Maine ‘Yes on 1′ Spokesman Don Mendell Wants Complaint Dropped


Donald Mendell, a school guidance counselor who helped pass Question 1 in Maine by appearing in an ad that used scare tactics to frighten voters that homosexuality would be taught in schools, wants a complaint against his participation dropped, the Kennebec Journal reports:

"The complaint was filed Oct. 19 by Ann Sullivan, a social worker at Newport Elementary School. She argues that Mendell, a Nokomis High School guidance counselor, 'does not have the right as a licensed social worker to make public comments that can endanger or promote discrimination.'

Public disclosure of the complaint came just a week before the Nov. 3 election, in which voters approved — with 53 percent of the vote — a repeal of a same-sex marriage law enacted by the Legislature.

In a written response sent Friday to the licensing office, Mendell calls Sullivan's complaint 'frivolous' and 'nothing more than an attack by someone who disagrees with the viewpoint I advocated publicly in a statewide political campaign.' He asks the board to summarily dismiss the complaint because its allegations are 'baseless.""

Wrote Mendell: "I cannot be in violation of the ethical standards for social workers when I advocate in favor of the very public policy the state of Maine has on marriage, and has had since its first days in the Union. This board should have no part of this politically-motivated effort to misuse the Code of Ethics to demonize a fellow social worker holding a different view."

Mendell has a history of opposing gays in Maine. He's being represented by the Alliance Defense Fund.


  1. John in Houston says

    “I cannot be in violation of the ethical standards for social workers when I advocate in favor of the very public policy the state of Maine has on marriage, and has had since its first days in the Union.”

    But he was advocating against a policy that was on the books. If the length of time since a policy’s inception, regardless of whether or not it has changed, is the deciding factor, what are his stances on blacks and native americans marrying whites? Maine passed a law banning that practice, in support of public policy on that in 1821. Yes, it was repealed 63 years later, but the change in public opinion, by his own admission, has nothing to do with the ethics of supporting the older stance. Where’s his outcry and advocacy toward miscegenation? Or is hypocrisy another one of those things he can’t be taken to task for in front of the ethics board?

  2. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    In my state, he’s already be in-line for quickly being fired. Public employees are not permitted to be involved in politics and election activity…similar of the Federal employees’ Hatch Act restrictions.

  3. RDM says

    I hope the plaintiffs make use of data showing the correlation between anti-gay campaigns and the rise in anti-gay hatecrimes. That would show how he is endangering gays and lesbians.

  4. says

    Actually, it looks like he’s well within his rights according to the Hatch Act.

    There’s no way the First Amendment would permit a blanket prohibition of all political activity by a public employee.

    The problem seems to be that he’s in violation of policies set by his professional organization, the National Association of Social Workers.

  5. downeaster says

    I believe he was speaking about having a mother and a father as the best family for a child, and not pushing homosexual talk on elementary school age kids (note book in ad aimed at that age group)who are not able to grasp this idea at that age. why must your lifestyle be forced on young children, they should be allowed to be children first and leave the politics out of it. If you knew this man, you would know he is sought after by the majority of kids (including gay) for counseling sessions, more so than the “politically correct” counselors. People who post hateful posts that don’t know this man or his work should be ashamed.

  6. TANK says

    You fuckin’ douche, downeaster. By extension, kids shouldn’t be learning about mommy and daddy at that age, either. The next one who kisses in front of their kids, is molesting kids. Most of you fuckin’ pedophiles (98%) are heterosexual, anyway. This asshole’s as dirty as they come (nice image, huh?…well, he’s already extremely ugly), and I hope he gets censured.

  7. TANK says

    And another thing–boycott maine! SPend your money in massachussetts (the people are way prettier, there’s more money, and the the beaches are just as nice if not nicer).

  8. TANK says

    And more to the point, downeaster, there was ZERO THREAT that any child would be taught about same sex marriage or relationships. ZERO threat according the attorney general and governor. I guess you know more about maine state law, detritus…than the attorney general of the state! FUCK YOU! BOYCOTT MAINE!