1. Wes says

    Re: Glenn Beck, I hate this constant nostalgic glorification of the past. I love nostalgia, but my god I wouldn’t want to go back to the ‘old days’ for one second. He talks about a ‘united america’ of the past. This country was never united. We had a fucking civil war, the complete opposite of united. Basically Beck and those like him long for the days of white privilege and fantasy, even if they don’t realize it as such. Oh, “a simpler time.” When Beck’s mormon church was openly and proudly racist, ‘negroes’ were lynched, women were essentially a man’s property, and homosexuals didn’t ‘exist’ much in the way they don’t ‘exist’ today in Iran. That is to say, they remain invisible or face the terror of violent and fatal intolerance.

    But yea, more people went through the motions of going to church, so it was all good.

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    THis is my first time seeing Beck in action. He’s “B” actor in a “B” movie. He can only be appreciated by someone with the mind of a ten year old…not to insult ten year olds, but at that age you just don’t know any better.

  3. Wes says

    btw, in the time Beck longs to go back to, likely the post-WWII pre-civil rights movement period, the ‘Glenn Becks’ of that day longed in delusional nostalgia as well to a previous time. why do you think the book/film ‘gone with the wind’ was such a cultural phenomenon? people longed for the lost culture of the old south, and many still do, a world which died and has since become a fantastic dream of gallantry and of ‘a simpler time’. people were easily put in little boxes and ‘knew their place’ then. complex reality was treated with simplistic and ignorant certainty. this is the logical root of Beck’s nostalgic longing. a culture that has been slowly slipping away for over a hundred years, a fact I am thankful for with each passing day.

  4. Nick says

    What the fuck is Glenn Beck even talking about (I mean, other than the misplaced faux-nostalgia)? What’s his thesis? That damn analogy is like 3 minutes long and I have no idea what he’s arguing for. I know people like to characterize Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow as the opposite end of the spectrum from Rush and Beck, but on Olbermann/Maddow they at least report real stories and when they do express opinions they’re thoughtful and logical and at least based on something, with some sort of point. My thesis: Glenn Beck is a boob.

  5. Frank says

    What is he EVEN talking about? That speech was so vague other than the fact that he likes the good old days. I think that whole crying thing makes him seem unbalanced. Oh wait I forgot he is on the fair and balanced network!

  6. glenn harvey says

    I did not get the party analogy, “Coming home smelling like pot”? Huh? His reference to a simpler time when we were united, you know, back when America was white, I was there for that. It was a little difficult to appreciate from the back of a closet.

  7. BreckRoy says

    Beck and his ilk are right, but in such a narrow way it defies any modern application. America in these longed-for eras (including, as the excellent poster wrote earlier, the gallantly remembered deep South) WAS simpler, easier to understand, less complicated, and possibly even happier as a result, IF you were non-ethnic white and middle class or above. Who doesn’t look at THE DONNA REED SHOW or the DICK VAN DYKE SHOW and think, wow, what a beautiful, simpler time? And for a white kid it WAS. But if the cost of going back to that time for the white middle-aged or elderly man is returning EVERYONE else (Italian,Polish, and Irish Catholic blue collar families, Hispanic migrant workers, Jim Crow-burdened blacks,etc.) to their place in that era, then the equation changes greatly. The first poster gets it REALLY right: America was not more united back then or ever. What we were was more compartamentalized and less connected by media and information, so that the trials, tribulations and troubles of those in groups outside our own (which was especially true for white middle- and upper-class America) were largely shielded from us. It was artifice, which is why it so easily (and, yes, extremely) exploded, in the case of the 50s, a decade later.

  8. John says


    You’re right.

    And catering to the Glenn Beck crowd is still big business for Hollywood.

    Just off the top of my head, Cold Mountain, Pearl Harbor, and The Patriot are some recent films in the Gone With the Wind masturbatory tradition. You have this very idealized vision of rural, romantic, and freedom loving America being threatened by menancing forces from afar. An America where even the oppressed are fighting with their benovolent overlords to preserve those ‘simpler times.’ An America that was united because all the ‘problem communities’ are either invisible or happily toiling away in the background.

    That’s how you end up with fanciful absurdities such as a Honolulu devoid of Hawaiians; a 19th century South full of docile black folk; or indeed a 21st century San Francisco with no homosexuality.

    Just as God intended.

  9. Matt says

    I don’t hate Mr. Obama but I don’t like him. I’m tired of him saying he is going to do all this for the gay community and going to the high dollar donor dinners at the HRC and then forgetting about us until we are pissed again and he comes back to smooth things over. I’m starting to feel like an abused woman that can’t leave because I’m still in love.

  10. Jamie says

    I don’t know why, but I’ve watched that douchey Beck video twice trying too to come up with his point. There’s none. It’s nothing more than a disingenuous dough-eyed fantasy of the day when people like his father were free to oppress the people they didn’t like or approve of. He doesn’t say it, but it’s part of the tone. It’s an idea injection.

    Beck was a small child when that ridiculous Coke commercial aired. I know because I’m older than him, and I was a little kid then. Yet the point of him adding that ad to his teary diatribe is lost on me. For one thing, what is that kid doing unsupervised in a dark tunnel outside a men’s locker room? Where are his parents? Did people really just let their kids walk around “off leash” handing out sodas to strangers in the 1970s? Not a chance. Would said alone kid have been allowed to sneak a conversation with a football star who happened to be black in the 1950s, or the 1970’s, or the last 200 years for that matter, without the whole town chasing down the star with pitchforks and torches to arrest him just for being? Not by any stretch of the imagination. They’d have hanged him that day. That’s the world Beck dreams of getting back to.

    Beck has bought the party line espoused by his elderly Mormon leaders that things were better back in times like the white-dominated McCarthy Era, because every single thing they teach can be traced back to that delusion. Right now the Mormon Church’s biggest fear is that laws will be passed that in their minds, disrupt their freedom to worship the way they want to, but in reality, will hopefully further restrict their fleeting ability to oppress someone who doesn’t buy into their shit. That’s all they care about, holding on to that power. Beck is merely a shill for that idea, and each night he spends an hour indoctrinating his yes, cerebrally crippled audience, with the same backward lagging ideas the Mormons disguise as “wholesome.” If his American Dream meant everybody, then yeah, I’d be all about him. But it doesn’t. His dream is only for the people of whom people like him approve – straight, white, “Christians.”

    He calls himself a clown, but I think he’s closer to a perverse buffoon. And I agree, his totally fake crying and dramatic pauses are so contrived and artificial, it blows my mind that anybody could or would take him seriously, but for whatever reason, there are those that do. There’s no way to stop a scourge like Beck, except to keep pushing forward with the truth and stop where we can all instances of his skewed type of hate, bigotry and racism. It starts with us.

  11. Lou says

    You don’t get it, Glenn Beck wants to go back to a time when black people didn’t have power, jesus was the only way, no gays out and about in mainstream.

    He wants a blue eyed heterosexual christian America.

    He’s just a sad loser that feels threatened that the blue eyed heterosexual christian don’t have all the power anymore.

  12. John in Boston says

    Give the kid an honest answer. What he calls ‘hate’ is POLITICS. Inform the young man that he shouldn’t expect President Obama’s adversaries to go easy on him because he’s half African American.

    THX Lou:

    You just further prove my point: ‘Progressives’ HATE white men, especially of course northern Europeans with pale skin and blue eyes. We are all evil blue-eyed devils.

    And gay ‘Progressives’ are the most ‘radical’ and hateful of all.

  13. says

    BWAH. That pour child. He has no idea whats coming for him in the future. Or maybe he does. Obama has made quite clear several times that he will be “fundamentally changing” America. And no, not everyone ‘hates’ President Obama, but he does give us good reasons to dislike him. A LOT. If you people had anymore a brain than an inguana, you’d understand that America is heading towards hell, no matter who’s in power. And of course, the homo’s attack hetero christians. Typical liberal behaviour. Maybe you should actually listen to what Glenn has to say. Im sure it’s a thousand times more important and accurate than our idiot government’s.

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