Iowa Gays Plug State’s Equality Perks at California Disneyland Event


Representatives for three regional tourist bureaus in Iowa were at Disneyland in Anaheim this weekend for the Gay Days event there, urging Southern California gays to relocate to the Hawkeye State:

"At the booth set up inside Disney’s Grand Californian hotel, gay and
lesbian couples sampled wedding cake and posed for photos inside a
frame that read, 'Just Married … In Iowa City!' The Iowa representatives took the free photos and supplied the
tuxedo jackets and bridal veils. They also handed out brochures touting
Iowa City, Cedar Rapids and Coralville, among other cities. 'We want people to know that if the California Legislature is
unwilling to take the step to give gay couples the right to marry, then
please consider coming to Iowa where we will gladly welcome you with
open arms,' said Joe Jennison, executive director of the Iowa Cultural
Corridor Alliance."