1. Sam says

    Tacky. I’m sorry, but that’s tacky. Gay mean always being over the top and carelessly inappropriate. I’m happy they want to get married, but without knowing what effect that would have on the vote or perceptions, it was irresponsible and ridiculous.

    Also, let my man propose to me at a damned city council meeting…not romantic at all.

  2. Island Girly says

    The religious organizations whining about their relished tax exempt status make me laugh. The Mormons pumped millions into the Prop 8 debate. The Catholics are trying to defeat equal rights in Maine. They deserve to lose that tax exempt status if they want to play in politics. Tax ’em. I’m sure the current deficit would benefit greatly from it.

  3. says

    Tacky? I don’t know. To me it just sort of brings it home that we’re talking about real people and real consequences to the law.

    And to the woman who said “no respect” — just because you show no respect for your fellow human beings, doesn’t mean they’re not making a point, and a very real one.

  4. DR says

    It wasn’t a very romantic proposal, but that wasn’t the point. The point was that, as the law stands now, they CAN’T do that. You can file all the briefs and make all the legal arguments you want, but clearly members of the panel were moved and that’s the stuff they’ll remember. So kudos for the guts, but too bad the whole thing felt a bit staged and wooden.

  5. says

    Wow, I agree with DR, that’s a first. :-) It was a great way to make the point that marriage is not some abstract concept and that the implications of this hearing have real meaning to real gay couples. We’ve criticized marriage equality ads for degaying the issue–these boys kept the gay in it. Their delivery could have used more pizzazz, but I found the awkwardness kind of endearing.

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