How You Can Help Protect Maine Marriage Equality, from Your Phone


Rex Wockner paid a visit to the "No on 1"  headquarters yesterday, and the campaign is in dire need of phone volunteers. Anyone can do it, from anywhere. Rex writes that the campaign needs to make half a million calls this week to get out the vote.

You can sign up for a training and call shift here.

(photo: rex wockner)


  1. pluto says

    WTF ELG?! Your comment doesn’t make any sense what so ever! Larry Johnson along with those who chose to make racist comments made a debacle out of themselves-not Towleroad or Maine equality volunteers. The LGBTQ community is made up of all races, and so are those who choose to hate! Focusing on race accomplishes nothing. Drop the B.S., get off your ass, and help the community work toward equality for ALL!!

  2. John in Boston says


    Maine is 98% white. Maine’s diversity is ethnic not racial. It has a fairly large number of Somalian refugees re-settled in Lewiston, and Portland has a small black community but that’s about it. The north bordering Canada is all white. I have no problem with press release of a black volunteer, but understand it actually really isn’t reflective of Maine any more than it would be for an Hong Kong.

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