1. says

    So goofy looking Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) signed a gay discrimatory law into effect to ” simply move on and get to more pressing business at hand, including smaller steps for equality based on sexual orientation, like legislation against employment discrimination.”

    That makes NO SENSE

  2. Pender says

    Ugh. Okay, I question his judgment in 1996 but I guess he agrees with me in that regard. Obviously I’d rather he’d voted differently, but whatever, I’m glad he’s turned around on this, and we need every ally we can get. If only the other Dems who voted for DOMA would repudiate their votes as forcefully as this guy has.

  3. Travis says

    He kind of HAD a point.

    I think the gay community should turn down the jets on the marriage equality front, and instead focus on ENDA, DADT, and finishing up federal hate crimes legislation. These issues are more discriminatory and we have more public support for them, and would probably create a larger effect for VASTLY more LGBT people. The state strategy has been working with marriage equality and a failed federal attempt at marriage could set up another backlash (Bush 2004). We will win the marriage equality battle, while hard work and constant advocacy is necessary, the battle will most likely be won by demographics.

    Lets get basic human rights for ALL LGBT people, instead of fighting for the luxury for gay couples to get married in San Francisco…

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