News: #uknowhowiknowuregay, Sharks, Steve Hildebrand, Maine

Road1,000 take to the streets in Friday protest over homophobic attacks in Rome.

Jesusmars RoadJesus on Mars?

RoadJeremy Piven hits the beach.

RoadHas-been rapper Fabolous behind offensive #uknowhowiknowuregay Twitter trending topic.

RoadObama advisor Steve Hildebrand thrashes President, Dems: "I gave up a lot to elect Democrats, and I expect them to give it up for
me. I’m going to speak loudly. The Republicans don’t have power unless
the moderates and the Blue Dogs give it to them — which is what they’re
doing now."

RoadDes Moines, Iowa man claims he was removed from a bar for being gay.

RoadTed Haggard apologizes for violating an entire congregation.

RoadNampa, Idaho's transgender candidate Melissa Sue Robinson, who recently announced she was suing Twitter over fake account defamation, gets profiled by AP: "This farming and manufacturing town of about 83,000 residents, where a
sugar factory and a local hospital are among the biggest employers,
doesn't seem to be all that concerned that Robinson previously lived as
a man."

RoadNew Zealand transgender MP visits Nepal.

Greatwhitesharks RoadBeach closed: Great White Sharks tagged off Cape Cod.

RoadUSA Today on Judy Shepard, her new book, and a federal hate crimes law: "Shepard, who loves playing mah-jongg and
drinking martinis, admits to being 'flummoxed' at times about the gay
and lesbian world. But, she adds, 'It's not important that I understand
it. It's important that I accept it.'"

RoadBritney Spears shocks concert crowd with actual singing.

RoadWashington Post ombudsman on Brian Brown NOM puff piece: "Hesse said she decided to let Brown tell his story, as opposed to
extensively quoting what others say about him. Her editors didn't
object to the concept. Having Brown's story told in his "voice," Hesse
reasoned, would allow readers to best assess his arguments. Fine in theory. But it deprived readers of hearing from others who
have battled Brown and find him uncivil and bigoted. To them, he
represents injustice. They should have been heard, at length."

RoadNOM's Maggie Gallagher spews lies on Maine radio show.

Dornan RoadCalvin Klein model Jamie Dornan launches international male model search.

RoadScientists identify trio of genetic mutations linked to Alzheimer's disease.

RoadSchwarzenegger's phones blitzed over 'Harvey Milk Day': "So far, the governor’s automated phone line for constituents has
received more than 100,000 calls about the bill, most against it,
according to Mr. Schwarzenegger’s office."

RoadReal World's Scott Herman shows off his assets.

RoadLittle Britain's David Walliams is nominated for the Roald Dahl Funny Prize for his book about a cross-dressing schoolboy. The prize honors the funniest books for children.

RoadChurch of Scotland selects gay man, Scott Rennie, to train as a minister.

RoadMaine Archbishop Richard Malone asks churches to fill coffers for fight against marriage equality: "The bishop has asked churches to take up a special
second collection next weekend to support Stand For Marriage Maine, the
group leading the effort to repeal Maine's same sex marriage law."


  1. Christian Canterbury says

    Wait…isn’t Jamie Dornan the model slash actor who said that it embarrassed him that people knew he was a model now that hit it big as an actor (Marie Antoinette). Ah, well. We all need to pay rent. Poor Jamie.

  2. Michael @ says

    While light years from the mea maxima culpa the LGBT community deserves from him, it’s good to see that gay Steve Hildebrand has apparently finally realized that it’s time he stopped being a part of the problem and tried becoming a part of the solution. In a widely circulated interview just two months ago, discussed on Towleroad, his oozing, swooning Valentine to Obama helped accomplish the same thing among many gays across the country that read it that the White House tea party did for those in attendance: it narcotized them. Just when we were finally approaching some leverage [the hastily thrown together drugged tea party was Exhibit A of that], it was knocked out of our hands by gaggles of gays, once again, falling on the floor and speaking in tongues over how much Massa luvs us.

    Beyond his nonsense that “Obama was handed a larger number of really big issues to deal with at the beginning of his presidency than any other president in history,” we’ll skip recapping Hildebrand’s multiple inexcusable exaggerations and factual errors at the time, and simply repeat his most revealing statements:

    “people will accuse me—probably rightfully so—that I’m a Kool-Aid drinker.”

    On whether Obama “gets” gays “in his gut” and the importance of gay civil rights:

    “I don’t think it’s just in his gut, I think it’s in his heart. … I do believe that in his heart he will fight his tail off until we’ve achieved full equality in the gay community.”

    Just reading it again makes me want to ask for an insulin injection.

    From today’s Politico: “[Steve Hilderbrand] one of President Barack Obama’s former top campaign advisers is ‘losing patience’ with the White House, he told POLITICO Tuesday morning, as frustrations among the president’s liberal allies crest over issues from health care legislation to gay rights. … Obama, he said, ‘needs to be more bold in his leadership’. …

    Hildebrand is by far the most senior member of Obama’s political team to express public doubts about the White House, though he had already begun to part ways with Obama’s other top aides as the 2008 presidential campaign wore on.

    Hildebrand was a key player in the primary campaign but, other aides say, grew increasingly alienated from the organization as Obama—as he saw it—chose to compromise on some civil rights issues. Other top campaign officials grew frustrated with what they saw as Hildebrand’s at times negative attitude and his candid comments to the press, rare in the intensely disciplined campaign.

    Still, he remains close to some top Obama aides, and his blast from the left is a mark of the depth of dissent even within elements of the organization that elected the first black president. His public comments are ‘nothing I haven’t directly said to folks in the White House’, Hildebrand told POLITICO.”

    Polite applause. But given that the “folks in the White House,” in his own words, aren’t “listening,” given he was one of those who, first, helped convince LGBTs to elect Obama and, then, to give Obama more time which simply resulted in his creating a leadership vacuum that has been hijacked by Repug Brown Shirts—it would be fitting for him to repeat—and amplify—such loyal criticism in front of TV news cameras focused on the platform for the rally after the National Equality March in October.

  3. rayrayj says

    Re Archbishop Malone. As Archbishop he speaks for the church which enjoys a tax exempt status. If the church wants to operate as a Political Action Committee let them pay taxes.

  4. SFshawn says

    Bishop Malone of Maine and the churches in Maine must be TAXED,TAXED,TAXED! Is there no political leadership in that state? Is there nobody able to challenge this obvious abuse of power in that state?
    How much longer will the “churches” of the USA be allowed to practice politics from the pulpit while not paying any taxes. Fuck the church and it’s tax-exempt followers!

  5. Paul R says

    Sadly, RayRayJ, nearly every church is a PAC in some form.

    And Michael, I honestly don’t know what more you could expect from Hildebrand. He’s burned his bridges with the administration (if not all Democrats) to speak the truth. He was patient for 7 months for a candidate he deeply believed in. Now he’s being candid. I find it fairly remarkable.

    Also, given your intellect, why in the world would you use a word like “Massa”? It’s wrong on many levels.

  6. Grant says

    Re Rome, the city was flooded with gays for an Atlantis cruise that left just before the attack. The entire city was gay gay gay with 2,500 gays doing pre-visits to Rome.

  7. Bill says

    * Use EqualityMaine’s and the CourageCampaign’s phonebanks
    * Call friends and family in Maine and encourage them to vote no on repealing marriage equality
    * Write to Mane newspapers, websites and tv stations in support of marriage equality
    * Make videos in support of marriage equality and what repealing it will do online at youtube, dailymotion, veoh etc.
    * Donate money and time to EqualityMaine
    * Twitter and blog in support of marriage equality

  8. paul c says

    Why did the David Bowie spider get his own post and all of these stories are squeezed into one? It might be a good idea to split these groupings into smaller groupings, at least. Bunching too much shit up into one seems to discourage people from commenting on any of it.

  9. Michael @ says

    @ Paul R. Thank you for the compliment re my “intellect.” It informs me that not all victims of slavery in the US were black; there were some white indentured servants, too, and many of mixed race.

    The metaphor “Massa” is not one referring to race at all but to “plantation mentality.”

    Thank you.

  10. says

    I was a bit offended by the “Massa” reference, but, I think that was all cleared up.

    Dlisted is just hateful. I have heard from very , very many people in the entertainment industry that Piven is a prick, but, DListed is so constantly nasty that I actually had a moment of sympathy for the guy.

  11. Zinc Alloy says

    Jesus On Mars: “Just goes to show how far he’s willing to go to escape his wingnut followers!!”

    Thank you ladies and germs, I’ll be here all week…

  12. So Left I'm Right says

    Tax the fucking church. They have NO BUSINESS interfering in the law of the land. They are granted special status for a reason. If they don’t want to abide by the separation of church and state, bring it on, but then forfeit the tax exemption!

    When they give up divorce and stop fucking kids, they can start lecturing the rest of us on “defending” the “sanctity” of marriage.

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