Supervisor Bevan Dufty Enters San Francisco Mayor’s Race

San Francisco Supervisor Bevan Dufty will file papers with the city's Election Department this morning officially entering him in the city's mayoral race, according to the Bay Area Reporter:


"Dufty, 54, has made no secret of his desire to succeed Mayor
Gavin Newsom, who will be termed out of office in January 2012. Should he be
elected, Dufty would be the first openly gay person to be San Francisco's
mayor…With the race expected to draw a crowded field of
candidates, and his decision to limit political contributions to $200 from
people who either live or work in the city, Dufty said he needed to enter the
race now so he could begin fundraising. He will not accept donations from
lobbyists, corporations, or political action committees."

The SF Chronicle reports: "He's been in politics for two decades, working in Washington, D.C., under two members of Congress, as an aide to former Supervisor Susan Leal, and as Brown's director of neighborhood services.

Dufty's got one feather in his cap already: Steve Hildebrand, deputy national campaign director for President Obama's 2008 run, has signed on as his consultant. Among his campaign's co-chairs are Assemblywoman Fiona Ma and city Treasurer Jose Cisneros."

Cisneros is also godfather to Dufty's 3-year-old daughter, Sidney Maely
. "He said she would remain his
number one priority while he juggles his duties of being a father, a
supervisor, and candidate for mayor. 'I think any parent has to balance their jobs, their
lives, and the needs of their child. I am confident I can do that,' he
said. "

Dufty Makes SF Mayoral Bid Official [bar]
Dufty Says He's in Mayor's Race [sf chronicle]


  1. wizard says

    A 15-year SF resident here. I really can’t stand the guy and will be watching for another candidate. Bevan is like that smarmy relative that shows everywhere up you go, uninvited, shoving his offspring your face and making sure you don’t forget for one second that he has one. Nauseating… but forgivable were he to display a drop of creativity or innovation in his actual work. Alas, no. As a supervisor he’s been a real hack.

  2. Odsbjorn says

    Agree with everything Wizard said. I would REALLY have to hold my nose to vote for this guy. He is one of the primary forces for getting rid of the Halloween celebration in SF. He said that there would be something to take it’s place and then sat on his hands. Just thinking about him raises my blood pressure. Giving him anymore power than he already has would be a mistake. Luckily, he has the personality of wet particle board, so it is unlikely he will be elected.

  3. Mike says

    Meh. Can’t think of a single achievement by this guy. Is he going to run on an “I adopted a kid and I’m gay platform”, because that seems to be the only thing he’s known for… outside of his complete mismanagement of Castro’s Halloween.

  4. says

    This very interesting. The Gays are now in a place we colored folk have been for awhile. Do we ALWAYS support OUR candidate even though they may not be the best candidate? Or, do we vote for a better candidate who may not have our interests on their radar screen?

    I’m a big fan of LGBT politics and the machinations thereof. This will be fun to watch.

  5. SF_Scottie says

    As a non-Castro, gay man living in San Francisco – I would probably not vote for this Bevan. I’m hoping that Dennis Herrera, the current City Attorney (an extremely pro-GAY candidate) will run – he will have my vote.

  6. Eric says

    I didn’t support Bevan the first time he ran, but his actions changed my mind. When the neighbors had a dispute with a bar, he held a meeting and mediated until they reached a compromise. Yes, he lacks a “big issue,” but SF is a city where the supes vote on boycottting Burma while homelessness expands and MUNI sucks. We need a mayor who will fix the potholes, fix MUNI, and get basic city functions working.

  7. Bevan Dufty says

    As an avid Towleroad reader, I know the comments are not for the weak of heart.

    My favorite so far “he has the personality of wet particle board” — guess that’s why my dating life isn’t busier!

    I appreciate the comments pro and con and view criticism as an opportunity to do a better job. So thank you and I will listen and work hard in the months ahead.

    Thanks Andy and Michael for this great site.

  8. stolidog says

    halloween killer.

    ps, the chains in duboce park were a wasted effort. put up a fence somewhere, i’ve seen 3 dogs get killed there in the last month and a half.

  9. Chitown Kev says

    And let the bougie gays v. the regular gays wars begin.

    I mean, that’s not all of it but it’s a big part of it judging from the various reactions to this throughout the blogosphere.

    Being as I am a veteran of these type of class wars (as it relates to the black community, that is) this is gonna be interesting, that’s for sure.

    Oh, and a sincere good luck to you, Bevan.

  10. John says

    Whoever the next mayor of San Francisco is will have to slash runaway spending. Otherwise, that city’s heading for bankruptcy along with the rest of California.

    How on earth does a place that’s only slightly larger than Manhattan – 40 square miles or something – burn through an operating budget twice the size of the State of Oregon every year?

    What are they spending it on?

  11. A in SF says

    I will be supporting Bevan — he’s a decent mix of progressive and down-to-earth, and frankly, will pay more attention to SF than Newsom ever did.

    He’s a bright, nuts-and-bolts sort of guy, not flashy. That would be nice for a change (Gavin, Willie…)

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