Hugo Chavez on LGBT Persecution and Marriage Equality


In an interview conducted at the Venice Film Festival in September, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is asked his thoughts on marriage equality.

Answers Chavez, in a series of questions: "I believe that... look, each country has its customs, no? At least, in Venezuela, it is not well-regarded, no? But there are societies, there are societies, there are ideas which continue to mature [EDIT] ...what I am indeed against is any persecution against anyone based on sexual orientations...Now, [as far as gay marriage]... The same as Venezuelans, as the majority of Venezuelans, those of us who don't see it as being's a state of opinion, it's a state of opinion. Which doesn't mean we are in opposition, that I am in opposition of what you might think."

Translation by Andres Duques at Blabbeando, who dug up the rare clip. Duques notes that Chavez' responses have been truncated as the interview is edited: "All in all, Chavez admits a couple of things: 1) He thinks that being gay is a 'sexual orientation' instead of being an identity; 2) Interestingly, he thinks that marriage equality is a symbol of a 'mature' society and yet he sides with the Venezuelan population that believes marriage equality is wrong, and; 3) He says that he is against persecution against anyone based on sexual orientation."