Maine Ethics Commission: Not Enough Evidence to Investigate Fundraising by Anti-Gay Groups


A complaint by Fred Karger of Californians Against Hate regarding Stand for Marriage Maine's disclosure of donor names has been rejected by the Maine Ethics Commission:

"The recommendation goes to the five-member commission, which votes Thursday on whether to launch an investigation. Karger...says groups contributing to the Stand for Marriage campaign are not reporting the names of many donors as the law requires. Stand for Marriage is leading the push for a people's veto of Maine's gay marriage law Nov. 3. Ethics commission Executive Director Jonathan Wayne said Tuesday the staff didn't think Karger presented enough evidence supporting his claims to justify an investigation."

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In related news, Catholic Bishop Richard Malone's (above) request that every Catholic Mass across the state play a video "homily" asking churchgoers to fight against marriage equality was the subject of one editorial in the Portland Press Herald  from a dissenting Catholic:

"This intrusion leaves me and other Catholics who have very real disagreements with the bishop's position (many Catholics believe that all discrimination is injustice), and with his making the same-sex marriage issue a priority (of all the places the bishop could be investing his time, energy, and resources), with few options if we are to act as our consciences would dictate. As a Catholic whose conscience directs me to resist the bishop's campaign, my choices were to either not attend Mass on the Sunday that the video was shown, or to demonstrate my dissent in some way that would necessarily disrupt a time of prayer and communion (by walking out during the Mass, for example)."

Watch Malone's "homily", AFTER THE JUMP...

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