Pastor Steve Anderson Wishes Death by Brain Cancer on Obama, Gays, and Michelangelo Signorile


Michelangelo Signorile hosted Obama-hating pastor Steven Anderson on his show yesterday. Anderson also gave an interview to MyFox 10 Phoenix.

Signorile and Anderson discussed the definition of murder. Writes Signorile: "Anderson actually told me that, though he wouldn't encourage it, he would not condemn any person who killed President Obama or call that person a murderer. He does not believe that the man who allegedly killed Dr. George Tiller, the Kansas doctor who performed late-term abortions, a murderer. And he said he would not call someone who shot a group of gays and lesbians with a machine gun a murderer."

Finally, Signorile's interview with Anderson ended with the pastor wishing brain cancer on him. Anderson hoped the same for Obama in his interview with FOX.

Watch both, AFTER THE JUMP...

Listen to Signorile's full interview on his blog.

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