1. Jackson says

    Why can’t people leave the legal arguments to their lawyers? Even as a non-lawyer, I learned about the Constitution in 7th grade and know that it is the “Full Faith AND Credit” clause.

  2. Tony says

    This guy is really bitter the way he talks. I’m sorry you’re getting divorced, but it’s not all about you. His attitude seems really selfish to me. The reason why the LGBT groups didn’t want to get behind him is because he’s in TEXAS. I don’t blame them.

  3. Bryan says

    “Whimpering Eunuch’s Tragic Bid for Respectability Fails”

    Now show us the picture of the little Chinese girl they bought at World Imports.

    I may cry.

  4. says

    “This is not about gay marriage, this is about gay divorce,” and we know the Republicans are happy when gay people split up: it helps confirm all those stereotypes about gay relationships being fleeting. So they’re in a bind!

  5. DR says

    While I understand that the end of a marriage isn’t to be celebrated and understand that he says this isn’t about gay marriage in his mind, clearly he doesn’t understand the impact this case has on the issue whether he likes it or not.

  6. says

    I watched this as I woke up this morning and frankly, I can understand his bitterness over GLBT groups failing to support him at the onset and then jumping on and trumpeting his action. It sucks when we get divorced, I agree, however the fact he is in Texas should have been a plus not a minus for ‘the cause’.

  7. Chris says


    The whole thing scares me. Why? Because we are fighting for marriage equality and already DIVORCE?

    I know it’s our right but I don’t believe we need to be monkey see, monkey do. You want it so bad. Once you obtain it the same way you faught to get married you need to fight to make it work.

    Otherwise, Why bother at all?

    P.S Isn’t that shot of Bill Weir so gay?

  8. RBearSAT says

    Tony should I remind you that because of TEXAS (Lawrence v. Texas) sodomy laws were overturned forever and much ground has been paved because of TEXAS. Get over your anti-Texas attitude. Good things happen in this state including the possible election of a lesbian to the 4th largest city in the nation (Annise Parker).

    Maybe a little research on what’s actually happening would be in order before you make such a stupid claim.

  9. Brad says

    If this is the kind of reception the guy got from the gay and lesbian community when his case first broke he has a right to be bitter

    Just reading the comments here is enough to make anyone bitter

    Where do you people get off?

    We are gonna crucify him for asking for a civil right and then expect him to be happy with us?

    Get real community!

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