1. MT says

    Joe Leiberman needs to be treated like the infant that he is, and McCain needs to stop whining. End of story.

  2. Matt says

    This blog cracks me up and so do the comments. Andy and the commenters are so worked up over the Republicans using parliamentary proceedings to slow this down but if the Republicans were in power the Dems would be doing the same thing.

    What I also find funny that if Franken was a Republican and said this to a Democrat everyone on this blog would be up in arms.

    This blog keeps harping on Lieberman but it’s really the Senator from Nebraska who is holding up your own party because of the Abortion language in the bill.

  3. Doug says

    I wish one of Senator McCain’s distinguished colleagues would have said, “Perhaps if you spent a bit more time on the Senate floor, or actually listening to what’s going on in your place of business, you would have noticed that the same thing happened earlier this afternoon.”

  4. Billy says

    “What I also find funny that if Franken was a Republican and said this to a Democrat everyone on this blog would be up in arms.”

    Of course we would. Because we wouldn’t give a crap about Al Franken if he were a republican.

  5. mike nyc says

    McCain is such a clueless old fool. All is ever did was crash 5 planes
    and help America lose a war to a very very small country.

  6. Baby Jane says

    The Dems wouldn’t be slowing down a healthcare bill- it’s what they’ve been looking to restructure since the early ’90s!

    It’s the Republicans that don’t care about other Americans’s health, nor do the religious bodies that side with Republicans: they’re all too busy funneling funds, time and energy into anti-gay and anti-abortion legislation. Churches in this nation have forgotten and turned a blind eye to the poor and needy (and Lord knows Republicans never cared about such marginalized people in the first place).

  7. Russell says

    I love Al Franken! I remember seeing a youtube video of him speaking with a hostile group of his constituents at the Minnesota State Farm earlier this year regarding healthcare reform and was amazed at how he listened to each person carefully, and then answered their questions one at a time with respect and intelligence. By the end of the conversation, he had effectively calmed the group and also assured them that he cared about what they thought and pledged to do what’s in the best interest of them and their families. What a breath of fresh air Al Franken is. I wish he were my senator.

  8. Patric says

    It makes me very proud to be a Minnesotan when I watch Senator Franken do what too few Democrats have been willing to do: put the vile, childish Loserman in his place. For Loserman to individually exert such effort to torpedo reforms that he himself has previously supported and that would help millions of struggling people just because (i) he has a personal vendetta against progressives, (ii) he is beholden to Hartford insurance companies and (iii) he realizes that the only shot he has at being re-elected in 2012 is as a Republican is the height of irresponsibility.

    As for Matt above (who perhaps is one of those Log Cabin losers who were gushing over Sarah Palin last year), why are you reading this site then? Sounds like your twisted values would make you feel more at home on some teabagger blog.

  9. BC says

    Clearly it is Franken who is childish here. I totally agree with Matt – if you guys read anything BUT far left liberal news, you would see that the problems are coming from WITHIN the democratic party.

    Have any of you READ the healthcare bill? Do you know how it is going to significantly damage the ability for pharmaceutical companies to do research for meds and vaccines for diseases like HIV/AIDS? Do you know that if an HIV positive person is diagnosed with cancer, they will not be given adequate treatment b/c they are going to die anyway? READ the bill people. Talk to people who have actually read it. God knows not one congressman has read the bill.

    And yet AGAIN with the name calling. Let me make my point again – if the ENTIRE gay community does not work together, we will NEVER get the rights we deserve. If the ENTIRE gay community does not work in a civil way with the “other side”, we will not get the rights we deserve. Name calling only puts us beneath them. It is the “Log Cabin Losers” or the people in GoProud that are working on the inside of the GOP to make some change. You cannot do it without them.

  10. Michael J says

    The notion that the Democratic Senators would behave just like the Repubicans if the latter were in the majority is just not true. At no time during the Bush II administration did the Republicans have more than 55 Senators, but the Democrats did not filibuster everything the Republicans were for.
    The Washington Post reports today (12/18) that Republicans are now talking filibustering a military funding bill for the Iraq and Afghanistan operations. The reason? They want to delay Senate consideration of health care legislation. If the Democrats used such a tactic, they would be declared guilty of treason. But the Republicans get to be treated with kid gloves in the media, probably because too many Democrats are too timid to play as rough as they should.

  11. Matt says

    @Patrick. I’m not a Log Cabin Loser. I’m a registered Independent thank you. I’m just pointing out that it’s funny that if one party is in power, they are saying the other is trying to mislead or stop “the people’s business” and when the power switches it’s the same story told by the other side.

    Go to any right wing blog/site and they do the same thing there that you all do here.

    To the comment about about the Dems never filibustering during the Bush years that is incorrect. They filibustered 10 of Bush’s appellate judge nominations. The filibustering was stopped in the 109th congress by the Gang of 14 who made a compromise to keep the Republicans from using a nuclear option to get rid of the filibuster.

  12. says

    I love Al – I’m absolutely thrilled he is in the senate! He’s just as liberal-loving as ever, not changing for anyone. Woo! Beat back Liberman and his bff, Mccain!

  13. Paul R says

    LIberman and McCain are both still bitter that they never got to inhabit the Executive branch. Al Gore’s worst mistake was choosing that whiny Elmer Fudd as his VP choice. Lieberman would never have the name recognition he has if Gore had chosen someone else.

    @Matt: why do you seem surprised that people with strong feelings behave similarly? It’s called politics. If I don’t like someone’s policies, then yes I’ll mock them because I don’t respect them. Not exactly a recent development.

  14. Lazycrockett says

    I love the democrats are all blaming Joe, instead of realizing that everyone they’ve voted for are spineless pussies who suck the Big Pharm and Insurance lobbyist cock.

  15. Will says

    Whatever partisan feelings may be, it seems Franken was making the point that remarks were limited to 10 minutes. There are 100 senators, so if each one goes over it clearly becomes a serious time issue. It’s that simple, really. If McCain felt so strongly he could have yielded 2 minutes from his own time rather than have it come out of everybody else’s.

  16. Patric says

    BC claims that “[i]t is the “Log Cabin Losers” or the people in GoProud that are working on the inside of the GOP to make some change. You cannot do it without them.” A familiar claim made by his crowd for the past few decades as they’ve donated money to the likes of Bob Dole, Shrub and John McSame. What “change” do they have to show for all these efforts? A Republican President and Congress attempted to write discrimination against gay people into the U.S. Constitution, every single Republican state senator in New York voted to continue discrimination against gay and lesbian citizens in marriage rights last month, McSame cut commercials in support of an anti-gay amendment of Arizona’s state constitution, etc., etc. Forgive me if I’m not impressed by the efforts of Log Cabin losers (and that’s the kindest name I can think of for your crowd) and the GOProud ilk “to make some change.”

    As for Matt’s pointing out that Dems filibustered Bush judicial nominees during his terms, thank God they did! I only wish that they had been more aggressive in doing so. You fail to note that some of the judges filibustered were among the most homophobic individuals ever nominated to the federal bench, but I suppose that that’s not a particular concern for the Log Cabin and GOProud crowd as you work “to make some change” within a party whose defining quality in the past 50 years has been to oppose the elimination of discrimination against one oppressed minority after another.

    Thanks to Pistolpetey for pointing out that BC is talking out of his ass or simply reading the talking points of BIG Insurance and the other monied interests opposing this bill because they don’t want their monopolies broken and they don’t want consumers to enjoy actual choices.

    I repeat myself, gay Republicans are losers and that is indeed the kindest adjective I can use.

  17. Rex says

    As a Canadian, it is hard to understand why a country like America just can’t get it together on health care. My partner and I pay $90/month (registered as a family!!!) for B.C. health insurance. For over a decade, he has been on retro-virals at no extra cost to us (he is very healthy/viral load undetectable,etc). Therefore, we are able run a business, employing people & creating massive tax revenues for the government. Why is this so complicated for your country?

  18. andy says

    It probably has something to do with why is it so complicated for your country to develop your own retro-virals. We are very different countries.

  19. Rex says

    Andy- uninformed comment.
    America is very different from a lot of countries. Unfortunately, attitudes like yours indicates an unwillingness to learn from what others do better than you. Your loss.

  20. andy says

    It is not a matter of “willingness” but a matter of two countires with vastly different resources and resultant constraints. The countries are different-capable, at this time, of accomplishing different things. One is not “better” than the other.
    The US is no more “unwilling” to learn than Canada is “unwilling” to develop retro-virals.

  21. paul b. says

    @Rex…thanks Rex!
    As an American who spent 10 years in BC…I can tell you why it wouldn’t work here.
    We don’t care enough about our citizens who don’t have the means to provide for their own health insurance.
    I live in the US now because I was born here, all my family’s here and I have a job here…and California works for me. My husband & I pay $752. per month…each…for Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance. It goes up another $90. in Dec. when I turn 60.
    The US is an embarassment when it comes to this…and Rex is right…it works Canada…and it’s because they care enough.