Kim Jong-Il. They all used to slut it up under the rainbow disco ball – tweaking and bareback. It’s THE AGENDA. Your children could be next… according to this political corporate thug with the pale-blue butcher’s eyes. You can trust him because he’s wealthy and white and only sucks cock in hotel rooms.

  15. Lee Adama says

    His argument does not even make logical sense. I had to read his comments 3 times to even get to to his point…and it still makes no sense.

    Apparenlty EVERYTHING leads to socialism with these guys. This just proves that they have no idea the actual definition of socialism.

  16. Lee Adama says

    “Help me out here, what socialist country allows same-sex marriage? Or allow Gays to have equality?
    None that I know of, and I believe the Socialist hate Gays as much as the Repubs do.”

    Actually, socialists, generally do not have a problem with gay folks. Scandinavian countries have moderately socialist economic systems and they have no problem with Gay marriage.

  17. coffee&chicory says

    what an idiot. forget about him being an asshole. he’s just a plain idiot. I mean, who the fuck comes up with this logic?!

  18. Jeff says

    So let me get this straight…. we need to restrict people’s rights so we can avoid a society where people’s rights are restricted. Wow. It’s so difficult to debate people who have no concept of reason or ability to perceive the ramifications of their own arguments.

  19. says

    @disgusted american:

    You make an extremely important point; when an outrage is committed, as may well happen given the insane and intemperate views being expressed, and there is civil disturbance and violence in the streets, if not a civil war, will Hannity,O’Reilly, Beck, Bachman, King,Santorum the pathetic, Coulter the anorexic and their fellow travelers accept their responsibility for such violence ?
    The answer is no; it has already been answered by O’Reilly, when he denounced Dr.Tiller and had him excoriated on his show……then refused to accept that he encouraged and abetted the assassin with his “who will rid me……..etc” O’Reilly is a hypocrite.
    So the assholes blather on……irresponsible, reckless and oblivious to the welling hysteria they encourage.
    We must be vigilant to hold these people to account and like the great French people sharpen the guillotene.

  20. SFshawn says

    Just another crazy glossy eyed idiot who wants others to be as miserable and ugly as he is inside and out. Crawl into your hole and die you unconcious freaks OR get down on your knees and start sucking cock and enjoying it like you’ve always wanted to and just couldn’t get yourself to admit it.

  21. Jason Young says

    Perhaps someone in his own party should inform him that just because you don’t like something does not mean that it is socialistic. Socialism is almost meaningless today just like democracy and capitalism. No one means the same thing when they say it.

  22. mike says

    Let’s see: “…a society where the foundations of individual rights and liberties are undermined…”. Sounds to me like the kind of America we would have if birthers, baggers, wing-nuts and republicons were still in power. See, that asshole and the rest of the whiny-cons wouldn’t know what socialism was even if it came up and kicked them in their fat, flabby, flatulent asses.