1. androjai says

    The nerve of that F**king woman!!! Go home ot your tony Virginia suburb and your loveless marriage and keep your nose out of other people’s lives ya fat hog!

  2. Tralfaz says

    She probably was hoping someone would have slapped her so she could use it for her own fucking agenda.

  3. Gridlock says

    Who let Carnie Wilson in?

    Look, honey, just because your poon is all dried up and nobody wants it (or your albums) doesn’t mean you go around pissing everybody else off and eating small children.

    Aight? Seriously. Also, Charlie called from the chocolate factory and wants his fucking wig back, you teefing bitch.

  4. Beef and Fur says

    No wonder she was on the dias during the Maine debates and described her own marriage as less than the “glowing description” of the lesbian couple also present.

    No wonder, Marge! You’re hanging out in Dupont Circle at night when you should be at home reading the Bible with your man and chillens.

    Please, SOMEONE dig up the dirt on this bitch and her family. Seriously, you can’t be married to that and not have the need to visit a glory hole on a regular basis!

    Anybody know what VA suburb she lives in?

  5. patrick nyc says

    ANDY, to all the trolls who bitch about your ‘fluff’ or posting male eye candy, this should shut them up. As well as informing us about the taxi cab bigot, bigot Bishop Harry Jackson, and yes, even that c^nt Carrie slut.

    It’s great to see DC’s Michael Crawford, that is a proud gay leader, not the shit we get from Solmonese or Barney fraud Frank.

  6. Amaezm says

    I just want to crawl inside one of her jowels and stay warm for the gets chilly here in minnesota..

  7. Bruno says

    Poor Magda’s job requirement seems to force her to be around LGBT people all the time! Must be difficult not to think about all the hot lesbians around her while taking away their rights.

  8. Gregus says

    To look at the positive for a second. I am glad to see a really broad group of people speaking in these videos. I see a representation of younger, older, black and white, male and female. To the ‘outside’ straight world, ‘gay’ simply means wealthy white male. If we want progress we need to show that we’re more than that. If we want progress we need all groups of society to understand us and meet us.

  9. JeffRob says

    Wow, Maggie Gallagher sitting on the bench in Dupont Circle. Bitch has balls, I’ll give her that.

  10. CPT_Doom says

    I was there and I can tell you that we were extremely pleasant, at least as much as I saw, to Ms. Ghallager. The idea that she decided to revel in our anger and sadness only serves to prove what a morally bankrupt human being she really is.

  11. KK Bloom says

    CPT_DOOM is right, she was there to gloat (as she does in her printed columns every time her hate Org “wins” another election). She is truly vile throwing her smug face in the middle of a rally FOR the very equality she fights against. I’m glad nobody there gave her the satisfaction of a fight so she could once again play victim.

  12. castaway says

    Maybe she has a sex tape out there. Oh wait… ugh, no, just yuck. Carries visual (with her magic fingers) was enough. Probably Maggie’s would involve her claws or hooves. Hee Hawwwwwwww!

  13. Matt says

    Maggie Gallagher is very misguided. I pity her for her crusade of hate–it reveals that inside she is probably a very miserable person.

  14. Beef and Fur says

    Here’s what Maggie had to say about us:



    On Election Day this past Tuesday, the people of Maine voted to repeal gay marriage, 53 percent to 47 percent.
    Gay-marriage advocates are bitterly disappointed. They spent three years building an organization to push gay marriage in Maine. They had every major newspaper and most other media on their side, as well as the political establishment — the governor, the attorney general, the head of the schools. They were awash in money, out-fundraising pro-marriage advocates by more than 50 percent. (Full disclosure: The National Organization for Marriage contributed $1.8 million to the Yes on One campaign — or more than half the campaign budget.)

    Gay-marriage advocates in Maine had the benefit of learning from California. They ran the kind of campaign critics claim would have won Proposition 8: No on One ads featured happy gay families, and rebuttal ads to Yes on One claims came quickly. There are not very many Mormons in Maine, or black people, either, so they cannot blame this loss on either minority group. Maine is a deep blue state, socially liberal and relatively secular, and close to Massachusetts, where people have presumably learned “the sky doesn’t fall” after gay marriage becomes law.

    And yet people in Maine in a free and fair election decisively rejected gay marriage by an even bigger margin than in California.

    Here’s the first thing this victory means: The $4 million spent to pass gay marriage in Maine was wasted. Even Americans in liberal states do not believe that two guys pledged to a gay union are a marriage. Politicians can pass a bill saying a chicken is a duck and that doesn’t make it true. Truth matters.

    Americans have a great deal of goodwill toward gay people as friends, neighbors and fellow citizens. Most of us do not want to hurt them or hate them or interfere with anyone’s legitimate rights to live as they choose. But we do not believe gay marriage is a civil right; we think it is a civil wrong. And we do not appreciate the increasingly intense efforts to punish people who disagree with gay marriage as if we were racists, bigots, discriminators or haters.
    Case in point: Don Mendell, a school guidance counselor at Nokomis Regional High School in Maine, now faces ethics complaints for his decision to appear in a TV ad for the Yes on One campaign in the closing days of the contest. If substantiated, the ethics complaint could lead the government to yank his license as a social worker and, therefore, threaten his livelihood. What kind of movement spurs people to act like this? Meanwhile, a teacher of the year who campaigned for gay marriage faces no such threat to her livelihood. Is gay marriage really about love and tolerance for all?

    The people of Maine are certainly entitled to wonder.

    Over in New York, the collapse of Dede Scozzafava is another big story. Scozzafava was handpicked to become the first openly pro-gay marriage Republican in a district where the vast majority of Republicans and independents (and even a big chunk of Democrats) oppose gay marriage.

    A National Organization of marriage poll of likely voters in New York’s 23rd Congressional District revealed that fully 50 percent of her opponent’s supporters said that Scozzafava’s vote for gay marriage was a factor in their decision not to support her.

    NOM spent more than $100,000 sending 160,000 pieces of mail to voters who oppose gay marriage, and it also made more than 250,000 automated and live calls to make sure these voters knew that Scozzafava voted for gay marriage. Executive director Brian Brown has his own take on what happened in the 23rd district:

    “This should be a wake-up call to GOP politicians who think they can play clever insider games and cut special deals on the marriage issue: It’s not going to work. The voters are not on your side.”


    (Maggie Gallagher is president of the National Organization for Marriage and has been a syndicated columnist for 14 years.)

  15. Ishaq says

    Great disguise Maggie. I can barely see you behind those Dr. Dolittle specs. I just don’t understand how one human being can act on blind malevolence. We’re not stripping her of her rights. I’m not walking behind her in the frozen foods section with a gun telling her to put down the Haagen Dazs pint because I believe she’s obese so why is she so concerned about who I marry? She needs to get a life.

  16. Jason21TX says

    Magggie is part of the church of hate, from Rome.

    These are the people who gave the world the hatred of Jesus own people the Jews. Which the catholic Hitler leveraged into power. And 50 million died for their crimes, while the church was silent. And then issued passports helping many of hitler’s henchmen escape to argentina.

    And they gave the Muslims the crusades. Estimates are 50 million died. NO wonder that community hates us. Like the Jews, they will never forget.

    And this was all done in the Name of Jesus

    The catholic church is still every bit the abortion of humanity it has been in the past. All they want is control and power. And they will spiritually murder, if not physically, anybody where that murder serves their purpose.

    they are masters at double speak and brainwashing and hypnotizing people. Via their threats of hell, ranting about sins, and promising salvation from the one thing that most all people fear – the end of their existance.

    It is like a life insurance policy that doesn’t pay off, but you can’t prove it. In the secular world they would be shut down and tossed in jail with Bernie Maddoff.

    But where they really belong is in a hell populated by the likes of Hitler, stalin, Mao, Saddam. For they are little different, except now instead of bombs and guns, they use words and fear and hatred to continue their sick existance.

    Burn, maggie, burn. Maybe the Islamics would have some use for you. And your pope who grew up in Nazi germany as well.

    And if any of you still belong to this sick piece of sh!t called the catholic church, shame on you. Find your balls, or borrow some if you are F. And get out of there. You’ll feel a lot better, while contributing to the demise of the monster of the western world for the past 1500+ years.

    BTW – I come from a large catholic family, with about 43 cousins, etc. And all but a couple have renounced the church, others are proudly demanding our excommunication. YOu can too. Be a part of history.

  17. oliver alexander says

    To be perfectly frank, I find most of these comments and embarrassment. Insulting the way this woman looks and calling her names is not going to do anything for our cause.
    Additionally, it’s also a shame that most of the people speaking on these three videos are not good public speakers. Constantly saying “Um” and “Pissed-off” is not doing anything to educate anyone nor is it helping our cause or sending any sort of a positive message.
    What I get from this entire posting is that Maggie Gallagher is a smart woman. She showed up to see first-hand what the comptetion was up to and hear first hand what is being said, so that she can counter attack the words and statements that she heard. This is exactly what WE should be doing.
    I’ve been thinking for the longest time that what WE need is a National Spokesperson. Someone who is intelligent and can speak well in public. At one time we had that in David Mixner. From what I just witnessed on these videos we are in dire need of this now.