1. Nick says

    Perhaps their magic undergarments are
    a bit too tight cutting off air supply to what passes for their collective brains.
    Unfortunately- even though they should be irrelevant -they aren’t. They control
    Utah politics and have their hands in every aspect of our economy- check them out-it is scary. Their theology is bogus but true to form-one of the fastest growing in the world. Their history of bigotry and homophobia is well documented but they are fortunate -they function in a world where truth doesn’t matter to the masses.

  2. says

    Harry Reid is in a good position. Because of his high rank and power, the LDS would be an idiot to excommunicate him, which gives him free reign to criticize them as much as he wants. You go, Harry!

  3. Louis says

    Being a former Mormon, I have to say, no one does the “Persecuted Victim” better than mormons. No doubt, they were greatly persecuted back when they were a minority. How quickly they forget. Is tolerance dead?

  4. Mark says

    What a vile disrespect of American Blacks.

    What a gross perversion of American history.

    I agree with Dan Savage:

    “The same people who insist that gays and lesbians can’t compare our movement for equality to the African American Civil Rights Movement—even when its gay and lesbian African Americans who make the comparison—are going jump down the Mormons’ throats for this one.


  5. Mitch Shea says

    The Mormon “Church” linking itself to the AA civil rights movement is definitely abhorrent, but gay “activists” laying claim to the same legacy is equally as misdirected and ridiculous. Every time I hear “gay is the new black”, it sounds like Yoko Ono singing the national anthem while gargling lemon juice. We have NO right to make that claim, even if we were putting the hard lessons of that movement to use, which we are not interested in doing at all. Perhaps some people in the gay “movement” need to educate themselves about how groups like the SCLC and SNCC made their advances, and why movements without leadership inevitably fail for multiple reasons. Gay isn’t the new black; it might not even be the new “gay” from what I can tell.

  6. 1♥ says

    Re: “a speech church officials describe as a significant commentary on current threats to religious freedom”

    What about the right of religious or nonreligious freedom for the Gay community. The Mormons along with the Christians and Muslims clearly will not tolerate any faith or non-faith that does not bow to their false god.

  7. Q says

    Instead of thinly veiled words, why doesn’t Dan Savage just come right out and say what he is really thinking:

    “Dumb, ignorant Blacks, (and we all know that most Blacks are anti-gay, right?) who refuse to acknowledge that I am right are really gonna be pissed at the Mormons.”

  8. Steve Evans says

    This is the height of hypocrisy. The Mormons disallowed Blacks to hold the Priesthood up until 1978. Now they want to compare themselves to people they themselves discrimated against?

  9. Attmay says

    These vile sacks of filth believed for years (and probably still do) that black people’s skin color is the mark of Cain, and they have the nerve to compare themselves to lynching victims who were lynched because of beliefs just like those of the Mormon filth?

    Gay IS not only the new black but the new Jewish as well, while Christians are the new Dixiecrats, and Muslims are the new Nazis. Or did you not see the report of that guy in a coma who was attacked FOR BEING GAY, Mitchshea? Or the brutal attack in Canada, where LGBT citizens have full equality, Mitchshea? Or the daily attacks on us from the goyim. Or have you not seen the jihad against us in Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and basically most of the Muslim Middle East, Mitchshea? Or the war on gays in Jamaica, ignored by the bigots in government, and encouraged by murder “music” “artists”?

    We are being targeted, just like black people were in South where the racist traitors of the War of Southern Treason were gods. Just like the Jews were by, well, almost all non-Jews in history. And some of us are still forced to hide our sexuality for our own protection, just like Jews were from bigoted gentiles. But we are of all races, all faiths, and all nations. This isn’t just Mississippi Burning, but the whole world.

  10. SFshawn says

    Since Shit Romney(the mormon loony that tied his dog to the roof of his family car) is planning a statewide run for public office in California it’s just a matter of time before we rehash Prop 8 here in California with the Morons vs the gays. Can some elected official with actual power in state office please find a way to ENFORCE the laws of separation of church and state? Can the churches please be taxed and pay their fair share? Can all the churches linked to political activities please lose their NON-PROFIT status? Nice to know that my gay tax dollar is used daily to deny me my civil rights here in the United States.

  11. says

    I’m Black an d I do think we can claim to being the new civil rights movement. I fought to use “We shall overcome” as our march anthem. I lost that battle because the Whites thought there would be too much of a backlash, which, I’m sure there would have been. It was written by a white man and chosen by a Black Gay man as the anthem for the movement (Bayard Rustin). We are denied our civil right.

    Listen, if they could take away the legal rights of middle class, mostly white , educated Gays in California, imagine what they could do to poor Blacks or other minorities.

    Gay rights are Minority Rights. Gay IS the new Black. IMHO.

  12. Mark in Portland says

    If you actually read a lot of the articles written about this in the Utah news outlets, and the predictably vile pro- and counter- comments that follow them, it’s really sort of comical.

    The arguments (on both sides) get utterly confused, because you have Mormons, gays, and sympathizers with both sides arguing over who is the bigger victim, whose rights are already being taken away, whose further rights are at risk of being taken away… more than half of what Oaks says, could just as easily describe the Gays as well as the Mormons.

    As much as people argue that hate crime and non-discrimination laws create “special classes,” and assert that special classes are a bad thing, what are religious views, other than beliefs that apparently merit special consideration and class treatment?

    Personally, I’d rather not fight for the position of who is the worst victim…

  13. Davey says

    Just the idea of racist white trash Dan Savage feigning outrage when he tried to pull the same stunt is enough to make me close my ears whenever that douche speaks….

  14. Cicero says

    Perhaps you are unaware, but several Mormon church buildings were in fact vandalized following the passage of Proposition 8. Is it really so out of line to compare this to other attempts at violent intimidation of other minorities such as blacks?

  15. CKNJ says

    I feel nothing but contempt for the Mormon church. They do their damndest to harm us and then say we are victimizing THEM? What? Fuck you, you douchebags!

  16. Attmay says


    Can you not see the difference between the attacks on gays who have done nothing, or retaliation towards Mor(m)ons for their bigotry?

    If a church that preached white supremacy had been vandalized by a black man, the black man would be in the right. If a white man vandalized a black church that advocated taking rights from no one, the white man would be in the wrong.

  17. says

    The Mormons stuck their collective noses into a fight that had nothing to do with them, and got their noses bloodied in the process. Now they’d like to go back to their previous status as “peaceful little Christians” even after stripping thousands of their civil rights. Well you know what? No deal. The mormons lost that status forever, and it’s their own damned fault. Fuck ’em. If they can’t take the heat, they should stay out of the fucking kitchen. And believe me… it’s gonna get hotter.

  18. Robert In WeHo says

    Yeah right. One little problem with this analogy. Enslaved blacks in the south weren’t oppressing people like the moron Mormons are. Once again, this is proof that religion rots your brain and makes you “stoopid.”

  19. Rodney says

    If the Mormons rescued a kitten they’d still be doing something wrong. Listen to yourselves. The Mormons have done a wonderful job of putting a spotlight on the true bigots. America is watching. The voters will remember.

  20. Blane van Pletzen-Rands says

    White privilege – the unearned advantages enjoyed by white people like Elder Oaks – may blind him to the fact that he is, in fact, racist. His “maleness” compounds the problem, and his sexual orientation as a heterosexual even further. These lenses – his particular way of seeing things as a Mormon, may cloud his vision – even as he “lives and moves and has his being” as an Apostle of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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