1. Beefandfur says

    Poor dear. Every drag queen’s worst nightmare. Outdoor venue. Bad lighting. Sketchy sound system. At least it was dusk and not high noon.

  2. JimmyD says

    Go Donna. All of San Francisco LOVES you!!

    I wonder why she’s not wearing her trademark Red??

  3. SF_Scottie says

    @ JIMMY D: I think the red was aced to keep in the spirit of the colors of the Giants (Orange and Black). I have to admit, I was a little scared thinking that she would get booed during the performance and was pleasantly surprised she wasn’t. Not the best rendition nor was it the ideal venue (RE: BEEFANDFUR’s so-true comments), but good for her.

  4. says

    I’m rather pleased that (at least so far), I haven’t seen any flack on right wing sites, and so far it’s been taken rather matter-of-factly. I’m sure eventually there will be some “only in San Francisco” stories, but that’s how progress is made. Someone has to be first. And so many of those “only in San Francisco” moments, like the Giants also being the first MLB baseball team to have a gay nights and AIDS cure nights, have now become commonplace throughout the league.

    I am also especially impressed to see that at least so far, there aren’t trolls here saying we’ve set back gay right by 20 years by letting a guy sing in a dress on national TV.

  5. mike says

    The video couldn’t be shown, I imagine, because of Right-of-Use and Copyright claims by MLB. Maybe someone has a video from a private camera or cell-phone camera, which can be used. An amazing thing, though. I can’t wait for The Lady Bunny to do a Yankees game here in NYC!!

  6. Beefandfur says

    The video was working this morning. It was a good rendition of a difficult song. Reference my earlier comment about the bad lighting. She did not look as attractive as she does in other venues. She didn’t hit the high notes at “the rockets red glare” part and instead went to a lower register. She did her own original run with the last verse but it was rushed almost as if someone was giving her the “wrap it up” signal.