1. says

    I saw it last night and it’s absolutely over whelming. I haven’t been as deeply affected by a gay film since Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train. Like I’m sure many others I thought Tom Ford was nothing more than a Fashionista. But this is a real film by a real filmmaker. He understands Isherwood’s novel completely. (Don Bachardy is listed as a creative consultant and he has a cameo turn as well.)

    Coming at this particular moment th film of A Single Man is a scream of rage against our “inisvibiliy” insifar as the Heterosexual Dictatorship is concerned. Colin Firth has a lock on an Oscar nomination and perhaps the prize itself.

    Do not so much as THINK of missing this.

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    Straight guy plays gay, wins Oscar. I think I’ve seen this before.

    (Actually Firth’s overdue for a nomination, so hooray for him)

  3. allan says

    i think it’s very telling that the poster for a movie whose title character is gay features a heterosexual couple. The film may be good, but once more Hollywood buries gays in the marketing.

  4. jaragon says

    The trailer seems intriguing. Hitchcockian cutting-gorgeous art direction and color-and is Joanne Moore officially the diva of modern day gay films.

  5. David B. 2 says

    I don’t know, Allan —

    With this man and woman in bed with their clothes on — it says they are talking but not having sex — not very Hollywood.

    Looks like the gay and his faghag chatting … which is probably what it is!

  6. Bading says

    IMHO, If I never see another Neutra, Lautner or Koenig case-study house done to mid-century moderne (yes, I like it with a Frenchified ‘e’) perfection with Nelson, Baughman or Wegner furniture, it’ll be too soon.

  7. SmartVac says

    >IMHO, If I never see another Neutra, Lautner
    >or Koenig case-study house done to
    >mid-century moderne (yes, I like it with a
    >Frenchified ‘e’) perfection with Nelson,
    >Baughman or Wegner furniture, it’ll be too

    Well, get ready for deja vu repeatedly because mid-century modern seems to be on the lips of almost all the HGTV designers, who I assume are only following nation-wide trends.

    Firth looks much better in that poster than in the stills I saw. If it’s airbrushing, then Ford should have filmed Firth in soft focus on closeup. Did Julianna Moore have a facelift?

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    That’s exactly what it is, David B. Firth and Moore are the stars. Hoult and Goode while teriffic aren’t above the title names yet. Moreover the climatic scene is between Mooor and Firth when she makes one las stab at nailing him, denouncing his dead love in the process. And that rips it with him.

    VERY powerful stuff.

  9. says

    “Firth looks much better in that poster than in the stills I saw.”

    The poster looks stylized and prettified, but there’s no reason for Firth to look that way in the film. He’s a man in his late 40s playing a man in his late 40s, and it’s entirely age appropriate for him to have a few rough edges. I’m just glad to see actors who look like real people and are shot that way. Am really looking forward to seeing the film.

  10. Bading says

    @ WilburinLA,

    I actually gave away a suite of Hans Wegner CH36 dining chairs with their original woven-rope seat to a friend, a mid-century modern johnny-come-lately. I am just soooo sick and tired of it.

  11. Kyle Sullivan says

    I’ll go see it if it comes to San Antonio, but this town being what it is, I’m not holding my breath. Maybe in Austin…

  12. wilbur says

    o dear god
    how can anyone take seriously
    anthing that nasty queen produces for
    our amusement?
    she tragically mean.

  13. Jack M says

    Of course the poster has to be a picture of a man and a woman. I thought Brokeback Mountain broke some ground….

  14. says

    Can’t wait to see this! Love Isherwood and Colin Firth has always been one of my paradigms of male attractiveness. He will always be my Mr. Darcy.