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Sarkozy Defends Gay French Culture Minister Over Male Prostitutes

Gay French Culture Minister Frederic Mitterand's defense of Roman Polanski has now put his own past under the microscope. French politicians have called the defense an attack on the United States and at least one party has called for Mitterand's resignation.

Mitterand Mitterand, whom Sarkozy appointed as Culture Minister, in June, apparently wrote a book described as "a mixture of straight autobiography and more dreamlike reflection" in which he talks about paying boys for sex.

Says Mitterand in the book: "I got into the habit of paying for boys [even though I knew] the sordid details of this traffic...All these rituals of the market for youths, the slave market excited me enormously ... the abundance of very attractive and immediately available young boys put me in a state of desire."

French President Nicolas Sarkozy defended Mitterand through a spokesman: "French political debate sometimes takes on a pathetic form. It's excessive and quite undignified...I have not heard Frederic Mitterrand say anything against France's position of fighting sex tourism."

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  1. andy, the debate in france is not about
    "male prostitutes", but sex tourism and how the elite get away with things that ordinary people would not.

    Posted by: daftpunkydavid | Oct 8, 2009 10:00:33 AM

  2. Wonderful. I just love the French. Defending sex with possible slave trade "boys." Gives us a great name. We are our own worst enemy.

    Posted by: Joe | Oct 8, 2009 10:08:54 AM

  3. Yuk. With homos like this, who needs enemies?

    Posted by: clint | Oct 8, 2009 10:12:31 AM

  4. How is that man supposed to ever have sex without money changing hands?
    He shames the government and dishonors his nation, he should go.
    The French are fine, this man is an idiot.

    Posted by: Nonplussed | Oct 8, 2009 12:08:50 PM

  5. Glad to see the pedophiles have each others' back.

    Posted by: guttersnipe.76 | Oct 8, 2009 12:24:08 PM

  6. This guy looks just like the wierdos your mom told you not to accept candy from when you were a kid.

    Posted by: Drake | Oct 8, 2009 1:36:32 PM

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