Gavin Newsom Drops Out of California Gubernatorial Race

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom has dropped out of the race for governor of California.

Newsom Said Newsom in a statement: "With a young family and responsibilities at city hall, I have found it
impossible to commit the time required to complete this effort the way
it needs to — and should be — done. This is not an easy
decision. But it is one made with the best intentions for my wife, my
daughter, the residents of the city and county of San Francisco, and
California Democrats."

The L.A. Times reports: "The harsh political reality, however, is the real reason is his campaign was getting no statewide traction, even with ex-governor, ex-mayor, current Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown in the political room as the invisible 800-pound donkey. Brown hasn't even announced as a candidate and has raised in excess of $7 million, several times that accumulated by Newsom.

The sudden move — always watch out for Friday afternoons in politics — officially leaves the Democratic field temporarily empty of heavyweights seeking to head the nation's most populous state."


  1. RW Ritchie says

    Only suprised it took this long. I like Newsom a lot, but I don’t think he had a chance. That Prop 8 video would have been back in a flash ‘whether he liked it or not.’
    Now we have Brown (maybe), who I believe they used to call ‘Gov. Moonbeam’ and who also allegedly did coke with Linda Ronstadt in the state house, OR we have Meg Whitman of eBay fame. What a great slate!!
    She’ll turn CA into a big reseller on eBay to help balance the budget and auction off the rights to all state contracts to help run CA like the business it is. What a mess we have here.

  2. GrabbinNewscum says

    Oh thank god. California and the nation dodged a bullet here – Not that Newsom realistically had any chance to begin with.

    If Newsom had an opportunity to inflict his feckless, all-style-no-substance style of leadership on the entire state of California with its huge economy, the state would be in an even bigger shithole than it is now.

    I’m planning on voting for the fiscally conservative – and pro-gay marriage – Republican Tom Campbell!

  3. Pender says

    I have my doubts about Brown’s commitment in his professed support for gay equality, but Newsom is a bumbling idiot who, for all of his good intentions, almost certainly singlehandedly caused us to lose Prop 8, and I’m not convinced that a bumbling idiot of a supporter is any better than a competent but lukewarm supporter.

    Whitman, of course, can go to hell.

  4. Tralfaz says

    @ GrabbinNewscum – 1st off suck my ass. 2nd your beloved Republican party will NEVER nominate someone like Campbell. I good guy I might add.

    @ Pender – We would have NEVER gotten (even for a brief moment) gay marriage in California if it were not for Gavin. You can take your “singlehandedly caused us to lose Prop 8″ and shove it straight up your ass.

  5. GrabbinNewscum says

    Hey Tralfaz – I wouldn’t get near your skanky crusty ass!

    Your greasy haired boytoy doesn’t really care for any constituency other than himself.

    Sucks to be you but a great day for the rest of California!

    Tom Campbell 2010!

  6. iPeePee says

    I, PeePee, am so angry I could spit!

    I, PeePee, am going to type the word “fuck” many times in a row to express how very, very angry I am!

    I, PeePee, love Gavin Newsom so much and I can’t stand to not get what I want!

    I, PeePee, also have a big dog too and Bryan Batt better never tell me to take my big doggie out of the porn store!

    I, PeePee, feel thwarted and impotent!

  7. Michael @ says

    This is one of many San Franciscans who are not “sick of him.” He’s no more perfect than any of us, but I believe in him and look forward to supporting him for another office in the future. Any of his failures San Francisco are directly attributable to the lunatic fringe on the Board of Supervisors who would bite off their arm for his popularity, natural talents, and charisma…and hated him even more after none of them had the balls to run against him. Like it’s HIS fault they’re hack losers.

    If there’s any upside to this it’s that he won’t be drowned in the thankless job of heading the giant state that is borderline ungovernable due, in part, to nonsense left over from the 8 yrs. of Gov. Moonbeam.

    If Jerry “I was against marriage equality before I was for it” Brown is elected, pity us.

  8. GrabbinNewscum says

    Hey Michael Bedwell – Stop trying to suck Gavin Newsom’s already will ya? He’s told you a million times, he’s not interested in hairy old trolls like you.

    Now finish drawing your little Hitler mustaches on Obama!

  9. GrabbinNewscum says

    Oh, ObamaMary, ya gotta try harder than that.

    I’m not hairy.

    Posted by: Michael @ | Oct 30, 2009 10:19:48 PM

    You are fat and old, though!

  10. John says

    While I rarely credit the California Republican Party with being completely truthful, they’re right about Newsom being an empty suit.

    The man wants a reward for not doing his job. He had no record of success to run on. Of course, that hasn’t stopped other politicians in the past. But Newsom didn’t even do a good job of pretending he cared about his current gig. He either didn’t understand the duties or, more likely, simply didn’t care.

    He’s the chief executive of San Francisco. The job doesn’t have anything to do with same-sex marriage, foreign affairs, or climate change policy. Newsom likes to think that it does. But wishing for something does not make it so. One has to do the job one was elected to do – and do it with a degree of competence – before going for a higher office. While Richard Daley, Mike Bloomberg, and Antonio Villaraigosa have strong personalities, they never lost sight of the fact that their considerable powers don’t extend much beyond the city limits.

    Quality of life is still the primary metric for a local official. That’s the main event. Everything else is merely the bonus round.

    America already has a President. His name is Barack Obama. And while the President has no problem posing with other San Francisco politicians on a regular basis, he refuses to even do a photo-op with Newsom. After the wedding party, San Franciscans soon wondered too why Newsom doesn’t seem to be particularly interested in crime, transportation, sanitation, affordable housing, public infastructure, jobs, sister cities, homelessness, and schools, Newsom’s poll ratings have accordingly plummeted over the years (86% in 2004; 50% in 2006; and now hovering in the mid 30s).

    Newsom can still boast about being more popular than Arnold Schwarzenegger and Nancy Pelosi though. Which I suppose says a lot about the state of politics in California.

  11. Denis says

    John basically stated my own feelings towards Newsom with the intelligence that I lack. He’s been a crap mayor. His brave support of gay marriage doesn’t justify his aspirations to higher office. Our unholy board of stupidvisors may be the biggest obstacle to, well, everything, but Newsom’s current policy of being mayor in absentia has eliminated what little support he had left. The man essentially gave up years ago. Several high-profile homicides, incidents of horrific Muni violence, and his (and Kamala’s) laissez-faire attitude towards crime haven’t helped his reputation which I don’t think really recovered after his boozed philandering with his friend’s wife came to light. I’m not sure the whole, “It was the alcohol’s fault” excuse really flies here…

  12. New Jersey Girl says

    OMG. Newsome should have stuck with it. He is very popular in SF. He is popular in the state. All I can think of is that some brownosed republican shit bag has dug up something really bad on Newsome’s family. Fuck. We could have used a real mover in California.

    Republicans suck donkey dicks on vacation in Tijuana.

  13. ty says

    Newsome is an awesome guy, stop picking him apart, the republicans will have your ass in the gas chamber stat! The Country Club is passe with Facebook, and the super rich need to pony up!

  14. pickles says

    This is a bummer. A bumbling idiot, he is certainly *not*. Seldom have I enjoyed listening to a politician so passionate, so articulate and so appealing. He cares, he tries and he could have been a terrific gov. Let’s hope for another person with half the charisma and intellect.

  15. Jeff Dunivant says

    To F**KF*GS, you should not be on a gay website; with your nonsensical and twisted interpretation of your facts. What is with all the hatred and vilification; could it be because you and your ilk can’t push gay people around anymore? The “Fucking Fags” are getting well organized and will not stand for that any more; I want you to be in a city like San Francisco and have some “Fag” beat the shit out of you while you come running to the police for protection; quite humiliating don’t you think?

  16. GrabbinNewscum says

    Gavin Newsom is a narcissistic gasbag who used the gay community and the gay marriage issue to shore up his own weak political standing in San Francisco.

    If you don’t live here, then you might not know that the 2003 election was an extremely close one in which Newsom’s opponent – who ran to his left – came within a few percentage points of winning in a suprisingly strong campaign.

    Newsom had to do something to shore up his political legitimacy among the so-called “progressives” and give him some political capital to be able to stand up to the radical leftist Board of Supervisors and not be painted as a “conservative” mayor in San Francisco.

    Newsom made the astute political calculation that if you get the gays on your side, you are practically inoculated against any other issue they can throw at you, and was practically assured re-election.

    So Newsom, in a bizarre self-aggrandizing political stunt, authorized City Hall to start handing out pieces of paper to same-sex couples and calling them “marriage certificates” – even though those couples were also told that the certificates, in fact, may not even be legally viable!

    But the gullible gays – always happy to have a hot, young, well-dressed straight politician – kowtow to them, bought it hook line and sinker – thus cementing Gavin’s status as a “progressive hero” in San Francisco, neutralizing the Board of Supervisors, and ensuring his re-election in which in ran without any serious opposition.

    Of course, we all now know that Newsom’s act of political bravery- er, stupidity – was partly why many states later that November enacted laws barring same-sex marriage.

    But Newsom got his issue that ensured his political viability – without which he knew he could not hope to hopscotch to the Governor’s office. After all, if you can’t win re-election as mayor, how are you even going to try to win the highest office in the state?

    Newsom had hoped to use the gay marriage issue to shore up his liberal base to clinch the primary among Democratic voters (a very low turnout election dominated by the most liberal Californians) and then showcase his moderate pro-business side in the general against his Republican opponent.

    But, alas, Gavin’s dreams are dashed for now.

  17. Michael @ says

    Really, Grabbinewscum…your cowardly hiding your real name behind a fake Net name that slurs him itself says it all:

    You’re one of the mental potholes on SF streets that no mayor could ever fix that have formed their own pathological Hate Gavin Club. Walgreen’s called: your haloperidol refill is ready. But you obviously forgot the warnings on the label that you were to “seek medical attention right away if any of these SEVERE side effects occur: confusion; drooling; hallucinations; mental or mood changes (eg, abnormal thinking, agitation).” I’ve called SF Gen and they have a bed waiting for you. In fact, they said it’s the same one they put you in the last time. Ask for Marta.

    As for that first election campaign: Newsom’s opponent [can’t remember his name] was a phony Everyman, painting himself as Gandhi in a cheap three-piece suit, except this Gandhi was bald and this guy was known for his apparently rarely-washed hair. The SF Chron busted him for pretending to have come from a dirt poor family while demonizing Newsom as having been born with a silver spoon in his mouth because actually the reverse was true.

    He claimed that his simple Latino father had “sold cigarettes from the back of his car in south Texas” failing to mention that his father was a division chief for the international tobacco company Brown & Williamson. Newsom’s father was a state appelate judge but divorced his mother when he was two; he was so bad with money that she had to work 3 jobs to keep her and the kids afloat.

    And who can forget the smear campaign that painted Newsom as a racist without any evidence. SF is the kind of phony Love Me I’m A Liberal Town where such accusations alone are a priori truth to the loons and many of the gullible ageless children still believe it.

    What happened to what’s his name…well he broke the loons’ herpes hearts by not having the balls to run against Newsom again [NONE of them did…but we’re still supposed to believe that everyone in SF hates Newsom so shouldn’t their election have been easy?] but did run as Ralph Nader’s running mate last year in yet another attempt by King of the Loons Nader to punish the Dems who smelled his stink long ago by helping elect ANOTHER Repug President.

    PS: Safeway wants their shopping cart back.

  18. GrabbinNewscum says

    Translation: “How dare you make fun of Gavey! He is so tall and handsome! The city is literally falling apart but he looks good in a suit. I even have a full-size cardboard cut-out that I pose with and jack off to!”

    Poor Michael Bedwell – So sad that his lust object Gavin won’t return his phone calls.

    Gav’s too busy fucking other guys’ wives to be concerned with a fat old troll like

  19. SoCalAaron says

    Kids! What the heck happened to civilized discussion? Gavin Newsome’s pragmatic leadership in San Francisco was much more than just taking a stand on Gay Marriage, and Jerry Brown did more than hang out with Linda Ronstadt. We get nowhere when we eat our young.

    I will say I was impressed with Gavin’s willingness to challenge the status quo by proposing a constitutional convention and ending the 2/3 majority vote on budgets.

    Both huge issues that continue to drag this state to mediocraty.

  20. Paul R says

    These comments would be a lot more enlightening if people avoided attacking one another with “funny” insults. Yes, it would mean that many comments would be half as long, but it would also mean they’d have a chance of getting read.

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