Effort to Repeal Oregon Ban on Same-Sex Marriage Kicks Off

There's movement in Oregon to repeal the state's ban on same-sex marriage, the AP reports:

Oregon "Gay rights backers kicked off a voter education campaign Monday aimed
at eventually overturning Oregon's ban on same-sex marriage….In 2004, Oregon voters passed a constitutional amendment defining marriage as being between a man and a woman. The state's largest gay rights organization, Basic Rights Oregon,
thinks next year's election would likely be too soon to take the issue
back to Oregon voters. Basic Rights officials said Monday they
want to launch a statewide 'conversation' with voters on the issue well
in advance of placing something on the ballot, in 2012 or beyond. 'The
heat of a campaign is no time to have a calm, heartfelt conversation
about why civil marriage is so important' to gays and lesbians, said
group's executive director, Jeana Frazzini."


  1. Travis says

    Today and the 2012 election will greatly effect the marriage equality movement.

    Lets hope the organizer of this effort are taking notes from Maine and reviewing the history books from prop H8 in CA.

    2012 might be a little busy if we don’t have the wind to our back. If Obama has a real fight on his hand for reelection (unlikely right now due to lack of a Republican leadership) I don’t like our chances in Oregon. You have to think the Dem vote will be anemic if it looks like an O win, and even the energized young liberal vote in CA 2008 couldn’t fight off prop 8. So unless we put in 2 years of hardwork and run a campaign that controls the message- I don’t like Oregon’s chances.

    Also, 2012 will be all about CA and killing prop 8. I expect it will be the main event and will suck up all the energy and $. I also feel that if WA state has to defend a domestic partnership law and CA can’t keep marriage equality- It seems unlikely that OR would win at the ballot box first. (who knows though a Maine win today could change the whole game…)

    I hate to be a negative nancy, but we have to start playing smart.

  2. Tyler says

    I’m glad that we’re getting to a point where we can start to talk about repealing these bans realistically.

  3. John says

    The Pacific Northwest and California have been a real disappointment on this issue and other gay related issues.

    Aside from issues of scale, WTF makes New England and Iowa march to the beat of a different drummer vis-a-vis the rest of America on this issue?

  4. says

    Hey JOHN, as of today, it looks like the West 3 states all have “everything but marriage” DP rights. Not enough, but not too shabby either. Though I’m very, very frustrated by the slow march to full marriage, I think Oregon’s approach is probably the right way to go for now. It worked to stop Measure 9.