1. FormerOnionReadingFag says

    How about “Smoking, it’s a Negro thang.” that would’ve been much funnier fucking Onion dickheads. Fuck off. No more Onion for this faggot.

  2. MissedThePoint says

    If you were really offended by that you probably missed the point.

    Satire: (n) The use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly etc.

  3. phil says

    Awesome. Two birds, one stone.

    Formeronionreadingfag–you’re sense of humor is pretty lame. And thanks for the unnecessary racial comments. Kids don’t go around calling EVERYTHING, and I mean everything “black” the way they do “gay.”

  4. FormerOnionReadingFag says

    Hey MTP, the Onion typically does satire very well, but I don’t agree that this meets the definition at all, but thanks so much for cutting and pasting that definition…really insightful. Do you read this blog? Do you read the accounts of gay-bashing that happen on a daily basis on this blog? Do you realize that this lexicon, this use of the word gay derogatorily, in any context, feeds into a socio-cultural acceptance of gay-bashing, especially when targeted at teens? There is no point to this. Substitute any derogatory minority slang and any minority would be rightfully offended. Plus, this is just not funny.

  5. Sargon Bighorn says

    I see. As was mentioned above, we’ll look forward to the Onion using the word **Nigger** instead of Faggot in the next anti-smoking humorous PSA. I use the two asterisks to deter the censors. Notice how I did not use them with Faggot because it’s still okay to use that pejorative even on a site with homosexual tendencies.

  6. says

    Maybe if the meaning of the word “faggot” wasn’t “a bundle of sticks, twigs, or branches bound together and used as fuel, a fascine, a torch, etc.” it wouldn’t be funny. But it is, so it’s funny. And the Onion has and will again use the n-word to point out racism.

  7. Sargon Bighorn says

    Ted, you’re right this is satire and not too much should be read into this. The Onion makes fun in bad taste of everyone. Point taken. But I rarely see The Onion use the word Nigger. Do you have an example you can share? Nigger also has an etymology just like faggot does. And Ted, if you have the balls to use the word Faggot, show the same balls to use the word Nigger. The “N” word is so Gay! lol

  8. says

    I can’t imagine the reaction these people had to Bruno if they thought this was offensive and went too far.

    Just proves, you can’t trust stereotypes. Clearly, not every gay man possesses a sense of humor.

  9. Paul in Oz says

    Reading the majority of these comments reaffirms to me that gay Americans are, sadly and unaccountably, just as irony-bypassed as straight Americans.

    It was FUNNY people… which means it was making FUN of bigotry and prejudice and dumbass TV news shows. Geddit? No? Well in that case you get the society and media you deserve.

  10. Wil says

    In response to the person who doesn’t recall The Onion using the “n-word,” here you go:
    (It also happens to be a genius piece of satire.) True, the word is bleeped in that instance, but that’s just more satirical in my opinion. Add this counterexample to the fact that fag/faggot is indeed a synonym for cigarette, and I don’t see a double standard. And while it’s true that irresponsible use of words in mass entertainment can engender dangerous attitudes among impressionable (and stupid) people, I don’t think this falls into that category.

    Most people reading The Onion have two brain cells to rub together, and anyone with a shred of intelligence is going to understand that this spot is NOT promoting homophobia but is rather sending it up hilariously. It’s clearly a satirical response to that anti-marijuana PSA that ran on MTV Canada:
    That one, in one sense, seems to try to tarnish the appeal of a “negative” activity (smoking pot) by associating it with homosexuality. Although you could actually interpret the MTV spot as pro-gay in a way– the friend isn’t reacting to the fact that his buddies are making out, but that they’re siblings. Maybe the gay part isn’t meant to be controversial at all. (The pro-incest people, however, may have been upset.)

    Whatever the intention of either of these clips, I don’t think it’s a bad thing that viewers are exposed to the “shocking” site of two men kissing (and not in the derogatory Super Bowl Snickers ad kind of way). As the creators of the Berlin memorial to gay victims of the Holocaust knew, exposing people to things they fear is a good way to change attitude. The video that plays on a loop at that memorial is here:

    In the end, I think that The Onion’s video will be perceived as pro-gay to all but the most shrill or, as some here have noted, humor-impaired. Homophobia and violence against gays (including kids) is abhorrent and must be stopped; but it has nothing to do with this video.

  11. RJ says


    “Print Ads Feature WWE Wrestlers Calling Smokers ‘Flaming Queers’ ”

    I don’t know who’s more ignorant…

    The dumb teenagers this is making fun of or The dumb user comments condemning this clever satire.

  12. robert says

    Very funny! Leave it to the Onion to come up with something so clever and on target! “IDON’T WANT TO BE A DICK MAGNET” PRICELESS! Guess I should start reading the Onion again.

  13. Marc says

    Maybe we should be more offended that the word homosexual has such a negative context to it. Seriously, where’s the outrage because THAT is the word we need to be taking back for ourselves.

  14. Jo says

    Sums up my generation entirely. It’s not ‘cool’ to be gay unless you’re from certain social groups, then it’s only cool to be bi because OBVIOUSLY that means you’re slutty and up for anything.Additionally, anyone who uses ‘gay’ as a synonym for ‘stupid’ around me tends to get some very sharp words. I weep for my generation.
    Nevertheless, amusing video. The cock-magnet comment made me smile.

  15. chad says

    Jerry you nauseate me to no end. What the fck does it mean racism and homophobia(or sexual preference as you put it in the words of the under-class) are apples and oranges. No they are both exactly the same ,its hatred simply for the way someone was born,and that’s the bottom line,so save your “sexual preference” and other garbage for dinner conversations in the ghetto. Because I’m so fcking sick of the rampant homophobia coming out the black community from it’s low-rent dimestore preachers and hyper macho culture. Queens of that color defending this horrendous bigotry sicken me.

  16. Mark says

    Oh, how I love The Onion.

    I think this is a perfect example of genuinely funny parody… and (as a gay man) I’m not offended by it in the SLIGHTEST.

    It’s witty, biting, and made me laugh out loud. The Onion is an equal opportunity humor source… and takes hilarious pot-shots at everyone.

    Anyone who gets their panties in a knot over this needs to step back, take a large dose of context, and have a chuckle.

  17. Anonymous says

    OH. MY. GOD. Are you fucking serious? This is terrible. “Speaking to teenagers in their own language” BULLSHIT. This is misleading and offensive on so many levels. I am in high school myself and I will have you know that there are many members of the GLBT community at my school, myself included, and most people don’t make fun of them. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being gay and this makes it look like it is. I think the government is doing this to turn teenagers against gays, which is terrible. Gay or straight, male or female WE ARE ALL HUMAN AND SHOULD BE TREATED AS SUCH. What if they CDC began to say that if you smoke you are automatically African-American? There would be chaos. So why do this to gays? It’s exactly the same thing. Again, you wouldn’t say the N word on television, what makes you think you can say “faggot”? Especially in an offensive manner. This is the 21st century people, when are you going to learn?

  18. Kit says

    Y’all missed the Onion when it was seriously funny, right:

    1) Point/Counterpoint – ‘I’m So Starving’, where a valley girl and a dying African bushman both make op-ed on the crappy nature of starving.

    2) Why Are All These Homosexuals Sucking My Cock – Yeah, nuff said. Guy can’t figure out why when he opens his truck door in an alley and open his pants that odd things happen.

    3) Holy Fuckin’ Shit – the issue after 9/11.

    4) ACLU Defends Nazis’ Right to Burn Down ACLU Headquarters – “I would like to thank Ms. Strossen and all the other nigger-loving-bleeding-heart-liberals at the ‘ACL-Jew’ for defending my constitutional right to express my loathing of them with hundred-foot-high flames…”

    5) Good Cop, Bad Cop Both Racist

    6) And my favorite two stereotypes: SmooveB (the black R&B lover) and The Nite Rida, Herbert J. Kornfeld, who ran with the AP peepz, tossing paypa clipz at the AR (accounts receivable) bitches. Herbert was a white nerd.

    Sorry, I’ve been waiting for The Onion to return to its dark, satirical roots. Come on – ‘Smokers or Gay?’ is as funny as ‘Gay or Eurotrash’….

  19. RJ says

    Haha… I thought this clip was very well-done. The macho lesbians driving the big rigs was a nice touch. :)

    Btw, the previous “RJ” is not me but I can’t say I disagree with his sentiments either.

  20. nic says

    ahahaha! “the onion” rox. it has irony and sarcasm down pat. it has some terrific writers. check out “Onion Sports Network/Pre-Game Coin Toss Makes Jaguars Realize Randomness Of Life” on Youtube.


  21. Brian in Texas says

    I know it was satire and tongue and cheek, but that doesnt make it any less offensive.

    Gays don’t need to be made as punch lines regardless if its doen in satire.

  22. Paul says

    This site has its share of jerks and insecure self-haters. As a Jewish person, I don’t always agree with everything the Anti-Defamation League or other Jews find anti-semitic but I still respect them for being concerned about prejudice. I never hurl snide comments. Why insult another gay person for wrongly perceiving something as homophobic instead of just respectfully disagreeing?

  23. Nino says

    I agree w/ Yogchick!
    I thought this was funny, but then I thought…damn, this would actually be effective because homophobia is so rampant in our society.

    But in any case, I thought this was pretty safe use of satire. I, for one, was not offended at all by it.

  24. Davey says

    Clever satire. Naysayers, stop being a prude.

    I completely understand the need for limits, but this video did not cross any line. It’s clearly satire and effective satire at that. Satire is meant to ‘stir the pot’ so to speak.

    You probabably thought Jonathan Swift really wanted to eat babies too.

  25. NYCBullDog says

    Very funny. It’s called satire people and Onion does it so well. They are equal-opportunity offenders, just like South Park. Don’t you see it’s more poking fun at the stupid people who use the word “gay” as a perjorative?? It’s making fun of homophobia! Geez get a sense of humor/irony and grow a pair while you’re at it.

  26. says

    Am I crazy, or wasn’t there an actual anti-pot PSA that implied exactly this?

    Three guys are blazing up in a car, two of them get confused and start making out. The third is like “Aren’t you two brothers?”

    Did I make this up in my wildly unreliable mind?

  27. DR says

    It’s mocking an MTV ad which did this for real. Great, it’s mocking the way everything bad is “gay” in this culture and the way a certain group of people blame the gays for everything. Intellectually, I get it.

    But really, this just wasn’t funny. I thought it was pretty poorly done and far too over-the-top to be good satire. And certainly not intellectual enough.

  28. Morten says

    This was so fucking hilarious and the comments were even funnier!

    Sad thing is that it’s true though. Gay men and lesbians smoke a lot more than heteros.

  29. Rich says

    Am I the only one who a) wasn’t offended by this and b) still didn’t think it was that funny? I mean, c’mon, the Onion is usually so much more clever. This just seems lazy…

  30. Adam says

    Guys, stop it with the racial comparison. The days of people calling things or people “white” to mean they’re “good” are over (not to suggest racism is dead, just in that form).

    The days of calling things “gay”? Alive and well. And that’s what the Onion is poking fun at: it’s so universally utilized by American teens, that it becomes the primary tactic of an anti-smoking campaign. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, all the way around.

  31. Sam says

    Bwahaha. You guys think that people will get the satire or irony? They’re going to see this as another use of the word gay in a derogatory sense. Step back and realize what the big picture is.

    And YES, it is nearly identical to saying “Don’t be a **nigger**, don’t smoke.” I could claim that one to be satire as well. Either way, you are using the label for something a person cannot control and using it to poke fun at something.

    Yes, I am offended by this. Yes, I see the satire. But I can guarantee you that 90% of people will get the obvious message and NOT the underlying message.

  32. Bobo says

    You have to understand satire to understand this…I can’t believe people did not get this! Lighten up! (or should I say light up?) We have REAL enemies, and the Onion is not one of them!

  33. says

    Am sure that quitting smoking is an hard thing to quit but some alternatives makes not everyone to quit. But i request people to avoid smoking not only in public places in everyone private place too. save yourself and your surroundings from the risks that are associated with smoking any traditional cigarette

  34. Steph says

    Whether it was satirical or not, I spent the entire video needing to punch in my computer screen. This is inappropriate. Extraordinarily so. It crosses the line.

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