Unusual ‘Abduction’ at the G20 Summit Captured on Video

Some people are saying that the video's fake, but here's another one from the same user of the guy in the red bandanna moments later, being arrested more conventionally, if you can use that term:


  1. marc says

    Sorry, but looks like a small handful of losers making trouble, filming, shouting, banging drums, and being a complete and total nuisance.
    Trying to recreate a “Seattle moment” or something.

    Watching those clips was a complete waste of my time.

  2. John in PGH says

    Looks good to me. After their non-permitted march yesterday, “protesters” (in quotes) just ran through the city throwing rocks through the windows of businesses.

    Last night they trashed more businesses on the University of Pittsburgh campus, and another “march” is planned for today.

  3. Christopher says

    “Sorry, but looks like a small handful of losers making trouble, filming, shouting, banging drums, and being a complete and total nuisance.”

    You mean like Act Up?

  4. jimmyboyo says

    The more disturbing aspect is their wearing millitary fatigues and that supposedly OBAMA has Ok’d the use of returning war hardened Iraq vets to help support the polic presence at the G20

    One wonders if Nader was right. Repubs and Dems are just 2 wings of the same exact CORPORATIST party = the same goals but only slightly different in how to get to those goals

    This + HCR (the PO is the comrpomise on single payer and yet they want to compromise on the compromise) + everything else = I’m switching to the SOCIALIST WORKER’s PARTY


    and to the commentors calling the protesters losers etc………..The founding fathers praised the destruction of property and a bit of anarchy in overthrowing King George’s rule of the colonies. get off your high horses hypocrites

  5. DR says

    something isn’t passing the smell test here. the fatigues look wrong, the protesters don’t seem all that surprised or upset, too many cameras filming the whole thing, etc… and of course, conveniently enough, nothing filmed to show what they did to justify being arrested. i’m not sure this is even real.

  6. Peter says

    @Dr: You’re right. I grew up a military brat and couldn’t help but the notice that there were no insignia on the fatigues that would suggest these men are MPs, much less servicemen.

  7. jomicur says

    This looks fishy to me. I live in Pittsburgh, and in fact the biggest “clash” yesterday between cops and protesters happened just a few blocks from my apartment. The area where this video took place looks nothing like the neighborhood here (and nothing like any area where other protests took place). The buildings in the video look nothing like the buildings around here. And for that matter, the cop vehicles look nothing like the ones that are being used. My sympathies are entirely with the G20 protesters, but I think this video is a put-up job.

  8. jimmyboyo says


    good question

    King George and the British Empire said KILL THEM ALL, kill the damn colonial upstarts trying to rebel against our divine right to rule

    Hypocrite, if you don’t like a bit of violent dissent then leave america because we were freaking founded on very violent nihilistic dissent

  9. crispy says

    I wasn’t sure how I felt about the G20 protesters… because honestly, their message is nonexistent. But then I saw a picture in the New York Times of one of them wearing one of those idiotic Guy Fawkes’ masks from V for Vendetta. They’re like the real-world equivalent of 4chan.

    Also, I read that police used a “sound cannon” for the first time. That’s like some Children of Men or Minority Report shit going on. Awesome.

  10. Dego says

    This is real.
    I’ve mentioned before, in other threads, I live in Pittsburgh.
    I recognize the neighborhood, I’d call it “North Oakland” along Baum Blvd between the Mercedes dealer and the Pizza Hut across the street. This is very close to the Universities and is the ONE area in the city that saw any real damage from what has mainly been very orderly and peaceful protests. And that damage has consisted of broken windows and some graffiti.

    This video was taken around the time when some of the anarchists hidden among the protesters had run out of the crowd with hammers to smash the windows of local businesses, including several chain restaurants, banks and a car dealer. Nearly all notably, just up the street from where this video is shot; and so I would guess these arrests happened JUST after that vandalism.

    Until then arrests had been VERY minimal; (under 20) but once the property damage occurred, it seemed as though the LEOs in the area had pre-designated targets to arrest amongst the protesters.

    I don’t know if they had identified them as leaders or seen them doing the actual vandalism, or if they just took them randomly to break up the crowd. But it was sudden and over quickly.

  11. Kyle Sullivan says

    Having worked in film, I can see how this could have been staged…but there’s a cop there in riot gear with his weapon out and ready to fire, and the idea of there being no insignia on the military uniforms could be just as indicative of soldiers not wanting to be ID’d as they grabbed the guy. Still, why hasn’t anyone screamed about this kid being “disappeared” yet? Why isn’t anybody demanding he be released? I dunno — that keeps it in the questionable category for me.

    I hate to think this could happen in America — but truth is, our country has a history of doing this around the world, so why NOT here?

  12. says

    I don’t know if it will work; but I when you comment here it asks for a URL. SO I used that field to put a link to google streetview of the area in which this happened. If folks want to double check my earlier post.

  13. jimmyboyo says

    Gary J


    That is facism. Socialist countries in Europe do not do such

    Facist countries do, and don’t tryo to perpetuate the false Communist BS. Communism was very different from socialism

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