News: Sweden, Morrissey, Cameroon, Walmart, Kris Allen, Kenya

RoadStraight ex-spouses speak up for marriage equality: "They are federal workers and professionals, men and women who share
little except that their former spouses tried to live as heterosexuals
but at some point realized they could not."

Albino RoadBritish town mourns albino squirrel.

RoadWATCH: Morrissey storms off stage after fan hits him on head with bottle of beer.

RoadPOLL: Majority of Californians oppose putting marriage equality on the ballot in 2010. "Overall, 51% of California voters favored marriage rights for same-sex
couples and 43% were opposed.
Strikingly, however, almost 60% of Californians did not want to revisit
the issue in 2010, just one election cycle after it last hit the

RoadConservatives up in arms over gay-friendly recommendations in Fort Worth Rainbow Lounge police raid report.

RoadAsheville, NC city council to take up extending benefits to same-sex partners.

Manchester, UK closes gay village to cars in weekend experiment.

RoadWingnut Peter LaBarbera calls FBI on gay blogger Joe.My.God over reader comments he characterizes as "domestic terrorism".

RoadPopular DJs Fernando and Greg back on the air in San Francisco: "Fernando Ventura and Greg Sherrell had been the most recognizable voices on KNGY's gay-themed programming schedule since 2005. Last year they received the Fall Honors award from northern California chapter of the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association, and in 2007 they were named to OUT Magazine's Top 100 most influential people in gay culture."

RoadWATCH: Kris Allen's new music video for "Live Like We're Dying".

SingleRoadShortened, revised trailer "de-gays" Tom Ford's A Single Man?

RoadGay activist detained in Cameroon after dispute with taxi driver.

RoadCleveland City Council to get mass postcard delivery on transgender rights ordinance.

RoadMale model fix: Parker Gregory.

RoadGay couple, twin sons banned for life from Walmart over BIC lighter dispute: "'They asked if I had Bic lighters. I said, 'Yes,' and handed them
over,' Paolucci said. 'Then they asked if I had a receipt. I said,
'Yes, you're holding it.' Then this group of Wal-Mart employees started
forming around us.'
Paolucci and Hitchcock said the employees were threatening and that
one used a vulgarity. Their accusations frightened the boys, who began 'crying, screaming and freaking out,' they said."

RoadThe Guardian profiles fashion designer Henry Holland: "I think it [being gay] makes you more experimental. There's
not that whole thing of, 'I can't wear that, I'd look like a poof',
because you are a poof."

RoadMaster performance: "Tardy for the Party".

Brunne RoadSweden's Lutheran Church ordains first openly lesbian bishop: "Eva Brunne was ordained as bishop of Stockholm's diocese in a ceremony on Sunday. She
lives in a "registered partnership" with another woman, a civil union
between gays used in Sweden before same-sex marriages were legalized
this year. The couple also has a child. 'It is very positive that
our church is setting an example here and is choosing me as bishop
based on my qualifications, when they also know that they can meet
resistance elsewhere,' the 55-year-old Brunne told The Associated Press
by phone."

RoadPossible gay element investigated in murder of 55-year-old man in India.

RoadMore info on Kenya's plans to conduct "census" of gays for HIV/AIDS purposes: "Initial media reports said the project, which was announced last week,
would be a gay census — raising fears that gays could be exposed
against their will and questions about whether such a count could
possibly be accurate. But Muraguri says all information collected by
the government will be kept confidential and officials will not seek to
contact all men who have sex with men in Kenya. The government will
also seek to interview both male and female sex workers and
intravenous-drug users."


  1. Mike in Brooklyn says

    About 2 years ago, there was a pair of white squirrels living in Prospect Park near the concert shell. Alas they, and most of the other squirrels in the area, were wiped out as part of the MTA’s anti-rat program along the F train.

  2. RJP3 says

    Being handcuffed and tossed into a squad car for lighters not being scanned at a WalMart – after spending HUNDREDS.

    Children taken into custody and out of their parents sight.

    No apology from the store – instead being banned.

    I bet this news gets Walmart more Christianist shoppers.

  3. says

    Re: Gay couple, twin sons banned for life from Walmart over BIC lighter dispute –

    Lone individuals suing a corporation would cost these gentlemen millions. The best way to get WalMarts attention is to make sure this story makes all gay blogs, also media, like CNN and MSNBC, maybe Anderson Cooper and Rachael Maddow (FOX is a bust when it comes to gay rights). A gay boycott would really do nothing except to satisfy those who boycott (boycotts rarely work when it comes to large corporations). It should be noted that WalMart first opened in the “bible belt” in the state of Arkansas. This should give you a clue on what their civil rights position consists of.

  4. Yeek says

    These are terrible claims against WalMart. As with all terrible claims, I want to see some evidence (a witness, store video, something) before participating in what sounds like a very appropriate punishment.

  5. alguien says

    i grew up in san diego and back in the 70s, in presidio park, there lived a white deer. at some point, the deer was inching too close to the freeway and someone in animal control, trying to keep the deer from getting onto the road, shot her with a tranquilizer dart. the drugs were too powerful for her and she died.

    there was a funeral in the park and crying people for the white deer too.

  6. Ryan K. says

    I think I may have a clue as to why a situation developed over the lighters. For some reason, Wal-Mart views lighters as cigarette-related, so you need to be 18 in order to buy lighters. When you use a self-checkout lane and you scan an item that is age-restricted such as alcohol (or lighters), it will not ring up until a Wal-Mart employee allows the transaction. The lighters may have been scanned, but they may not have actually been added to the total sale due to the age-restriction. So it’s very possible that he didn’t actually pay for the lighters.

  7. B says


    At the self checkout registers, when a age restricted item is scanned, an employee needs to enter a code to clear it, so if an employee had not cleared it the guy wouldn’t be able to complete his purchase. Now if an employee that approached the couple noticed the 2nd lighter did not show on the receipt, then it could be the customer did swipe the product but the scanner did not pick it up.

    So, it could have been a HUGE misunderstanding blown out of proportion by one or both parties.

  8. Henry says

    Regardless of the circumstances of the situation, Wal-Mart and the Berrien County Sheriff’s Department’s handling of the situation was poor at best. And to add insult to injury, the couple are being sued for 10 times the price of the supposedly ‘shoplifted’ items. Ridiculous.

  9. Brad says

    I loathe Walmart, and refuse to sit foot in one. And situations like this are all too common unfortunately.

    Walmart acts like the big bully they are just because they can, and they will continue to do so until people get fed up and STOP shopping there!

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