1. another matt says

    Normally I would just laugh at his lunacy…however, people on the extreme right had been speaking out against Dr. Tiller for years, whipping the anti-abortion crowd into a frenzy until he was shot and killed.

    This guy (and the same characters in the Tiller frenzy) is now doing the same thing against Obama. It’s only a matter of time before one of his fellow lunatics tries something. This is dangerous.

  2. Disgusted American says

    I tried,I really did – try and listen to the whole interview I couldn’t! This asshole made me sick….people like him should just go to Iran IF they want a Theocracy….his loony wife,and thier mentally abused little children..sit there,every sunday and listen to this hatefukl freak…imagine the mental problems his kids are gonna have..and we as a society will have to pay for them…they’ll problem turn out to be full fledged Haters/or suicidal cases!

  3. Rodney Wollam says

    Disgusted American: Most of Fred Phelps children followed his lead. I suspect the same could be true of Anderson’s.

    And, pardon me, but Anderson is hilarious. A living, breathing lampoon of the religious right.

  4. wetcnt says

    @Sam – Do you have clips of Obama’s pastor saying that children should be executed if they curse their parents? Or that all gays are pedophiles and should be executed? Or that this country should be ruled by Biblical law?

    I think the two men are extremely different and unlike you, I can provide hard evidence of this opinion.

  5. candon't says

    Sam, i would like you to show me when and where Obama’s Ex-pastor, wished death and disease on anyone….a link to a video, or an article…anything…please, because comparing the two is quite a stretch.

  6. OttoErotica says

    I’m happy that guys like this are finally becoming the ‘Loon” and not the norm.
    This is a little too stupid to respond to but I’m taking it as a positive step for Queer Rights when a guy like this is immediately discredited as a joke and not ‘respected’ for his ‘faith’.

  7. Acronym Jim says

    It’s not just his stance on politics and marriage that define him as batsh*t crazy. Jesus General ( has been exposing this guy’s “loonacy” for sometime.

    He’s been tased by the border control, he and his family have created fake websites and denigrated former congregation members (as well as their twelve year old daughton).

    Finally, the good pastor himself is obsessed with “pissing in a manly way.”

  8. Disgusted American says

    excuse me…but to compare him and rev. like comparing a raisen to a water mellon….rev. Wright had EVERY right to say GOD DAM AMERICA…..he served his country,while being treated as a 2nd class citizen here at home (sound familiar>?) … a white man, I have NO problem with anything Rev.Wright said.

  9. Brent says

    A dangerous lunatic wrapped in pastors clothing. As a grandson, great-grandson, and nephew of REAL pastors that actually speak of LOVE, this impostor makes me sick to my stomach.

  10. JT says

    Griffin1573 : If somebody is mentally-ill and standing on a street corner in Canada shouting this type of talk (or whatever variation of it), like one can see in all major U.S. cities, would he be prosecuted for hate speech? Or does the culprit have to be proven “sane” in all other ways except for the speech?

  11. jeffg166 says

    The dude is obviously deeply closeted.

    Only someone who hates themselves this much could be this crazy.

    Steven, go suck that dick you’ve been dreaming about for so long.

  12. AERES says

    What’s worse:

    The lone wolf lunatic who at best reaches an audience of 100, maybe a little more and remains a marginal fringe figure?

    Or the media choosing to cover him and then broadcasting his hate to millions of people, creating the potential for him to inspire legions more?

    Sometimes shedding light on darkness makes it go away – but sometimes it casts an even larger shadow.

    In this instance, I hope the proper authorities have caught wind of his threats, and have him so wiretapped, they can hear his cold heart beat.

  13. Bart says

    Stop giving these nobody retards so much media space. Why would anyone stick a camera in this chromosomally deficient, short bus, idiot’s face? And stop putting him on this web site. Yes, we all know there are douche bags like this in the world. Stop glorifying them.

  14. mike says

    @SAM: Obama’s pastor has never spoken the lunacy this man speaks. The Rev. Wright might be outspoken and he might have said some harsh if not honest things about America, but I can guarantee you that Rev. Wright has never–NEVER–said the things that this alleged “preacher” named Anderson says. That you would even compare Rev. Wright to Anderson shows why republicons are in serious need of a mental reboot.

  15. James C Hornsby says

    Lets all get on are knees and pray for the death of Self pro clamed self serving and will not call him A pastor Anderson to also have Brain Cancer and feel the pain of the death

  16. Ed Rahn says

    Hey Disgusted American! Rev. Wright is living in a $1M+ house in a white neighborhood – he didn’t do bad by America. If you think damning America is fine then get the fuck out of my country. Try Syria, I’m sure you’ll be welcomed there with open arms.

  17. Bryan says

    There’s often a mentally ill man on a corner in my neighborhood. He’s notable for the Tourette he clearly suffers on top of his schizophrenia. He barks, shouts, blurts, and on bad days, claws at his own flesh, all while screaming about being watched.

    It’s remarkable, but the only real news is the way in which, as a society, we’ve abandoned him to his demons. If a thousand people listened to him rant, that would also be remarkable, but it wouldn’t make his rantings any more significant.

  18. Terry F says

    Since this guys is okay with me asking God to give him cancer, I have done just that. I also threw in a few other ways for God to take him, just so Mr. Anderson’s bases are covered. And by the way, I wouldn’t kill him myself. I will let God take care of that. Now, can I add that crazy bitch tht rails against gay marriage to my “God please kill” list? This is kinda fun. Of course, I don’t believe God works like that. Otherwise, how can you explain the existance of Rush Limbaugh?

  19. says

    STAND 4 the love of GOD.
    Any Priest, Bishop, Pastor, Rabbi, Iman, Elder, Teacher, Minister not standing on the streets of Tempe denouncing this psychpath has ZERO credibility.
    Only 3 brave protestors showed up to face 30 sick members of this congregation carrying guns.
    WHERE is Josh duBois Obama’s Faith outreach person? Where are the Council of Bishops, Monson with LDS, Rick Warren, Black evangelicals?

  20. says

    Wants Barney Frank and every LGBT in America dead.
    Just giving you fair warning Steve, you or your flock hurt Barney or any gay or lesbian, the secret service will be the LEAST of your worries.

  21. dion says

    Wow! Those Southern Baptists (Fred Phelps, Jerry Falwell, this guy) are the most evil homophobes on the planet. They almost make the Catholics and the Mormons look reasonable.

  22. Michael Hiller says

    This “Pastor” was beaten by the border patrol not long ago…apparently they didn’t beat him enough.
    This is getting really tiring. Racist spewing hatred and the stupid white trash on the right believing it. This guy is just another asshole that deserves whatever he gets.
    Obama is our president…like it or not, so grow up or take your whole stupid family and leave the country…it would do the USA a lot of good!

  23. Robert says

    And it may well be that were we to get out from behind our keyboards, and beyond the boundaries of our “ghettos”, we would learn that a dangerously large number of people, while not agreeing with Anderson are not shocked by his viewpoint.

  24. Ryanne says

    Stovap summed it up perfectly. Worst Christian of all time. In fact, maybe even Satan in pastor’s clothing. Who else could be that deeply stupid and evil?

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