1. MMDD says

    I’m so glad this bullshit double standard is finally being brought to light. I’m not a fan of Adam’s in particular, but he’s moved up a notch in my book for drawing attention to the blatant hypocrisy.

  2. Zeke says

    And there you have it folks. It’s OK to show a same-sex kiss as long as it’s presented in the context of being “upsetting”. In other words, as long as it is presented as demonstration of something that’s supposed to be disturbing or disgusting then it’s perfectly acceptable to show it on primetime TV. But heaven forbid that it’s done in the context of being sexy or a normal display of sensuality, as it is with hetero kisses, THAT is unacceptable.

    Maybe GLAAD will step back up to the plate again to tell us how wonderful ABC is and why their latest insult to the gay community should be viewed as a great step forward in gay visibility and acceptance.

  3. neruda says

    I am glad that he highlighted the double standard at first but I am really disappointed that he caved in such a major way. On Ellen and then again on the view he backtracks, makes excuses, and generally is contrite. He all but apologizes.

    I don’t imagine Madonna or Lady Gaga offering up excuses like “i was caught up” and “i didn’t mean to disrespect or offend.” They would have stood by their expressions and stood firm on the double standard and hypocrisy. He would have been a rocker not a publicists’ puppet. You have talent and you have a stage, you don’t need to kiss up.

  4. says

    As I stated in Towleroad Guide to the Tube #581:

    According to ABC:

    “The network has a solid record of showing gay men and women in primetime which is why GLAAD has given ABC top honors for the positive portrayal of gays and lesbians for the past several years.”

    TRANSLATION: It’s OK for straight actors or actresses to be gay in a role but when it comes to the real thing, tolerance be damned.

  5. says

    Adam is not particularly contrite, Neruda. Barbara asks, Do you regret doing it? And Adam says, No, no regrets. Later he says, Yes, I’m a homosexual. Deal with it. Is he kissing up a little? Sure, he’s a smart guy and is careful how he’s playing his cards, but he’s hardly caving. Caving is someone who stays in the closet and takes no risks.

    As far as the double-standard goes, I thought it was telling that ABC showed Lady Gaga bloody and hanging–that’s not offensive but Adam’s performance wasn’t suitable for replay? But at least they were both on, and they’re both good role models for the little freaks and gay kids out there. I love that an 80 year old woman was highlighting 2 proud queers.

  6. BGrey says

    Also, the “context of things that upset her father” is a bit murky, particularly when interspersed with other images of the often-pantsless Gaga. It’s just assumed that her kissing a woman is one of the things that might upset him, but no one’s talked to the man. Even according to the show, she and her father have since reconciled, but these clips were presented as a series of things that would upset ANY father. That’s the crux of the matter for me. I’m as offended by the way they decided to include this in the show as I am offended by the exclusion of Lambert’s innocuous kiss.

    NB – I am not against pantslessness in any way.

  7. Chuckjones says

    Excuse, me, ABC, but when did Lady Gaga (love her) say that her father was upset that she likes women? She’s on record saying he was upset when he came to a bar where she was performing in her skimpy underwear. You put in the women kissing (nice scene at that) to titillate your ratings. What hypocrisy.

  8. Persa says

    In fairness:

    Brothers and Sisters, Modern Family, Ugly Betty, One Life To Life all have 1 if not 2 out gay actors portraying gay characters. There may be other shows with actors/character of which I’m not aware.

    Better Off Ted has an out gay and out lesbian actor, each portraying a straight character.

    The View also had Rosie O’Donnell who though polarizing could not have been more out or more outspoken.

    I’m not defending ABC’s response regarding Adam Lambert at all. They should be completely taken to task for their actions.

    In every instance I’ve seen, Barbara Walters has actually complained that she isn’t being allowed to show the images of Adam kissing Tommy. On her show, in a special video with her producer and in an interview on David Letterman and on The View

    I don’t know if Barbara Walters is lying or being misleading but she SEEMS to not actually support the fact that she isn’t being allowed to show the shots of Adam.
    I don’t live in her head so I can’t say if she’s being honest.

    But I do think it’s important to give some props to the out gay actors and actresses on network television because everyone keeps saying it can’t be done (and obviously there are real difficulties with being an out gay actor in the US) but there are men and women who are out and some of them actually portray gay characters as well.

  9. Dupont says

    I’m proud of Adam. ABC clearly wants him to apologize but I am glad he is standing his ground. He has explained until he is blue in the face how it happened and why. He says straight up I’m not a babysitter and I think anyone talking about the kids is a hoser. Do you think they will start talking about his music now?

  10. Matt says

    this is bullshit, huge double standard. People aren’t threatened by female sexuality because it’s been subjugated for so long. Two men however, well that could shake the foundations of society and blah blah blah- whats wrong with that, is this society so perfect? And where’s GLAAD in all of this? Oh yeah, in some donor circle jerk….

  11. Gry says

    It’s crass, but Lezsploitation is marketable and titillating, while male-on-male eroticism is just treated as monstrous and shocking.

  12. J Jinx says

    Okay… This is a little ridiculous… I’m all about standing up for being gay and blah blah blah. But come on, I believe there was a little more to Adam Lambert’s performance on the AMA’s that got him into a little hot water, than a little male-on-male kiss… Yes there is a double standard, but not every action that ABC takes to avoid the FCC should be used to portray them as not being gay friendly, give me a break. Maybe, it’s because I’m not a Lambert fan

  13. steve says

    yeah it’s sucks & all

    just wondering why someone like, oh say, Dan Choi isn’t on Walters’ list of most fascinating people of the year

    for all of his “radical” behavior, Lambert is actually the safe choice for the mass media to turn the spotlight on

    why? someone Choi is an issue-direct person, pursuing a very specific federal issue

    such things are a greater threat to the status quo than someone like Lambert

    we can argue about kissing & face in crotch rubbing till eternity & get ourselves worked into a frenzy, but none of it is relevant to the immediate, pertinent federal issues our community is facing

    I’m happy Lambert is out there doing his thing, but I always have a sinking feeling that the mass media is picking & choosing the bones we are supposed to be chasing

    just sayin’

  14. TCW says

    Adam’s public statements on gay matters *are* pretty spineless. Consider his reply to a question about Eminem’s description of Adam as a “fake-it”: Adam says, “Well, you know, he used a word that’s not necessarily very nice, but I’m sure he’s got some sort of justification for it.”

  15. jason says

    I was talking about the bisexual double standard years ago. Yet I got pilloried by members of the gay community for being paranoid. Now, I’m being proven right.

    There’s a wing of liberalism that says girl-girl is hot and guy-guy is gross. Only now are we realizing the disgusting homophobia that is at the heart of this double standard.

    Barbara Walters is an ugly human being inside and out, and a great big hypocrite.

  16. adam says

    Note how, after the American Music Awards, The View showed a clip of Britney kissing Madonna but only discussed Adam Lambert’s kiss with a man. No man-man kiss was shown. The excuse given by The View’s spokesperson was that the Britney/Madonna was well known.

    Now they’ve done another segment and again shown a female-female kiss (involving the seemingly fake bi Lady Ga Ga) but neglected to show Adam’s man-man one. Another excuse has been forthcoming from The View’s spokesperson, this being that the Ga Ga kiss was shown in the context of it “hurting her father”. Yeah, right.

    The View belongs in the toilet bowl of television, along with Barbara, Sheree and Joy.

  17. Jack says

    If you hate to belabor the point, then DON’T. Clearly you don’t hate to, because you keep on doing it. I for one, am sick of hearing about it. If you’re going to report about it, fine. But don’t pretend to be as sick of it as some of us are, because if you were, you just wouldn’t post it.

  18. Charels Roland says

    Although I think that Lambert’s onstage antics with another male were much more suggestive that GaGa’s (a head forced into a dance partner’s crotch can be more offensive than a kiss) it still shows the hypocrisy of these networks. Bill O’Reilly often shows racey clips while he criticizes them and complains they are tasteless and offensive. He plays that Paris Hilton making love to a burger clip over and over while complaining that it goes too far. We all know O’Reilly is a sex pot behind closed doors (I can’t shake the image of him and that loofa) but he tries to play it the other way while in public. Like most people of his ilk, he thinks he is entitled to have it both ways – just like most of the elite in media, politics, and religion.
    BTW, I have found that other than the above complaint, O’Reilly is nowhere as near as bad as the media makes him out to be.

  19. neruda says

    Ernie. Listen to Adam’s hemming and hawing about the energy this and the moment that and how he didn’t mean to offend or disrespect. It’s all very contrite. Kudos to him for being out and for saying he has no regrets but he is certainly not standing strong by his work.

    It was an artistic statement (more so than that awful song) and he made all sorts of excuses for it instead of defending the legitimacy of what he did and why he did it and why the backlash is hypocritical. He started out strong but has then done nothing but make lame excuses. Ellen, Joy, and even Elizabeth Hasselback defended what he did better than he has recently. It seems like his publicist advised him not to take on ABC.

    Whatever they may or may not show on some of their programming, ABC’s attitude towards the performance is nothing but homophobic.

  20. latebrosus says

    @Jason: it is SO not just a “liberal wing” that finds girl-on-girl hot and guy-on-guy not. It is American society in general. Just as Matt says, it is because female sexuality is subjugated and frankly treated very cavalierly. This is a manifestation of misogyny: female sexuality dismissed as malleable and merely entertaining. Male sexuality is dangerous because it is all about penetration. And that makes people very uncomfortable and literally homophobic.

    Wow, I think I’m channeling Camille Paglia.

  21. Bobby says

    When people don’t speak up and state that bullshit about “gay is not all I am” and “I don’t have to display my sexuality all the time” this is what happens. The double standard being applied to Adam Lambert right now is another way the heterosexual world wants to suppress us. BE PROUD GAY PEOPLE!! Stop kowtowing to the straight world, homosexuality is an incredibly HUGE part of who you are and without it you would not be who you are or think as you do. Let the gay republicans be ashamed of themselves and apologize for who they are, the rest of us should stand up, fight and never let anyone tell us who we are or how we should act!!!!

  22. says

    I just don’t see the contriteness you see, Neruda, or the guilty apologies. When he says, No regrets, I take him at his word. I imagine he’s tired of talking about it by now (I know I am!) and wants to move on. He’d probably stand by his performance more if it had been a great performance (vocally), but it wasn’t and he knows it. The contrived media brouhaha has distracted attention from the fact that he can wow with his voice alone. He’s handled himself much better than the powers that be at ABC.

    And Jason’s reemerged from the Outback with “fresh” news of the liberal bisexual double standard! Yay! It’s like old times here.

  23. jakeinlove says

    Although I do agree that if ABC or any other station could show a female/female kiss, then they should equally be as comfortable showing a male/male kiss. However I think we should keep in mind that Lambert also went a step further in doing a fellatio re-enactment on stage that I don’t think was appropriate. Maybe for his own concert, but not for mainstream TV. In his defense, he’s young.

  24. Hmm says

    Theyre more comfortable with showing woman on woman action because TV stations are owned my straight men. Figures.

  25. Carlton W says

    ABC just pisses me off so much these days I flick the channel right on by. I caught that interview and only because I wanted to see how they would treat Adam. When I saw GaGa talking about her sexual experiences and saw her kiss I thought good this will pave the way for Adam’s interview. Instead the bitch cops the attitude that Adam’s male on males kiss was basically so vile that we won’t offend you viewers and show it here.

  26. PM says

    ABC and Ms. Walters are correct in only one respect: their indefensible decision was not based on homophobia. It was, however, blatantly sexist, sicne it continues to cash in on the idea that women getting it on for an audience is acceptable and to be promoted, whereas two men getting it on in front of an audience is the love that dare not speak its name.

    ABC should be ashamed for its sexist decision to air this crap twice now.

  27. MCnNYC says

    And GLAAD seems to be running out of lube and ABC isn’t even finished with them yet!!

    But hey it’s GLAAD’s red carpet award season and they need ABC’s cash to do exactly what?

    Rug burns GLAAD?

  28. Rami says

    You are over-reacting. The whole program is a PR machine for the guests, especially the pop recording artists. Adam is trying to distance himself from his embarrassing performance (it really was really bad – if I was on his team, I’d make sure that footage never aired again) – and the Lady Gaga footage was used perfectly to underscore her dad’s discomfort with her gaga-ness. I mean, I don’t think they’re saying BAD GAY KISSING BAD, they’re just pointing out what a “Dad” would obviously object to if it was his daughter. Stop picking on Wawa.

  29. Mary says

    There is no double standard. This nasty fag already proved that he cannot be trusted. I saw the AMA performance and it was obscene.

  30. Will says

    I don’t see how this is a big deal. They didn’t want to show a clip of him shoving someone’s head in his crotch, I am glad they didn’t. I also wish they wouldn’t have showed the trashy gaga clip.

    Thanks to capitalist media system that will exploit anything that can make them a quick buck, they been able to make americans think that being trashy is having an edge. It’s not, you are just being trashy.

    Both of these people are losers for buying into it and really should just be ignored so they will go away or just stop being trashy.