Georgia High School Teacher Arrested for Putting ‘Hit’ on Student After Asking Teen if He Was Gay

Police have arrested Randolph Forde, a teacher at Mundy's Mill High School in Jonesboro, Georgia for allegedly putting a "hit" on a student after an incident in which he asked the student if he was gay, WSBTV reports:

Forde "Forde was charged after, officers said, he held up a piece of paper with the alleged victim’s name on it saying he had a hit on him. The student’s mother said her son came home frightened when he found out.' He says, ‘Ma, you’re not going to believe this but Mr. Forde offered another student money to kill me,’' said mother Marcia Killebrew.

Killebrew told Channel 2 Action News reporter Tom Jones that she was shocked when her 16-year-old son told her his substitute math teacher at Mundy’s Mill High School was trying to hire a hit man to kill him. 'I was extremely upset. I called the school at that moment,' said Killebrew.

Killebrew’s attorney said the incident began when Forde called the student out of the classroom one day. '(Forde) asked him if he was gay,' said attorney Terrance Madden.

Madden said the student became angry at the suggestion and the next day the two had a verbal altercation.

Weeks later, police said, Forde got a Mundy’s Mill student off a school bus and told him he had a hit on someone and needed him to take care of it. Officers said the student asked who it was and Forde said he would let him know. 'The teacher held a piece of paper up with the victim’s name on it,' said Otis Willis III of the Clayton County Police Department."

Mundys According to the teen's attorney, after questioning the student's sexuality, Forde "threatened to hit him in his ‘f-ing mouth." Forde reportedly also planned on paying another student to take out the "hit".

The AJC: "Forde told police he 'had no interaction with the witness or the
victim, and he never made a statement regarding the victim,' according
to the report. Forde's attorney, Borquaye Thomas, said the 16-year-old only complained after he got in trouble for another incident. 'The allegation is he made a hit on him, but that was not what was
said nor what was intended,' Thomas said. 'The student only complained
after he was getting suspended.' Forde asked the student about being gay after he saw the boy dancing
inappropriately with another male student in class, Thomas said. 'All of the students knew Mr. Forde was joking,' Thomas said. 'The
other students said Mr. Forde always plays around with them like that.'"

Forde was reportedly arrested last month, charged with making terrorist threats, and released on $10,000 bond. He is on administrative leave without pay.


  1. TANK says

    Well, he’ll surely be getting hit on a lot in prison. I’d personally like to teach him how he could hang himself with dental floss before he gets a prolapsed colon. I think it’d be funny to watch him jerk around.

  2. candideinnc says

    Do you want us to take this seriously? It sounds a little bit like a nasty high school kid trying to use a joke to squirm out of the consequences of his bad behavior. I think the school authorities should be given an opportunity to get to the bottom of this one before charging the substitute teacher with calling for a “hit” on a pupil.

  3. princely54 says

    Well if nothing else the issue is/should be: WHY is a teacher ‘playing’ with students like that?! I had a teacher in high school who used to tell racist jokes at the beginning of most classes to ‘loosen things up’….wtf?! Teachers are just people and there no guarantee that they are able to determine what is or isn’t appropriate in all cases. Sometimes its good to have other people step in and defend/protect the kids.

  4. Chris says


    candideinnc is not a fucking idiot. He has a right to an opinion just like you do.
    But what about that asshole teacher in Illinois who got a slap on the wrist for being a homophobe.
    Let the investigation process move forward then we can call him whatever he is made guilty of!

    However, there is someting fishy with both sides about this issue!

    What doesn’t come out in the wash will come out in the rinse!

  5. Jordan says

    If this is true, it’s horrifying. We’re supposed to be able to TRUST educators.

    Terrorist threats? Fine. He’s a terrorist. Throw him in Gitmo and let him rot.

  6. sparks says

    “Forde asked the student about being gay after he saw the boy dancing inappropriately with another male student in class, Thomas said. ‘All of the students knew Mr. Forde was joking,’ Thomas said. ‘The other students said Mr. Forde always plays around with them like that.'”

    Well that says it all right there. It doesn’t take much common sense for a teacher to know better than to have such discourse with students.

    And what the hell is “dancing inappropriately,” anyway? It sounds to me like he would define ANY dancing between two males as inappropriate. What’s worse is that his insinuations that anything resembling “gay” is wrong, are being made to very impressionable young people who are ALREADY subject to a great deal of peer pressure to conform. This idiot teacher is playing up stereotypes just to seem “cool” and improve his own popularity.

    I can only imagine what a nightmare it must be for gay kids in that man’s classes — constantly being made to feel even more as an outcast, and intimidated into staying in the closet, knowing by coming out they’d instantly become the butt of his jokes.

    The fact that kids arguing IN his favor have already attested to his insanely inappropriate behavior, I’m hopeful he won’t ever be allowed to teach again.

  7. Sean says

    How do these nutcases get into the schools? Here I am overqualified, desperate for a teaching job, and what am I doing? I run a cash register in a grocery store. Why? Because I’m openly gay. (yes i was told that very thing) Where is the common sense in education today? “Let’s hire a heterosexual terrorist who wants to kill gay kids instead of the fag who actually wants them to learn something.” Is about how I figure the conversation goes.

  8. Charles says

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the student is exaggerating to cover himself for something he did wrong but I get the feeling that the teacher really did exhibit homophobic and threatening behavior. Like the above poster stated, the truth will come out in the wash. In the meantime, it’s best not to jump to conclusions. At least the offending substitute teacher is not on the payroll while this is investigated.

  9. Derrick from Philly says

    Teachers who pick on students to be “popular with the kids” are unfit for the classroom, and dishonest students lack credibility.

    Thank you: PRINCE, SPARKS, and CANDIDE for your sensible analyses (yup, that’s the plural of analysis–looked it up before posting) on this case. Some other commentators obviously havent’t made their movement to the bathroom yet this morning. Do it before you leave your home, will ya’? ….releases tension, you know?

  10. says

    Sean, that’s terrible. You’re right. Where are you trying to find a teaching job? They’d never tell you something like that here in Madison, Wisconsin. There are plenty of gay and lesbian teachers here. Hell, our congressional representative is a lesbian. Get out from behind that cash register as soon as you can, and consider moving. Hang in there.

  11. Gabe R L says

    Unquestionably this teacher acted inappropriately and should be harshly punished as an example to others like him. Can you imagine the horror of gay students when the authority figures they are supposed to trust and respect are picking on them? They feel they have no place to turn. Its bad enough when these teachers ignore homophobic harassment as it is. A student’s sexual preference is none of a teacher’s business unless a student offers to tell him or her. I also suspect he was serious about the hit.

    Sean- I don’t know you but I feel for you. I can relate to you somewhat. I worked at a Target for just over two years and had a difficult experience. The first few months went well, but then people began to suspect my sexuality it began to change. I never told anyone I was gay, but that didn’t matter. People started to suspect because I didn’t have a girlfriend or socialise much. The manager of the store was a homophobe who had served in the military. He initially liked me, but started disliking me when he began to suspect. He had a habit of teasing obvious gays who worked in the store, and I found out later that part of his reason for disliking me was because he hadn’t suspected about me initially- I guess that means I can easily pass as straight. Most of my immediate co-workers avoided me and my direct supervisor was also a homophobe from the military. Eventually I quit, and am now a full-time university student again. I am considering a real-world career teaching kids or at the university level, but am not sure now. I say real-world because I’ve also worked in show business and fashion.

  12. Mark says

    “…school authorities should be given an opportunity to get to the bottom of this one before charging the substitute teacher with calling for a “hit” on a pupil.” — Candideinnc

    I see. So the same school authorities who hired this homicidal anti-Gay terrorist should be given a chance to solve this problem? Like the Geneva School Board in Illinois voted to give Geneva High School teacher David Burk a “warning” for using an anti-Gay slur in class?

    The role of Georgia “school authorities” is irrelevant if law enforcement is already involved. The mere fact a police investigation is underway betrays Forde’s culpability.

    “But what about that asshole teacher in Illinois who got a slap on the wrist for being a homophobe.” — Chris

    That’s right Chris. David Burk got a “slap on the wrist” for a slur…not attempted murder. Burk, who should have been fired, DID NOT WANT A GAY STUDENT KILLED.

    Randolph Forde is clearly a dangerous, homicidal, anti-Gay bigot who maintained his hatred of Gays over several weeks after which he contracted the murder of this Gay student.

    Sure, the Illinois teacher and Forde are both wrong. However, the difference between a slur and attempted murder is clear.

  13. Joseph says

    Sean, where do you live? You might want to check the laws in your state or community to confirm that such discrimination is legal or not.

    I’m a high school teacher and openly gay. Fortunately, I live in Dallas County, where I am protected from job discrimination by law. I feel for those teachers who aren’t protected by the law and it only reaffirms my insistence that a national anti-discrimination law be placed on the books.

  14. Thomas says

    When I saw this headline the first thing I thought was I’ll bet this teacher is black. And sure enough, he was. A lot of straight white men are homophobic, but it seems like almost every straight black man is. Granted, that’s an exaggeration, but maybe not that much of one? I guess those straight men – of whatever color – are EXTREMELY insecure about their masculinity. And insecure and hypersensitive about the way they want people to perceive them – especially people in the majority – so any gay guy around them makes them freak out. They so want white straight republican guys – who would sell them up the river in a heartbeat – to like them, and accept them – and they absolutely loathe us, even though we’re on their side, we’re Democrats, we vote for Obama, we support their civil rights – well, most of us, and certainly far more than the people they desperately want to be accepted by – I just don’t get it. Also, I feel worse for gay black men – they bear the brunt of this particular brand of homophobia. Sometimes people can be so stupid and illogical. Also, why would this grown man be so threatened by a teenage high school student? It proves he’s EXTREMELY insecure, as are all those homophobes. A real straight guy wouldn’t care. (So I guess I’m saying these homophobes aren’t all that straight, whatever race, otherwise they wouldn’t even care if there’s a gay guy around them, like most secure straight guys.)

  15. jakeinlove says

    Wow. After reading this article all I can say is, wow – people scare the f*ck out of me. Then I read Thomas’ comment and again the wow’s just keep rolling out.

    I though fighting for GLBT rights was to grant us the same equality. To bad it doesn’t make us exempt from the same ignorance.

  16. db says

    That this substitute teacher thought it was appropriate to ask the student if he was gay shows he has questionable judgement. We don’t know all the facts here but there’s something batshit going on.

  17. Phil says

    I agree with CANDIDEINNC.

    I find this story far too improbable to be true. Though I agree with everyone’s intelligent assessment that Forde is inappropriate for calling out the student as “gay” after the student was dancing with another male student, most likely with feigned sexuality (search YouTube for these videos–teen boys love this shit), I can only assume that this student was doing so in order to distract the class. The student himself, in his supposed dance, was most likely mocking the idea of homosexuality himself, and he was also being a disturbance. Forde should not have resorted to the student’s level (homophobic name calling).

    The accusation of a teacher asking a student to perform a hit on another student seems like a preposterous lie made up by the assumed victim.

    As for Forde’s previous arrest, I would like to know the details of that. Perhaps this, like the hit accusation, was brought upon by a student.

    He is innocent until proven guilty, but so many of you seem so ready to throw him under the bus without even accepting that there might be another angle to this story.

  18. Derrick from Philly says

    ” A lot of straight white men are homophobic, but it seems like almost every straight black man is.”

    Oh, THOMAS, why does it seem that way? Where do you get your news and perceptions of black men?

    You ever talk to some white guys from what’s left of rough white neighborhoods in this country? Ever ask them what their opinion of gay men are? ASk the Rapper Eminen or Queen Madonna, or some country music singer (from rough beginnings) what the guys in their old neighborhoods thought of gays.

    But it’s ok, THOMAS, I’m seeing now how widespread hatred (and fear) of black people is among white gay men…so, it’s ok, THOMAS…it’s ok.

  19. Thomas says

    Okay I put my foot in my mouth, I apologize, I shouldn’t have made the comment I made, it was unfair. It was just my perception, and it could be wrong, so I should have kept it to myself. I’m sorry.

  20. Mark says

    @ Phil

    “I find this story far too improbable to be true.”

    Yeah, cuz fags are never killed and American high schools are wonderful places that nurture and encourage Gay youth.

    “The accusation of a teacher asking a student to perform a hit on another student seems like a preposterous lie made up by the assumed victim.”

    Maybe we should just wait until Randolph Forde actually carries out one of his homicidal fantasies and kills a young Gay student? Would another murder like the decapitation killing of 19 year old Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado in Puerto Rico be satisfactory?

  21. John in Boston says

    The fact this story is truly bizarre, along with the background info, should raise red flags.

    The guy jokes around with his students? So fucking what. It breaks tension and helps bonding.

    If he really did what is claimed, he’s a freak.

    And how does he look like a serial killer? That’s a stereotype. You seriously think killers have a certain look? And mugshots are un-flattering for everybody. They are designed to make you look attractive, quite the opposite.

  22. John in Boston says

    I feel bad sometimes for dudes, regardless of their race, whatever, who have a certain stereotypical physical look that makes them suspect in the eyes of others. A dude can’t help the way he looks. Ditto girls. In my experience, some of the most violent and fucked up guys were boyish pretty boys. Guys like that get stereotyped also, which cause some to over-compensate.

  23. JIM says

    Chris: Trust educators? Are you braindead? The fact that we’ve been brainwashed to ‘trust’ educators is ALMOST as bad as trusting a politician! Look at the people(educators), Uncle Obie says are so great. Marxists, Communists, and radical Terrorists.
    It’s time you read a little bit more than the Liberal blogs!

  24. tracer says

    Kudos Phil! I’m relieved that other responsibly and logically-thinking persons asserted the similar, if not exact resultant response which I surmised upon examining the facts presented as such. Too many ambiguities are present in this report, thus far. To come to a conclusive reaction is premature … and unfair.

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