Spanish Matador Prepares to ‘Gay Up’ Bullfighting


So wrong, in so many ways. Spanish matador Joselito Ortega is about to "gay up" bullfighting, literally.

The AP reports: "Matador Joselito Ortega will be plugging a club-scene energy
beverage called Gay Up and have those words embroidered into his cape
in large, red cursive letters. In Spain, matadors are seen by
many as the pinnacle of macho, and Ortega's agreeing to endorse a
product geared toward gay men is raising eyebrows. But Ortega sees no incompatibility. 'I
am a bullfighter. That is not going to change. I am going to go out
into the ring as I have done until now, to risk my life, and the seven
goring wounds on my body prove that,' he told The AP Wednesday. 'If the
gay community welcomes me as an image or a symbol, that is fine.' Topflight
Spanish bullfighters are celebrities, just like football or movie
stars, and it is common for them to have commercial endorsement gigs
for everything from wine to cars to fancy clothes. But it is almost
unprecedented for them to advertise something while in the arena."

"It is like prostituting the cape," according to bullfighting critic Juan Belmonte.



  1. Lexxvs says

    The followers of such ritual -we can not even call it sport- are extremely conservative. I don’t think he will be welcomed in the arena by that kind of public. But well, may be he just tries to prove a point, don’t know which one.

  2. walter says

    While yes MACHO — Bullfighting is actually about showing the FEM SIDE of guys – unlike American revisionism for the masses — notice the cape is PINK not RED as is the case in Mexico.

    Pink because it is feminine — the bullfighter portrays the feminine mystic luring the male to his death.


  3. Donovan says

    Incidentally, is he even coming out as gay? I think he’s just plugging this drink with a “controversial” name because he’s a fame whore – to distinguish himself from all the other murderous bullfighting clowns in Spain.

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    “You have an unquenchable desire to film yourself lip syncing songs by pop ingenues.”

    That’s if you’re young, CRISPY. The old ones just mix the Gay Up with Vodka and get in front of a mirror actually singing,”I’ve written a letter to daddy…his address is heaven above….”

  5. bobbyjoe says

    “It’s like prostituting the cape.”

    Yeah, because the last thing we’d want is for this stupid needless slaughter of animals for “entertainment” to be seen as exploitative.

  6. sugarrhill says

    Uhm, in this country the death penalty, legal killing of people, so I’d get off the moral high horse. The only way you can really have an objection to this sport is if you’re a vegan or vegetarian. But if you eat animals or wear animal skin then you’re no better than a bullfighter. At least the bulls die in a fair fight in a bull ring, unlike the thousands slaughtered under worse conditions for you Happy Meals.

  7. john says

    Good point Sugarhill.Humans are the lowest lifeform on the planet.We kill,we mame,we rape,we pollute,we destroy,let people starve,brainwash,show no mercy to the helpless,travel to other planets to inhabit cause we know we screwed this one up & did i mention the poor defenseless animals that have no say.We sure are itelligent.And yes i eat meat so i am guilty,guilty as.A fair fight?To whom?

  8. jimmyboyo says

    Bull fighting is such a degredation of an ancient and beautiful sport

    The Minoan Bull Dance (minoan culture starting up to 2,000 yrs prior to the greeks)

    Both female (bare brested) and young male acrobats entered the ring without swords and spears against a Bull……. but rather entered the ring weaponless to dance around the bull, jump over the charging bull, grab onto its horns and vault overs its head and back.

    risking their lives. Deffinetly something I wouldn’t mind going back to watch if time travel were possible

    Here is one of the most famous frescos depiciting the ancient Bull Dance

  9. jimmyboyo says


    Want to just add that the dancers in the frescos are not literaly representative of 2 white figures and the 3rd a reddish brown person

    The Minoans were not anglo saxons

    White was used to depict women while men were painted red or reddish brown, an artistic standard carried over into Egyptian culture due to their interactions with the Minoans.

  10. nic says


    to extrapolate bull fighting from an alleged and arguable minoan sport of bull leaping is a tenuous argument. many cultures have celebrated the bull as a sign of strength (i’m a taurus, btw. teehee.) just as many others celebrate the cow as a giver of life and sustenance.

    i am not a proponent of bull fighting, but given my druthers, i would pick bull fighting (a head to head man v beast scenario) over shooting defenseless animals with high-powered rifles, as is the american way. bull fighters pay with their bodies and their lives for their sport. on the other hand, unless one goes hunting with dick cheney, one is always safe.

  11. says

    The gay community can often be more senstive to issues regarding torture to other living beings. I don’t see this as bullfighting endorsing Gay Up, but Gay Up endorsing Bullfighting. SAD!

    And – btw – I am a PROUD Gay Vegetarian!

  12. Michael says

    So, the idea is to give this swill to the bulls to make them more gay friendly to the matador? Is this right? This might just work, I dunno. Ole and such.

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