1. 24play says

    What shock?

    The Games have never been held in South America. Rio is a very strong contender, and has already built an Olympic stadium. Rio will get the 2016 Summer Games.

  2. John says

    I was secretly rooting for Rio.

    Besides, the last two times the Olympics came to America, it wasn’t exactly smooth sailing.

    There was a bomb in Atlanta, as well as all sorts of logistical problems with the new Metro system. Then there was Salt Lake City. The 2002 games wasn’t only marred by bribery scandals, but it was also hammered by the Mormons’ insistence on enforcing all of Utah’s draconian “vice” laws. An Olympics without alcohol?

    Not even the Chinese are that prudish. But then, this is ‘Murika we’re talking about. Land of the free.

  3. RB says

    What no pithy comment from ChitownKev who has to defend everything he’s privy to with the “inside track” on Chicago, gay rights in this city, and every effort in Chicago?

  4. DR says

    I’m going to say I’m glad. The Olympics have never been held in South America, and Rio ought to be a great inaugural venue. The states have had enough Olympic games, and quite frankly, we have enough on our plate right now than dealing with this.

    *glares at the President who can make time to fly to Copenhagen but continually comments on how little time he has for LGBT issues*

  5. 24play says

    DR, could you direct me to one comment from the president about “how little time he has for LGBT issues?” I’m not aware of him ever making such a statement.

  6. Chitown Kev says


    Bitch, please.

    Is that pithy enough for you?

    Like others, I’ve been secretly rooting for Rio, since an Olympics has never been held in South America

  7. Brian in Texas says

    People criticizing the President for taking time to travel to Copenhagen are silly and petty. Air Force One is an Oval Office in the sky; he has everything he needs on that plane. He also was able to meet with General Mcchystal, the commander of the Afghanistan War, since he was in nearby London; he would not have been able to meet face to face had he stayed in Washington.

  8. cd says

    Rio’s delegation much nicer looking than Madrid’s in that putrid green color, Barry shouldn’t have gone and that’s that. Lose those advisors, Barry, before you mess up and lose next election. U ain’t all that.

  9. patrick nyc says

    While I am a bit disappointed in Obama’s putting us on the back burner he was correct in going in person to try for the bid. If he had not all the trolls would be blaming him now.

    Face it, be it GOP hate, racism, or panties that are too tight. Obama could cure all diseases and they would still bitch.

  10. mike says

    Um, I don’t think Pres. Obama went over to Denmark only to lobby for Chicago. I think there were other reasons, probably some kind of covert diplomacy. At least, I HOPE Obama isn’t so stupid as to waste five hour, lots of jet fuel and give the impression he’s not on top of the various crisis America’s facing. C’mon Mr. Pres. Settle down and FOCUS! BTW, good luck with the games in Rio. I hope they do something about the crime before then.

  11. Derrick from Philly says

    That’s all we need: overwhelm Brazil with more human physical beauty than it can already handle.

    While the world flocks to Rio, please send 500,000 Brazilian men to Philadelphia….please, to alleviate the over-crowding down there, you know.

  12. says

    Derrick, as a guy who dated a Brazilian in my more agile days, I hear ya!

    Anyhoo, if Chicago didn’t win, I’m glad at least Rio got it. Olympics are coming to South America!

  13. Wes says

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that people are bitching at Obama over this. That man is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.

    People complaining about the relatively insignificant amount of “jet fuel” and “time away from domestic affairs” and whatnot are just petty and desperate.

  14. matt says

    Rio deserved to win. Chicago was fighting against the opportunity to stage the first ever South American games.

    A Chicago games would’ve been nice, but I have to admit I’m happy to see Oprah lose.

  15. Mark says

    Doesn’t anyone get it? America is now irrelevant. Thanks to George Bush we have begun an irrevocable decline in importance. The future is elsewhere on this planet.

  16. Brian in Texas says

    I guess Rio will do like China and sweep all of the problems under the rug when the spotlight is on them. EXTREME poverty and crime; one of the murder capitals of the world. The police their travel in armored vehicles and there are parts of the city that the cops wont even visit.

    I hope having the Olympics makes their city/country safer in the long run as they will surely have to beef up security.

  17. says

    Chicago is now in a class with Tokyo and Madrid. Not bad company, eh? We don’t need the IOC or their stupid doped-up bizzare bazaar, we’re already world-class.

    And for everyone heading to Rio, have fun dodging the bullets.

  18. Johnny says

    Chicago had long been seen as a front-runner and got the highest possible level of support – from President Barack Obama himself. But he only spent a few hours in the Danish capital where the vote was held and left before the result was announced. Former IOC member Kai Holm said that the brevity of his appearance may have counted against him.

    The short stopover was “too business-like,” Holm said. “It can be that some IOC members see it as a lack of respect.”

  19. brian says

    odd that the IOC wouldn’t want to come to a xenophobic, homophobic and broken down capitalist country just running on fumes of self-imposed greatness. why our political leaders can get anything done b/c they are too busy filling soundbites on whether or not the President should have taken a day trip to beg and plead for our sorry asses.

    welcome to your new home, fellow losers.

  20. Another Andy says

    Speaking of South America…I am surprised the Olympics have never been held in Argentina. Argentina has given the world a lot of great athletes. Does anyone know why this is? Is it because the economy there has been too unstable?

    Isn’t Buenos Aires safer than Rio?

  21. Another Andy says

    You know Brian – if you want to talk xenophobic and homophobic you could also pick any country in the Arab world or Jamaica or some African countries and more. As far as I recall they LEGALLY hang gay people in some of those places.

    So while the US is not perfect, some of us do think it is pretty great and would appreciate if you put a lid on it.

  22. says

    I have to say I get angry over anyone who criticizes the President for trying. An Olympics creates literally tens of thousands of jobs and builds up a city infrastructure for decades to come. There aren’t that many things that can force that kind of growth, that quickly. Plus, the home team always gets a big boost in how many medals they win… any Olympics the US hosts almost guarantees a land-slide victory by the US at the games. It was actually a shocking upset that the US were able to win the most gold medals in China (though, China won the actual medal count).

  23. says

    Let’s put the blame where the blame belongs (just like the Bush Administration always did) – on the previous administration. Presently there are internal IOC problems with the U.S. Olympic Committee, but also, Bush and the Republican’s brought about a lot of angst and disdain from foreign countries toward the U.S. during the last 8 years, and it will take some time to get the respect back. Obama can’t do in 10 months what took 8 years to destroy.

  24. Chris says

    WOW, Some of you fags are killing me with this “How much did this trip cost us?” Well Bitches it was way cheaper than the trip the last President took to China for 4 days and relaxed and patted a female volleyball player on her ass AT OUR DIME!

    Gurls get around with that Bullshit! He tried they rejected Rio wil be the next destination in 2016 and congrats to them!

    Queens stop complaining about everything Obama does. Don’t worry Mother is coming on her horse to try and save the day for the gays in 2012 in which she doesn’t believe in us getting married either. Snap out of it.

    Better luck next time Chicago and Congrats again to Rio.

  25. says

    Rio deserves the Olympics, despite its violence and slums (similar to Chicago). Rio can stage truly fabulous opening/closing ceremonies and the world should indeed celebrate both Brazil and South America.
    My only true concern is that it’s winter at that time in South America, so shouldn’t the Olympics be held in January?

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