1. alguien says

    i have absolutely no recollection of marriage ever being part of the curriculum when i was in school-gay, straight or otherwise.

  2. Gregoire says

    Ironically, these are the same people who watch Fox News on the Fox Network which also features Glee — the gayest show on television, which many of their children watch.

  3. Rocco says

    I think it is good that this story is next to
    the Price bashing story. I wish the public could see the same pairing.

  4. Todd in NYC says

    Notice how one of the male symbols is smaller than the other? Is that suppose to suggest pedophilia? I’d think so…

  5. Chris says

    Todd, those are actually female symbols but you are correct any way. Interestingly, the biblical injunctions against same sex only mention male same sex never female. Apparently the bible has no issue with female same sex. Also same sex relationships are not banned by commandments, just by laws. Bearing false witness, however, does violate a specific commandment. If she were to die tonight without asking forgiveness for this sin she is bound straight for hell.

  6. RJ says

    @TODD IN NYC: Those are FEMALE symbols (the male symbol features an arrow), so two side by side would seem to be representing a lesbian relationship.

  7. David in Maine says

    BTW — the URL looks like it is about Russia but the actual link takes you to the story about the polling data in Maine :-)

  8. Leslie says

    I actually think it is hysterical that they have the female symbols in their ad — and I am sure they don’t even realize it! I am here in Maine and it is very clear that to the Yes on 1 folks, gay = male and homosexual = male. They don’t give a rat’s ass about lesbians. But then they don’t even show the right symbol? I think that’s priceless.

  9. Bill says

    THE SEX FALLBACK. Haterosexuals always use it because sex plus gay people always equals something bad to the haterosexuals. Haterosexuals know that even if the subject has nothing to do with sex the mere association of it to gay people will make haterosexuals believe them and gay people will stay silent because they know what bigoted associates sex and gay people have to haterosexuals. Don’t be intimidated. Speak up.

    VOTE NO on Question 1.

  10. says

    It’s so offensive that they would use the term “any two will do” with regards to our relationships. As if two gay men or lesbians just decide randomly to get married. As if gay couples don’t love each other and haven’t fought to find that love and happiness in this bigoted world. Completely insulting.

  11. Casey says

    I had to laugh when she was shaking her head disapprovingly at the 5-year old audio interview on her iPod.

    Now I’m off to donate more money to No on 1.

  12. Justin says

    They are using this horrible add because the polls are showing that they are losing. They are willing to show gay porn if needed it to get people outrage and it’s all in the name of GOD.

  13. Patrick says

    This ad is a muddled mess of conflicting messages.

    If the words “Gay Sex” are on one side of the board, wouldn’t the words “Straight Sex” be on the other? If this (early) grade school teacher is uncomfortable going beyond “hugging and kissing” about gay sex, does that mean she’s comfortable giving detailed advice about straight sex to little kids? Does she want me to vote Yes, so she can do that? So, shouldn’t I vote No? Muddled.

  14. Mike says

    This is so ridiculous! Hugging, Kissing? Why not pull out all the stops and just say “Dangerous Anal Sex!!!” Why isn’t Straight Sex up there? Obviously if a school is going to discuss gay sex, they would be teaching straight sex wouldn’t they? Or is the assumption that they are already teaching straight sex? If it weren’t so hateful and bigoted it actually would be funny – it is so stupid and over the top!

  15. James says

    In all honesty I know from the way this is posted that I’m supposed to watch and be outraged, but I don’t even understand what the hell is going on???

    A fat lady that’s a teacher has an iPod that travels back in time to listen to NPR in 2004 (which admittedly is quite impressive). On the radio they are talking about gay marriage and something to do with giving someone a break. Fat lady shakes her head, and mumbles some things (maybe because she is pissed that she can only get public radio on her time traveling iPod?).

    This is a horrible piece of communication. I hope however paid for this crap kept the receipt.

  16. robert says

    The charge of implied pedophilia has been used in connection to gays and lesbians in order to deny us basic rights for centuries- so it comes as no surprise that they would pull out this old chestnut at this point. In reality the vast majority of pedophiles are heterosexual.This blatant use of scare tactics shows just how desperate they are.

  17. Tom says

    I took a class in high school called “Family Living”. It was optional, but popular since it was hard not to get an A in class. There was some discussion about what love is, raising kids and marriage, but most of class was about budgets, balancing the checkbook and careers.
    In the 1970’s nobody talked about gay anything in school. It was probably still illegal in some states.