Colin Farrell to Celebrate a Gay Marriage This Weekend


Colin Farrell will help bless his gay brother Eamon's wedding this weekend in Ireland, according to local media:

"Eamon Farrell is having a blessing to mark his union with artist boyfriend Steve Mannion.

According to the Irish Independent, the pair actually got married in Canada this summer, with Colin as Eamon's best man. At the time Eamon lamented the fact he and his partner could not wed in Ireland…After the wedding blessing the couple will spend the evening with a
host of well-wishers in Krystle nightclub, a funky venue on Harcourt
Street in Dublin. The club has private booths, a pent house and a VIP suite – ideal for accommodating the VIP party. It will be a family night out, including Farrell’s mother Rita and sisters Claudine and Catherine, the Independent reports. A gang of other Irish celebs will be there too."


  1. jpeckjr says

    Colin Farrell is not celebrating a gay marriage this weekend. He’s celebrating his brother’s marriage by being the best man. Colin’s just being a good brother. Happens all the time with men marrying women. This time, the brother is marrying another man. All it sounds like to me is a family being a family. Congratulations to Eamon and Steve.

  2. DavyG says

    Never been in Krystle, but I was in Dicey’s (which is the nightclub that the Krystle exclusive area is in) and I thought it was pretty cool.

    Also, is an Irish-American site, so I don’t think it counts as “local media” …

  3. JT says

    LOL. The Protestant Manhattan gays (yes, like Towle) hate these stories. “Irish are supposed to be the enemy! That’s one of the rules!”,

  4. Lexxvs says

    Colin Farrell, wow, that pic tells me that his health is in bad, bad shape. Hope he is in rehab and doesn’t follow suit of the string of people who’s passed away. There is plenty of time to end 2009….

  5. ron says

    @ DaveG The “local media” quoted is The Independent, an Irish paper.
    @ Lexxvs Having seen Colin recently, I can tell you he looks fine! Mighty fine actually… That’s just a bad photo.

  6. says

    To LEXXVS .. That is a very very old photo. Colin did indeed enter rehab late ’05 early ’06 and has not had a drink since. He credits the birth his first son for saving his life. His second son was just born 3 mos ago. He’s very healthy now and working hard. Congrats to Eamon. This is a very close family and I’m sure it will be a wild party!

  7. Jakesfl says

    Colin has always been supportive and open about his brother being gay. They are very close and Eamon often travels with him. Listening to a radio interview and Colin mentioned offhandedly about his gay brother, the hosts (one of those early morning “circus” shows) thought this was an opening for “gay bashing humor.” Colin schooled them with very subdued positive comments about his brother, Colin is no the uneducated thug he projects. It shut them up quickly. The only lie Colin told was that his brother was better looking them him; that was an act of brotherly love.