News: Michael Jackson, Argentina, Jenny Durkan, Barbie, Coyotes


Rex Wockner: 8,000 volunteers working in Maine, and more needed



Mario tries to find the right shade.


Joe Jackson on the King of Pop: "He's worth more dead than he was alive."


Schwarzenegger says "fuck you" letter was a complete (8 billion to one) coincidence.


Damn: Elton John is spry.


Gay City News interviews Kirsten Gillibrand: "a new advocate emerges…"


32 LGBT organizations issue joint statement on hate crimes passage: "This week, we call upon lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, families and allies to take this opportunity of increased media and public attention on hate crimes to educate co-workers, classmates, neighbors, family members and friends about our lives, and about why we need not only their friendship and love, but their vocal support for a more just and equal America for LGBT people."


WATCH: clip of Britney Spears' "3" music video.



First openly gay U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan begins work


GLAAD board member dies on Atlantis vacation: "According to sources on board, Spencer Yu, a Los Angeles attorney,
suffered cardiac arrest October 21 while on the Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas, which
was chartered by Atlantis for a seven-day trip along the Mexican
Riviera. A medical team attempted to resuscitate Yu for 45 minutes
before he was taken to a Puerto Vallarta hospital, where he showed no
brain activity. Yu was later taken off of life support. "


How often do you hear of anyone being hunted down and killed by coyotes? This is terribly sad.


Inside Candis Cayne's closet.


The Keith Haring documentary Drawing the Line is broadcast on Ovation this weekend.


Perhaps the most profitable and overrated flick of all time.



Introducing, the Barbie Palm Beach Sugar Daddy Ken Doll.


Argentina considers same-sex marriage: "'We can't expect social equality if the state is legitimizing
inequality,' said Maria Rachid, president of Argentina's Gay, Lesbian,
Bisexual and Transgender Federation. 'We now have the social and
political context necessary to change the law.' … Rachid said more than 20 lawmakers have signed on as supporters of
same-sex marriage, and they believe they have enough votes in committee
for a full vote in the lower house. It would then go to the Senate."


Arjan chats with Blake Lewis.


Boston gay bashing case to go to trial: "Darren Morgan, 46, and Howard Rice, 50, are charged with assault and battery, disorderly conduct and civil rights violations, said Conley. Both men will appear in Boston Municipal Court on Dec. 10.

The charges are the result of an incident on June 15, according to Boston police. Morgan and Rice were on Washington Street when the victims walked towards them from a bus stop, police said. The pair allegedly began to verbally abuse the two men, targeting them on the assumption they were gay, said police."


  1. Jim in MN says

    The Schwartz’ memo is way more than a one in 8 billion. Thats assuming that each letter has the same probability of appearing at the beginning of a column (not even a sentence) where the rows were 85 characters across, it also discounts the HUGE impossibility that he would have the class to put the State of California above his personal grudges.

  2. says

    I really liked PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, but I think it can only disappoint those going because “it’s the scariest thing ever.” In the same way BLAIR WITCH had a backlash, I expect this will soon, too. I thought the relationship was effortlessly natural and funny, which made the haunting all the more, well, haunting. However, I will say I was never very scared and was shocked by how scream-happy and terrified the audience was. I still prefer BLAIR WITCH because I saw that at a way-in-advance screening with no idea what it was about and it was just so fresh and different and much more frightening before it became cool to hate on it.

  3. Brian in Texas says

    The whole demonizing of Joe Jackson is getting so old to me. The full quote was:

    “He’s worth more dead than when he was alive. I’d rather have him alive. When he was living, they didn’t show this.”

    All he is saying is that he regrets that Micheal couldn’t be around now to see how much love he is getting all around the world, because we all know in his later years he was ridiculed.

    Joe was strict and probably cruel at times, but without his harshness there would have been no Jackson 5, Janet Jackson, or Michael Jackson.

    Also the man is 80 yrs old…

  4. Joe says

    Ahhh, yes the jump-on-the-bandwagon type of bashing of Paranormal Activity begins. But let’s remember that it’s the fact that you rely so heavily, or expose yourself so heavily, on OTHER people’s reactions before seeing the film that you watch it with a jaundiced eye. But let’s make sure and call the movie over-rated with no commentary on your own sponge-like absorption of the nay-sayers.

  5. MicahSkin says

    Most overrated film of all time? Yeah, that’s a qualified statement with evidence to back it up. Plus props to them promoting a film starring someone named Micah. (Other than Prince Micah from “The Sword and the Sorcerer”)

  6. crispy says

    That Micah guy is quite attractive. The movie didn’t scare me, but mostly because I couldn’t stop staring at his crotch the entire time. The demon was in his pants.

  7. Zach says

    Harsh but accurate words from Joe.

    I really enjoyed Paranormal Activity, but even if I didn’t, I’d think it great that it took off the way it did. That’s the dream of film-making – that your little personal project can impact so many people.

    Call it good, call it bad, but please don’t use ‘overrated’ as an excuse to be a miserable snob.

  8. Toro Castano says

    Re: the Keith Haring film on Ovation. They’re programming is top notch however the film was created by Kultur video. Their art documentary videos are horrible and repetitive. They splice together the same footage ad nauseum multiple times and its very documentary lite. They also did a “great” job de-gaying Keith.

  9. KJ says

    You can believe that prior human interaction is to blame with that coyote attack. Yes, you can be out in the actual wild and die from a wild animal attack, but to be attacked within earshot of other people on a well-traversed trail means that those coyotes already did not have a fear of people. Man is a predator, always has been, and things that smell like, look like, and sound like people normally would be enough to make wild animals shy away from people.

    That these coyotes were bold enough to attack a person most likely means that they’ve been acclimated to people and don’t see them as a threat. The real people responsible for this attack won’t ever be known, but it’s absolutely people that are responsible for it.

  10. andy says

    They should do a tox screen on Yu. If he’s friends with Rich Campbell and died on an Atlantis cruise, the odds of finding drugs in his system are pretty good.