Towleroad Guide to the Tube #542

WAYNE BESEN: Activist, writer, and Truth Wins Out founder says he's a better lunch date than Sarah Palin.

HEALTH CARE: Senators are "losing it" on health care.

CLEVE JONES: The activist behind the National Equality March spoke at New York's LGBT Center last night.

DEBTOR'S REVOLT: YouTube activist has received more than 300,000 views with this call to arms against greedy banks and creditors.

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  1. Tyler says

    Way to go on the debtors revolt, but it may be a little misguided. I was a customer of Washington Mutual when they collapsed and as soon as Chase took over I was assessed nearly 700 in random fees for no particular reason. One was due to the fact that I was making 2 credit card payments a month! It was me being penalized for paying extra! When I realized all of this I started a 3 week phone war which ended with me transferring everything I have out of banks and into a non-profit credit union. I can say that I’ve never been happier. The level of customer service is astounding, and I have not had one fee assessed since. Not only that, but my interest rate on my new credit card is 6.9% locked. It will not even go up if I miss a payment! I addition, I make interest on my checking account balance…really… I’m done with banks, and I now try to turn as many people as I can on to the credit union way of banking.

  2. richard says

    HEALTH CARE: Senators are “losing it” on health care.
    isn’t that hilarious that they can “supposedly” be discussing health care while also having a showcase of someone who’s worked in multiple communities from coast to coast and outside while having simple treatments be denied?? world class education, where?? help us with a remedy but unable to reciprocate. yet, i wasn’t helping you to be remedial. it’s all unimpressive back-lot burbank.

  3. says

    I’m sympathetic to #4 based on usurious rates, however, I have to point out that she prides herself on being addicted to shoes & beauty products (see her YouTube description), which means she spent too much to begin with so IS irresponsible and is not deserving of special consideration (like dire circumstances, etc.) AND just by the way she describes herself as a conspiracy buff who thinks world financial events feed into End Times prophecy…be careful who your heroes are.

  4. Wes says

    Yea I noticed she was a bit nutty with the Biblical ‘end times’ stuff too.

    After all her username is Rockerchic4God.

    Not saying she can’t be right about anything, but clearly the religious stuff out there.

  5. DR says

    Whether she spent too much is irrelevant. If she is not over limit or behind in payments, there is no rational reason to jack her rate to 30%. I’ve seen it happen to many people who make regular payments and have good credit; they end up with ridiculously high interest rates on their credit cards for no reason. They’re going nuts in anticipation of the new debtor’s rights law which goes into effect next year, I’ve had a number of business professionals agree that it’s a ploy to get as much money as they can before they’re forced to lower all these usurious interest rates.

  6. Mark says

    Gonna try to post again. My last two posts have gone off to the booneys…or been blocked.

    While her religious viewpoints are definitely out there – her stance on the banks isn’t. I have excellent – not good or fair – EXCELLENT – credit, and have now seen a spate of rate increases – all with opt out provisions. You bet I closed ’em.

    Anytime the terms change as drastically (7.9 to 30% !!) as was presented recently, there is more at play than personal credit ratings.

    And there is only two ways to beat ’em – don’t pay ’em a dime…or pay ’em off and close the account – permanently. There is no prestige with debt.

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