1. jack says

    thank you, corey, for posing that question. i am prepared to stand corrected on her record, but first, it would be very enlightening to hear from alan van capelle, head of empire state pride.

    an interview with him would be another feather in your cap at any rate. i cn’t remember if he has been interviewed by TR or just quoted previously.

  2. evan says

    great interview!

    on jack’s comment – alan van capelle has been telling us that as soon as the democrats got control of the state senate, we’d get marriage. instead, the dems turned their backs on us as soon as they got the gavel.

    alan should be interviewed to explain why his political calculus was so far off. we need to hold our elected leaders – like senator gillibrand – accountable AS WELL AS those who lead from unelected posts – like van capelle.

  3. says

    Excellent and thanks for the daily brew ….. This idea of the amendment to the Civil Rights Act has swirled around but yet to engender leadership and hence traction. I attended a similar meet and greet with Representative Jackie Speier in San Francisco a couple of months ago and she mentioned that this would be an excellent route and one that she would support. Perhaps us writers can call for leadership and bring attention to this angle. Melanie Nathan writer for Oblogdeeoblogda and Lezgetreal

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