1. Rad says

    I have to concur with Dave; Signorile has a producer to screen this crap out, yet he still puts it on the air. And we wonder why the flames of hatred are so amped up?


  2. Kyle says

    I was born and raised in Oklahoma and I love the state dearly. But since I left and moved to Chicago and I’ve only been away for 2 1/2 years this just saddens me. The people of Oklahoma are mostly very caring and have no animosity against those that don’t share their values and beliefs but its nutjobs like this that make me sad. But like with all groups don’t let one uneducated inbreed redneck make you think that he is representative of the whole state. It’s just not so.

  3. Dario says

    KYLE: I admit, Ive never been to Oklahoma and while I do believe that most Oklahoman’s are caring and have no animosity against those that don’t share their values and beliefs I wonder what their stance is on giving gay Oklahoman’s equal rights under the law? I have a feeling that they would not be as caring. I say this because I live in the South where I hear the same thing all the time. ‘I have nothing against you and I like you as a person and I would do whatever I can to help you but when it comes to you having the same rights as me, well I just think that’s wrong.’ I hope Kyle, that both in Oklahoma and in the vast majority of the South this kind of insane thinking die’s out for all our sakes. Peace be with you.

  4. Mike in the Tundra says

    Kyle, I cannot make myself return to North Carolina. You’re right about there being good people in the South, but there are many who are not. The racism is appalling. The hatred of gays is evident. And I’m talking about my own family.

  5. Wes says

    There’s nothing unfair about what Signorile is doing. In fact I think he makes an effort to be incredibly level headed and fair to his crazy callers.

    I think its important to expose this element of the American populace. Because as Liz from San Diego says, it is real and it should be recognized and taken seriously.

  6. DR says

    Signoreli airs this stuff because if he aired intelligent callers he wouldn’t have the opportunity to insult everyone he disagrees with. It’s sensationalist journalism at its worst. Just my opinion after all the times I’ve listened/read his stuff.

    And Mike, maybe next time you ought to wipe that smirk off your face when you have a caller like Liz from San Diego. Makes me more inclined to believe this stuff is staged.

  7. walter says

    It is important to hear the voice of the peasants — and we must remember that is all they are peasants.

    The elite educated class must never fear the peasants — that is what happens in the Middle East — they fear the peasants in the streets.

    Better than them ? Damn right we are.

  8. walter says

    Why do I suspect the regular “Gay Republicans” are back posting comments.

    How many of us have declared our homes off limits to Republicans in 2009 ?

    Are you willing to do that – or afraid your invites to the beach house or penthouse may get lost in the mail ?

  9. DLRnATL says

    I don’t know if it is media induced paranoia, but I have been giving more thought than I ever thought I would about the fear of secession. I remember TX Gov. Perry making veiled threats to that. I remember watching a story on Maddow about it. And while I always understood there were crazies out there who will always threaten it, it just seems I’m seeing it more and more in the news and being given some kind of credence. I hope it is just my over active imagination or Obama may be more like Lincoln than we could ever dream.

  10. rayy says

    Why do you think they should not air this? This guy could be serious–if they can keep him on the phone long enough, maybe we could all learn something. You know there is a certain fraction of people out there that think this way–if you don’t believe it, just turn on Glenn Beck any evening. Will Beck, Malkin & others take responsibility when something happens? Yeah right–it’s gonna be “I didn’t say that/I never meant that”.

  11. Donovan says

    These people are as dumb as dogshit and twice as unpleasant – and especially after Bush pandered to them for 8 years. I really wish Obama would just steamroll over the top of these Bible Belt Republican dipshit fascist turds and actually make some big changes (ie. the ones he promised) before he’s voted out next election.

  12. another matt says

    This isn’t real. No way. You can hear the smile in the caller’s voice.

    That being said, yes, there are millions of Americans who feel and think and could potentially act like this…and it’s not just in the South.

  13. Mike says

    That man should definitely be expecting a visit from the Secret Service. As distasteful as everything he said was, threatening a military coup against the president, like threatening the life of the president, is a definitely an offense.

  14. Derrick from Philly says

    This crazy wing-nut wants to bring back slavery.

    I’m not sure that Mormons can deal with the heat of those cotton fields back down home. You got to have the physical fortitude. But give a try….Mormon Blondes in chains, honey…sounds kinda’ kinky to me.

  15. John says


    What would be the point of having white men as slaves?

    They’re lazy, obstinate, and are practically worthless when it comes to manual labor. I see no economic value in buying such high maintenance servants.

  16. NevadaBoi says

    Well, I guess the upside is that the Secret Service has awesome evidence now. I am assuming (but who knows what the reality is) that the SS (such a poorly choosen name b/c of that acronym…if only Lincoln had know what would come later) will be all over Oklahoma’s back woods quitely gathering intel on “Jim’s” don’t-call-it-a-clan Klan. Haa haa. Nice shooting yourself in the foot there buddy!

    And why does a guy who hates gays listening to a radio program that airs on a GLBTQ only Sirius station??? Know your opponent I guess?

  17. Dave says

    I agree with most of the comments – this nutcase and his 200 people inside his head might not exactly be a threat.

    But, let’s not forget what happened in Oklahoma City in 1995. And not because the caller happens to be from OK – there are real crazy-minded people all over the US.

    I grew up in a very right-wing household – we had Pat Robertson for President signs in our yard in 1988, and now they keep the TV tuned to Fox News. When the great Christian Fundamentalist Moral Majority organized in 1979, Halloween decorations were banned in our household!

    Of course, I ended up being the liberal & gay kid, but my parents and I can still just “agree to disagree”. They think things have gone too far when Limbaugh wants the president to fail, amateurs like Palin are popular, and their Rep. Joe Wilson yelled out “You lie!”. They are still stuck in the Reagan era – too liberal for these people.

  18. RT says

    I am half black/white and most of my white relatives (Mom’s side) live in KY, TN and NE. They HATE my Dad’s side of the family. My black relatives (Dad’s side) all live here in MA where I was born and raised and they HATE my Mom and her side of the family. We’ve NEVER had a family gathering where both sides come together for a weekend or anything because of the animosity they harbor against each other. It’s simply disgusting. My Grandfather (Dad’s side) told my brother and I when we were a lot younger that my parents should be ashamed for bringing mixed babies into the world. My southern relatives HATE Barack Obama with a passion. It’s amazing to listen to the rants that spew from their mouths. One thing they all agree on is the fact that they are absolutely, 100% against gay ANYTHING!!! I have several family members aside from myself that are gay/lesbian and while the family claim to love and accept us for who we are, they’d NEVER accept our lifestyle. We are the definite black sheep of the family. I have relatives in prison for selling drugs, 1 is in the pen for murder and so on and so forth yet I am looked upon as lower than them because I like to suck d*ck? Baffles my mind. So for everyone who can’t wrap their brains around these two radio clips trust me when I say it is VERY real and it’s truly scary how narrow minded people still are. It doesn’t matter what part of the country people are in either. Just look at my f**ked up family.

  19. Christopher says

    RT: I’m sorry to hear about the disfunction in your family and only wish it were truly rarer in this country. One thing black and white haters can agree on—they both hate the gays more

  20. Wheezy says

    @ Dave,

    When I heard this I thought, “Oklahoma City is going to lose another federal building before Obama’s term is over.”

    I know some people can’t wrap their heads around this but it is real and I have know doubt that the religious right, Republicans, and Faux News will stir these loons up just as they did back in the 1990’s until a bunch of innocent people are killed.

  21. Lisa says

    I’m in the same situation as Liz. My mom lives in San Marcos, used to be a hippie in the 60s, and Democrat up until around 2000. I am a lesbian, and an only child, and I know that hard for her to swallow. But she too buys into this right-wing bs. We’ve had talks about it to the point where she does not like to talk politics with me. She had always been somewhat of a racist when I was growing up. As she gets older, it gets scarier. She used to participate in Minute-Men rallies, and she’s Mexican! It’s unbelievable.

  22. says

    Great find, Towleroad, thanks for the head’s up. Put your link to this KOOK on my site today. I hope the men in black catch this pyschopath. Too many nuts running around! This is why we need more mental hospitals in like EVERY county of every state in the union. Scary people.

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