BBC Asks ‘Should Homosexuals Face Execution?’, Changes Mind


After outrage from readers after they put the execution of gays up for debate, the BBC has now changed its forum to ask, "Should Uganda debate gay execution?"

According to The Guardian, Debate "Premoderated posts included one from Chris, Guildford, posted at 8.59am, which attracted 51 recommendations of support. He wrote: 'Totally agree. Ought to be imposed in the UK too, asap. Bring back some respectable family values. Why do we have to suffer 'gay pride' festivals? Would I be allowed to organise a 'straight pride' festival? No, thought as much!! If homosexuality is natural, as we are forced to believe, how can they sustain the species? I suggest all gays are put on a remote island somewhere and left for a generation – after which, theoretically there should be none left!'

Another, from Aaron in Freetown, said: 'Bravo to the Ugandans for this wise decision, a bright step in eliminating this menace from your society. We hope other African nations will also follow your bold step.'"

The AP reports: "The BBC's World Service Africa program editor, David Stead, defended
the debate. In a blog posted on the BBC Web site, he said editors had 'thought long and hard about using this question' and sought to reflect
the diverse views about homosexuality in Africa. 'We agree
that it is a stark and challenging question, but think that it
accurately focuses on and illustrates the real issue at stake,' he said."


  1. stephen says

    The BBC defended the debate… what bullshit! Swap blacks, jews, muslims, pakistanis, ad naseum and there would be an audience for this putrid exchange.

    Just because they’re crazy in Uganda doesn’t mean that their ‘debate’ should be treated as reasonable. It’s lunacy & even more Ugandans understand that.

    What a disappointment to see the BBC go the way of American-style provocative Info-tainment!

    Thumbs-down… big-time!

  2. David B. 2 says

    no homosexuals should not face execution … but some reporters at the BBC should (for this!)

  3. jpastor717 says

    Should Jews face execution?
    Should the disabled face execution?
    Should blacks face execution?
    Should undocumented immigrants face execution?
    Should single mothers face execution?
    Should journalists face execution?
    Should Ugandans face execution?
    Should the blind face execution?
    Should barren women face execution?
    Should the illiterate face execution?

  4. says

    @stephen Personnally, I agree with you about substituting other groups, however, the stark question actually makes me think to themselves, “this is horrible, of course this shouldn’t happen!” It’s a great little piece of mind jarring reality theater. I think our own purposes would be much better served by shock tactics like this than those dumbass “equality” commercials that portray us as “just like you.”

  5. chasmader says

    David Stead is obviously not Gay.

    I have an idea, why doesn’t the BBC debate whether Black a/o African people should face execution and see how Mr. Stead feels about that.

    I hope this idiot is fired by the end of the week.

  6. MikeInSanJose says

    Like it or not, RELIGION is and has always been the biggest threat to continued existence on this planet for anyone.

    ANYTIME a religion decides they don’t like you, they can get away with any and all forms of heinous abuse and murder and claim religious freedom – blame it on the imaginary god.


    The xian god is a child rapist. Why should his worshippers have a free hand to abuse others?

    If I were to walk up to a 12 – 16 year-old (most biblical scholars agree Mary was in that age range when she was raped and impregnated) and say “I’m god and I want to start a new religion. Let’s have sex.” I’m guessing most xians would have a problem with that.

    And if gays treated xians the way xians treat gays, well, do I even need to finish that thought?

    Why aren’t they (xians) smart enough to take a step back and look at just what and who they are worshipping and giving their money to…? Falwell, Robertson, Dobson, Swaggart… They are all always VERY well-dressed (okay, Falwell’s $1000.00 suit is disintegrating by now) and living in very expensive homes and driving very expensive cars and flying around in private jets. I missed the chapter that condones that in the bible.

  7. Jon B says

    What if it read, “Should all Ugandans be rounded up and shipped overseas and traded as property?” Bet that would have some people up in arms. At one time, that probably was debated, and the Churches that these people so fastidiously cling to supported that institution based on the Bible.

  8. dani says

    How can they even submit this question to a poll?
    It’s a real shame!! Are we back to the Nazi’s era ?

  9. stephen says

    Here’s my e-mail to David Stead:
    Congrats on the publicity. That’s what you were after, right? You couldn’t have really thought something relevant or useful would come out of a debate about whether or not homosexuals should be executed!

    Substitute blacks, pakistanis, jews, muslims, women, whatever and ask the same question. Hard to do isn’t it, and yet you were able to convince yourself that some necessary discussion would occur if the question were asked about gays?

    Gov’ts do idiotic things all the time, but because they do, does not mean that a formally esteemed news source should validate their crazy behavior by proposing an irrational debate be met with a rational one. Should the woman who has “brought shame on her family by having been raped” also have to endure an on-line poll to determine what percentage of people think they found the right solution. jeesh; your ignorance is astounding.

    I can only assume that your goal is to become a provocative, info-tainment news source such as FOX. Good luck with that. What a dunce.

    Stephen S.

  10. TANK says

    THis simply isn’t a legitimate question. It’s meaning is that of a moral one given the normative “should,” yet anyone who would answer in the affirmative isn’t a human being (or person, if you prefer), and since it applies to human conduct, is simply not a moral question. Anyone who would answer affirmatively has defined themselves outside of morality, and has forfeited any positive rights they have to be treated like a person… Further, they’re not to be treated like non human animals…it’s puzzling how we are to treat those who have given up personhood and their right to be treated with dignity and respect.

    There is no “from their perspective,” or their side of the story…they have no ground to stand on.

  11. New Jersey Girl says


    You expect anything different from the corporate world that has decided we are not good for intergenerational business, which is the only business model they have left during a world wide depresion?

    Drop your bibles and step away from the religion.

  12. Arturo Beeche says

    The BBC, for all its phenomenal journalism, has had many, many missteps…this is one of their biggest,,,what were they thinking?

    And what makes people think that they can pinpoint a minority and wonder out loud if they should be legally able to dispose of it…is this not what Hitler and the Nazis did?

  13. Harry says

    This man is a moron. He fails realize two important things. We gays would not become extinct after one generation! We’re too smart for that, we would have sex with our lesbian friends (twice), impregnant them, one baby goes to the lesbian couple and one to the gay male couple and voila, continued species. Then we could raise an army and invade, “The United States of Homophobes!” We would win, take over the country, recruit all the str8 boys and girls to our side and get that toaster we always wanted. Secondly, does he really think that no more gays would be born to str8 parents? I think not.

  14. David T says

    BBC, you guys are a bunch of dumb fucking shits. People think the same of Jews, blacks, hispanics. Nuff said. Oh, did I tell you you guys are a bunch of dumb fucking shits?

  15. frankk says

    Folks lets not get our panties all bloodied up This is coming from the BBC, I bet they to think their the master race.

  16. Leo says

    I agree and disagree. The stark reality is that Uganda is currently debating whether or not to kill people who are gay. That’s what the question is about. I don’t think it was meant to allow people who devalue human life and dignity to air their hate and genocidal beliefs, but to be blunt and frank as to what is currently going on in Uganda.

    That said, this whole piece does have an air of naiveté of how people could be impacted by the headline. Did they not think that the question would be taken as offensive, and did the potential offensiveness of the question outweigh whatever blunt message they were trying to make? I think it was definitely wrong to put this question in a poll, also.

  17. DR says

    While their stated intent may have been to bring attention to the possibility of mass executions, the original headline question allows the debate to be framed without reference to Uganda. Reading the comments from the BBC thread shows the gamut that was run by people due to that phrasing. There are the usual religious gambits. There are the usual moral decay gambits. And many of the commentators didn’t care about the location of the executions at all, some even desiring to bring them to their own non-African countries as a solution to the “homosexual problem.”
    There are a number from Africans wondering why African countries’ policies on the matter are focused upon while similar Middle Eastern policies are left to exist. Even the cultural relativity argument pops up in their commenting. That at least sounds more like what the BBC was hoping their phrasing would generate.
    But in general, it’s a free-for-all in which the murderous impulses of the posters are there to see, due to the continued, weak, minority status of the undesirables in question.

    What was “the real issue at stake” for the David Stead and by extension, the BBC? Is it the possibility of countless deaths, whether by witch hunt or “evidence”? Those who would die under that law were maligned numerous times in the thread, their potential deaths lauded and welcomed. Is it homosexuality in Africa? The stance of people that cultural relativism absolves African’s state-sanctioned murderous desire was apparent in the comments as was the stance that homosexuality is a colonial artifact, absolutely foreign to Africa. Is it discrimination through this bill? Again, the focus on death as positive outcome in the comments does not bring anything to the table on this front either. Is it really the diverse views about homosexuality in Africa? Again most of the BBC commentators were not African, but from outside Africa, and mostly didn’t comment on the views in Africa, letting their own views make their comments.

  18. Kevin says

    If their intent was to shock people out of complacency by posing the question, then why do they also present the answers?

    Anyone who would answer “yes” to the question “should gays be executed” does not deserve forum on the BBC, and giving those people a voice is a grave mistake.

  19. says

    Actually, all this could come as a godsend….if gay’s finally get together they could put all this into symbolism linking gay haters like Palin, Kern, Hannity, O’Reilly, Maggie Gallagher, Prejean, Diaz, Brian Brown, religious leaders, Republicans etc., as promoting hate and indirectly causing this new push for genocide. Show them as the true bigots they are.

    Click on my nomen below and see a cartoon from 1939 which reflects genocide by humans. It is called “Peace On Earth”.

  20. Matty In NY says

    JPastor17 said:
    Should Jews face execution?
    Should the disabled face execution?
    Should blacks face execution?
    Should undocumented immigrants face execution?
    Should single mothers face execution?
    Should journalists face execution?
    Should Ugandans face execution?
    Should the blind face execution?
    Should barren women face execution?
    Should the illiterate face execution?

    Posted by: jpastor717 | Dec 16, 2009 6:11:43 PM

    UMMMMM you forgot one group
    Should the White Supremacists face execution?

  21. JT says

    CB : Comparing those people you list to those in this Uganda/BBC thing is like comparing jaywalkers to serial killers. It blows your credibility.

  22. Matt says

    This is very interesting how all of this played out on the website. I am unable to get very offended by the BBC asking this question when Uganda is asking it in a much more substantial way, as in legislation with enforceability rather than an internet comment thread. Even if homosexuality were a colonial holdover I don’t understand why a group of people participating in a colonial holdover on their free will would need to face execution. I see it as a candle compared to a supernova.

    Regardless, people still have these awful hateful feelings regardless of if BBC asked the question or not, which I find sad and frightening.

  23. Seth Johnson says

    My letter to Mr. Stead, with the subject line of, “Should Uganda debate the execution of journalists?”:

    … or disabled persons?
    … or Jews?
    … or Muslims?
    … or political dissidents?
    … or speed-zone violators?
    … or women?
    … or orphans?
    … or illiterates?

    The fact that you would use your loudspeaker to ask such a shockingly and deliberately homophobic question is revolting to me.

    Unless, of course, you’re attempting to prove a point. In which case, I fully expect that, in the future, you will run the exact same “unscientific poll” to gauge public opinion regarding the above subjects.

    If you can do so without retching, you’re even more callous than I already judge you to be.

    With grave concern,

    Seth Johnson

  24. Hun Skin London says

    Some groups Already facing execution in a tolerant society have been omited:
    -Trisomic Babies
    -Unborn Ones
    -Terminaly Ill Folks
    -Mentaly Ill People
    -Depressed Teens
    -Tax Evaders falling in Despair and agreeing to Assisted AutoCull to solve World Crisis No X

    And B4 anyone throw their dutch clogs at my shadow, let me say that, Me Too, I dislike what BBC has done….not just this time round…Ansd Yes, it shows that any ‘equal right’ discourse is utter bullSht, that no liberties ever are safe when anybody can have their say-ancient world knew that until they started listenig to barbarians and foreign gods followers-. Lefties will be ‘pro-gay’ for as long as it will serve them….then they’ll be like any other inter-national-socialist-s and send the ‘sick,weak,parasites,etc’ to voters made Hell.

  25. Nonplussed says

    But this was precisely the question before the Ugandan parliament.
    The BBC are not the target for outrage here, they’re exposing the reality. As for the comments, we need only read the frequent idiocies on this blog to understand that foolishness will always be with us..
    Wake up!

  26. Tony X says

    I think the BBC was WISE to use this opportunity to show the level REAL degeneracy – Straight Supremacy that supports a Gay Holocaust – in Britain.

    And when asked the same support is very much alive in America.

    What the Germans allowed to have happen to the Gypsies, Gays, and Jews is not something unique to being German — the reality we all must live and thrive in the knowledge of is that MANY humans are evil monsters.

    That is a fact.

    Many of those evil monsters are gay.

    Make your own good choices and protect yourself. Work for good. Fight for laws that protect minority groups. But this evil of Majority Rule and Murder of Minority Scapegoats will be here long until after we have all left the earth.

    I think the BBC did a good service here allowing the monsters to expose themself.

    Know you know they are really out there.

    Save your money.
    Build a fence.
    Live your lives.

    still alive

  27. A says

    Dear Mr. Stead,

    You work for a respectable news organization and have an opportunity to empower and inspire your readers or spread hatred and bigotry. It’s clear with your “should gays be executed?” poll that you’ve chosen the latter. Shame on you for pandering to an out-dated, fear-based way of thinking.

    I don’t really expect you to change as a result of this letter; the only consolation here is that the world’s next generation is much more accepting of other races and cultures than yours obviously is. I can’t wait for bigots like yourself to disappear off this planet, and with you will go your racist and short-sighted thinking.


  28. RJ says

    Even this (“Should Uganda debate gay execution?”) is the wrong question, since the only rational answer for any sane truly moral individual is HELL NO. If there must be a question on the topic, why not ask “WHY is Uganda proposing to execute a minority group?”