1. Terry says

    I’m going to send Protect Maine Equality a check today. I’m so goddamned sick and tired of lying, homophobic bigots shoving THEIR hate down our throats.

  2. Androjai says

    I am fed up with these people. Lies and distortions is all they can use to sell their crazed agenda. The world is changin’ folks. It is time for all those throwback “traditional” (read– hate-filled bigots) to get an effin clue and move on.

  3. Charlie says

    As there are more campaigns, it will become clearer that the opposition is composed of professional bigots.

  4. steve satlow says

    hey, if it worked in Ca. why not Maine. They got the $$ to spend while all the gay-dollas are moving to the Washington DC march & liquor company sponsored tea-dances.

  5. G says

    My boyfriend and I lived next to this “wonderful” couple in Lexington,MA for a year. Every time we’d walk down the street and they were outside with their kid, they’d take him inside or cover his eyes. Apparently, it is immoral for a second grader to know that same-gender couples can walk down the street holding hands or even exist. Perhaps our presence would cause the child to be “recruited”. Maybe they considered us pedophiles or predators. Irregardless, they need to step out of Lexington, MA and realize the harm they are doing to others and to their own child by forcing him to grow and learn in a bubble outside of the reality of the world.

  6. Disgusted American says

    Ohh you can justtell that guy in the commericals is a closet case..he’s cheating on that cow,and TOE TAPPING somewhere!

  7. MikeMick says

    Go to and donate. I just did, and it takes about 30 seconds. We can kvetch all we want, but it’s money and feet on the street that will keep us in the fight.

  8. Bill says

    We will lose in Maine like we did every other state. But why don’t gay people even FIGHT for our rights. Why is it that every gay person wants to appeal to haterosexuals non-existant belief in fairness and equality? They have shown pure hatred of you and are not afraid to lie at every turn. Haterosexuals want gay people to be perpetually disadvantaged. They don’t want you be able to marry because they believe you are less than them, they believe haterosexuality is the only right way to live and they want to control people’s relationships.

    The NO on 1 side will respond by saying homosexuality won’t be taught in school like it’s a bad thing. Gay people will repeat that line instead of confronting haterosexuals pure hatred of gay people. How about you ask haterosexuals what their problem is with teaching homosexuality in school is? Have them show their bigotry.

  9. Paul says

    well, I say let fight at the state level…because their are some heavy fights going to take place and federal level…and these people will be in for rude awakening when that happens. i say in the next 5 years…gay marriage will be a reality in this country. the attorney general of Mass is taking it to the federal court and their lawyers in California who are filing suits in federal court. something will happen. You have Arnold in California telling gay people to take this to the higher courts and not give up. it is just a stone rolling a large hill right now…and we are picking up momentum.
    and I agree that fat cow needs to worry about geting herself to a gym rather worry about who is marrying who.

  10. Tralfaz says

    G – Sorry you had to live next to those pigs. When Jr. grows up and starts liking boys expect a nice toaster.

  11. Edo says

    if we lose maine, it will be time to RIOT and smash lots of stuff to bits, until the country gets the idea that we won’t be denied our full rights a MOMENT LONGER.

  12. grego says

    Please people, if you haven’t sent any money to help fight the sickos in Maine, please, right now, even if its a few dollars, make a contribution to the Maine Campaign. Things will grow a lot darker if we lose Maine. Don’t tell yourself that you can’t make a difference. We can.

  13. Brian Callaghan says

    I am a straight guy, but this whole debate makes me so damn mad!! There are a lot of real issues out there that need money and attention. This is such a waste of time and effort and money over nothing. Who cares who marries who? How does it affect anything? Your kid is either gay or he isn’t. No one is going to “recruit” him. I don’t think the government has a place in ANY marriage. Gay, straight, whatever. There is not one reason for keeping loving couples apart that doesn’t boil down to religion or just plain homophobia and bigotry. These people need to get out of all of our lives. Their marriages should be voided. Let’s see how they like it.

    Separation of church and state!! Keep your god out of my life.