1. Q says

    “somehow somebody at the white house decided after they looked at their i.d. it was alright for them to go in.”

    The “i.d.” they looked at was their color. If a Black person or anyone who even looked slightly Middle Eastern had walked up, there would have been no story to report.

  2. R says

    Give me a break, Q. If they were well dressed for the occasion, they would have gotten in too. Especially if the lady were also dressed “in a striking red and gold lehenga”.

  3. RJP3 says

    The reality is these are fame whores who seriously over reached here – they should be scorned and shamed — but being corrupt America they will be glorified by interviews for ratings for advertising dollars.

    My hope is they are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and are at a minimum fined.

  4. patrick nyc says

    Campbell Brown:”I don’t want to be an alarmist..” I can hear Jon Stewart’s writers now. “Go ooooonn”.

    How these two got in is going to cost someone a job, usually some poor low level idiot. It’s hard to believe that they were not arrested on the spot. Just for being on a reality show should be a felony.

    I can’t wait to hear what the brain children at Fox come up with.

  5. Ricco Blaine says

    A possible felony they say . . . for lying about being on the guest list. I understand that. What I do not understand is a government that always prosecutes the lies of two average citizens, but overlooks the lies of a president of the United States.

    Let’s see,these two people lie anout being on the guest list . . . what were the potential ramifications of that lie, what the actual repercussions of that lie?

    George Bush as the president of the United States tells a lie to justify an untoward act of aggression against the Iraqi people . . . what were the actual repercussions of that lie . . . the continued repercussions of that lie? Hundreds of thousands Iraqi citizens dead, thousands of Americans.

    We live in a country where a company can be too big to fail, where a person can be too big to be prosecuted when the reverse should be true.

    To him that is given much, much more should be required. George Bush and his administration should have been tried for so much more than a felony.

  6. Jeff in NC says

    She’s a wannabe “real housewife” and they are getting just what they wanted with all of these stories being offered about them: FREE PUBLICITY.

    We have as much reality TV as we do these days because it is cheaper to produce than scripted television.

    I believe CHEAP is the operative word.

  7. says

    They will be glorified for as long as the brainless masses continue to watch any of the execrable “Real Housewives Of [insert destination here]”, truly the most heinous TV serials on at the moment. Any bets as to how soon the Washington version exploits these two fame whores?

  8. patrick nyc says

    ‘Let’s see,these two people lie anout (sic) being on the guest list . . . what were the potential ramifications of that lie, what the actual repercussions of that lie?’ RICCO BLAINE
    While I believe Bush, Cheney and all the neocons should be prosecuted, that does not take away from these two publicity whores.

    The ramifications are that two people breached the secret service, which is a felony, and although they passed the metal detectors, it would be easy enough to sneak in poison or use a knife at a dinner table to assault anyone there.

    Lets hope they are in jail soon and not on Bravo. I for one just told them so.

  9. Ricco Blaine says

    Yes, Patrick NYC . . . I can totally see how a breach of security pales in comparison to the betrayal of the confidence and trust of an entire nation of American citizens and the death of hundreds of thousands of people.

  10. TANK says

    THESE are the douchebags who should be waterboarded! And that guy on bravo andy cohen, too…to spare us from his unwatchable show that makes even the gayest amongst us want to gay bash.

    Seriously, this will embolden wackos with motives that aren’t as harmless as publicity. They too might want publicity and to be near the president. They should be punished to set an example.

  11. patrick nyc says

    RICCO BLAINE it is clear that you are right and I’m wrong. That these two publicity whores did break the law, as I pointed out it is a felony. They showed a weakness in our security. One has nothing to do with the other.

    This breach has nothing to do with what crimes Bush committed, and if you did not read my post, I agreed with you that he did. That has nothing to do with what happened this week at the White House.

    The fact is the congress and Obama did not want to go after Bush and his corrupt White House. This to me is just one more disappointment with the Democrats in power now. But you can not get over the fact that Bush is going to get away with it, that sir is your problem, not mine.

  12. Joel says

    With all the death threats that President Obama has received as the first African American President it boggles my mind seeing that these two losers got into the party. One person shouldn’t lose his/her job. Many people should. How hard is it to look up a person’s name on a list and verify if they were actually invited. I worked at MTV for years and it was near impossible to get into their holiday party even as an employee. Maybe the White House needs to hire some ext MTVers for event planning.

  13. Ricco Blaine says

    Patrick NYC, I read your post, but it is not clear that I am wrong and you right. I think we both agree that what this couple did was wrong, and should be prosecuted also that what the Bush administration did was wrong.

    I could get over that Bush is going to get away with his crimes, just as I can get over that the police also get away with committing crimes because they are police . . orr I could make it my problem, the rampan and gross inequities in our country, keep speaking out, reminding people of these inequities, and maybe, just maybe people will be as outraged and work toward change.

    I was only saying that a felony does not compare to crimes against humanity. I do hope that this couple is prosecuted . . . just to get on the same page with you.

  14. Paul R says

    @Derek: in 99 percent of cases I would agree with you, but at a state dinner for the Indian PM that might not be the case. No I am NOT saying that black or Middle Eastern people look even vaguely Indian…but to the people staffing security, they might.

    Which is why we need bigger government! We need the top officials staffing the security lines! No more lower-level intern minions or military personnel on loan!

    My point, if I had one, is that any elegantly dressed attractive couple who knew what to say and was persistent probably could have made it in. Imagine if it had been an invited Indian or African-American couple and they were turned away. It would be a much bigger story.

  15. Rodney Wollam says

    I’m with Tank. What if one of them had malice in their heart? What if the man were strong enough to just reach out and snap the VP’s neck?

    This is outrageous. I can’t believe Al-Queda, who spends 24/7/365 thinking of ways to kill the President, couldn’t think of this themselves. I’m sure they are now.

  16. says

    @Paul, ur right it would have been a bigger story that way. Let me relate a story:

    Years ago , I got hired at Barneys and during our training session, the white female head of security said,” I will fire anyone I think is following around Black male hip hoppers while white women are in the store. While you’re spying on them, white women are robbing us blind. Black males know they’re being scrutinized, they rarely attempt anything in Beverly Hills because they already know they are suspects the moment they walk in.”

    My point is that, much like Tim McVeigh, that white couple could have been a couple of assasins, one of them in a stunning red dress.

    The high standards of security for the POTUS MUST be applied equally to all.

    Do you realize how many Muslim extremists or ultra racists could pass for nice , normal white people? If Obama had been killed, we would be writing on our laptops with the smell of smoke and the death of America in our nostrils right now.

  17. Rowan says


    Listen to the Towleroad commenters! These guys don’t see colour or race at all!!

    Seriously, these guys don’t know what racism is.

    So like yeah. The thought that a bouncer to a lily white event with a president they think is a n*gga anti-christ and with only 3% of ethnics in govt, would EVAH be racist??

    Yeah Please.

    The world sees no colour. America see’s no colour. Blacks are seen as rich and entrepreneurial. There is no such things as ghettos and please, don’t believe the hype.

  18. TANK says

    The racial soap boxin’ is a distraction to the real issue here. These people exposed lapses and blindspots in white house security. However, they’ve also invited a threat to the white house that impacts not just the president, but all whitehouse staff and personnel. Their punishment should be proportional to that threat, and its potential. In other words, don’t pass go, and don’t collect $200.00.

  19. Q says

    Rowan, I ain’t payin’ these fools no mind. The damn truth hurts. If these assholes were not on the list, then why would they be waved through such a high security detail…with SEVERAL checkpoints? And “R,” this wasn’t a gotdamn prom! If you really think that anyone with a “striking red dress” could have pulled this off, then you are beyond naive. Bottom line, they looked “right” and were waved through. And their clothes had little, if anything to do with it.

    I seriously hope that heads will roll and that these two clowns get full jail time.

  20. Rowan says

    Q it’s shocking but I’ve being in so many situations on the phone when buying something or trying to rent and because I speak a certain way, they don’t even think I’m anything but white and so they’ve said stuff like ‘well, we got rid of the blacks because they were bringing the price down but don’t worry about that…..’

    Sigh. But good! People are so dumb. Because I sound a certain way….

    @ TANK


    The stupidity because these people LOOKED like that??

    What if they were black? Or they looked iranian? Or mexican? Or…not so showy and white/blonde?

    Yeah. They would’ve been all over the place. Strangers. But when you look a certain way and act a certain way..

    I mean dudes-did ya’ll not learn anything from the Bernie Maddoff situation?? Why did everyone believe him?

    Why do we believe who we do?

    Preconceptions…judgements…they make the worled go round and is why Bush’s ‘axis of evil’ made Cheney and Rumsfeld so rich.

    The enemy.

    THEM against US.

  21. says

    Sorry, but , Tank the subject is race. Sorry, but, two assasins could have gotten through because of the way they looked.

    They “looked” like rich WHITE people.

    You know, it’s weird, the only people who say they “don’t see race” are white men.

    Gay men, like Black homphobes, should really know better than to be bigots, but, sadly no.

  22. TANK says

    I don’t see race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or anything else. I’m like stephen colbert.

    Look, derek, if you wanna spin it that way, go right ahead. Their race may have played a role, but that’s not what I care about. I care about the fact that they got close to the potus. The fact is that you can’t prove that if they looked like a well heeled black couple (and frankly, they’re both ugly IMO –not well heeled. He in particular looks unhealthy, and she washed out plain jane) they wouldn’t have gotten through. I’m not going to dispute that they wouldn’t have, but I just don’t care about that. It’s not the issue.

  23. Wheezy says

    Is it just me, or is the Secret Service not really taking President and Mrs Obama’s safety all that seriously? Death threats against the president are up over 400% since Bush was in office. I sincerely doubt the Secret Service would let this little bloomer happen if the Bushes were still in the White House.

  24. Tell it like it is says

    I can’t believe people are turning this into race. We have a black President and first Lady and STILL people are ranting about race.

    How do you know if they were a well dressed black couple they wouldn’t have gotten in? You can’t prove that.

    What we have here is a case of two PR hungry nitwits.

    Stop turning it into something it is not.

    You are all obsessed – even with a black Prez you are still angry.

    It is always, always “If that had been a black person wah, wah, wah…”

  25. John says


    I know what you mean.

    We’re all seen this little show before.

    When confronted with the issue of race, white men always, always, always say they’re “colorblind” and “non-racial.” If only they would stop talking right then, the conversation might end amicably.

    But they just love hearing the sound of their own voice.

    So, they invariably launch into a tirade about how blacks are criminals, arabs are insane, asians are cowards, and so forth, Afterwards, they love to proclaim that white people aren’t tribal. And, of course, they’ll conclude with some masturbatory ode to how their beloved Western Civilization came along to save our sorry butts from savagery and cannibalism.

    It is like watching a train wreck.

  26. Tony X says

    BTW I totally admit to seeing race — think some black men are amazingly hot — when I check em out in the Food Court sometimes you can tell they are thinking that I am a racist questioning why a black man is in a White Majority mall.

    That makes me sad for them and me.

    And if I see a black man coming down a dark street when I am walking alone — you know I have some thoughts for my security.

    So honest enough for you ?

    But race is not the major concern of this situation — but should be addressed – when the security detail is retrained over this lapse.

    The fact is these were rich people well know in Virginia’s “horsey set” – they may have been known to other guests…. and knew how to present themself.

    THAT breach of privilage is the breach that needs to be closed.

  27. patrick nyc says

    I was blessed that in my upbringing that race was not an issue, very rare for an Irish Catholic family in Queens, where ni@@er was very commonly used.

    Despite having a black school mate steal my wallet, and a black trick do the same years later, I do not blame it on race. Nor did I or any of my family or friends, when Colin Ferguson shot my brother five times on the LIRR in ’93. He was a sick soul, his race had nothing to do with it.

    I remember seeing Jesse Jackson say that when he was walking in DC late at night, if he heard footsteps and the people were white, he did not worry, if they were black, he would. Is he a racist?

    We all have connectors built into us from our teachers and our life experiences. How we chose to use them is our choice. One of my ex-lovers was from India, many thought he was black. I can’t count the number of times I witnessed him be judged by the color of his skin, no clearer when cabs passed him by, only to stop when I raised my hand.

    We will do this world good by admitting that their is bigotry and doing our best to address it bit by bit.

  28. GaryJ says

    I feel so much safer knowing that the national security mechanism has such a crack team watching the most powerful man in the world.

    What’s next, Osama Bin Ladden in a tux showing up for brunch?

    Then again, the likes that Obama has been associating with and bowing to, maybe security has no idea who to look out for?

  29. patrick nyc says

    I just got the contact info for the White House Secret service. The woman sounded very polite, I can tell she’s getting a lot of calls.

    Public Affairs
    U.S. Secret Service
    Office of Government and Public Affairs
    245 Murray Drive,
    Building 410,
    Washington, DC 20223

  30. anon says

    Well, the basic charge would be trespassing, but that isn’t too exciting. When the charge isn’t obvious then we enter the fun realm of prosecutorial fishing expeditions. You might recall the Clintons were targeted this way. This should all just go quietly away.

  31. says

    This action by the couple shows absolute disrespect for the Office of the President, disrepect for the prime minister of India, and gave a finger to all elected officials and others who were invited to the event.

    These publicity whores should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law to discourage any such behavior; this was not a ‘celebrity studded’ event to be crashed for 15 minutes of fame – it was an official diplomatic event with delicate nuances on the world stage and should be treated as such.

    Typical trailer-trash American behavior – me, me, me, me, ME!!!!!

    AS for Q – go on gurl!!! You hit the nail on the head. Even though there’s a black man in the office there is still racism in the Secret Service and White House staff, the armed forces, etc when it comes to security profiling.

    The trogladites on this blog are too busy burning their white skin with tanning oil while fanning their fat sweaty bodies to see otherwise.


  32. dee johnson says

    Clearly they “knew” they were not invited.

    “Wait, your name isn’t on our guest list.”
    “Is that right, well, there must be a mistake.”

    The crime was committed in that capsule of time. Law is concerned with the “capsule of time” the crime takes place. Your opinions only serve to cloud the facts. Nothing but the facts, Mam.

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