Episcopal Church Elects First Openly Lesbian Bishop

 Lesbian Rev. Mary Glasspool of Baltimore was elected assistant bishop of the Diocese of Los Angeles on Saturday. She and Bishop Gene Robinson of New Hampshire are now the world Anglican fellowship's only openly gay bishops.

The AP reports: Glasspool "The Episcopal Church is the Anglican body in the United States. The election of Robinson already has deeply fractured the global Anglican Communion.

Within the United States, theologically conservative Episcopalians this year formed a rival church, called the Anglican Church in North America.

Glasspool lives with a female partner. Her election as assistant bishop must be approved by a majority of national church leaders…When voting ended Friday, the Rev. Mary D. Glasspool of Baltimore, who
has a female partner, was drawing a large share of votes. Another gay
candidate, the Rev. John L. Kirkley of San Francisco, withdrew late
Friday, winnowing the original field of candidates to five."


  1. stephen says

    My nearly 80 yr old parents are leaving the Catholic Church in favor of the Episcopals.

    Friends don’t let friends stay Catholic… it’s a glorified hate-group.

  2. clint says

    I hope she is a superb bishop. If there was a WASP-ette Of The Year award, I’m sure she would be in the running for that too LOL

    Second of all, “Episcopal” is the adjective, “Episcopalian” is the noun. So, Episcopalians go to an Episcopal church, but “Episcopals” never go to an “Episcopalian church.”

  3. Todd Phillips says

    No comments on how much the Episcopal Church has sacrificed and suffered on our behalf ?

    We should support those who recognize and respect us. Not doing so is giving those who wish us harm ammunition.

  4. says

    The Episcopal church is following in the footsteps of the abolitionists, and millions of decent folk who’ve defended the helpless, served the poor, and cared for the sick through the centuries. It’s one of the greatest traditions in all history.
    But I’m sorry. That hair cut is too ‘short, mannish, but neat and respectable’ for me. I was hoping for something a bit more lipstick lez. How will we make progress if we can’t fold the hair burners in with the pr department?

  5. says

    That was a joke. I happen to be Episopalian, and I’ve known many such neat and tidy priests. They don’t take themselves too seriously and laugh at themselves all the time. Try it sometime.
    The serious part was the first paragraph. But I left out the people who’ve defended the oppressed over the centuries, thankless and dangerous work which includes this move by the church.

  6. RevWard says

    Andy, thanks for consistently posting such stories (as well as exposures of religious bigots): introduces a model of coverage of intersection of Christianity and LBGT issues that reflects maturity, balance, and nuance…something sorely missing from the mainstream media’s blaring, sensationalist headlines.

  7. ahem says

    I agree with Wilberforce (great name) and his first point. The Episcopal Church USA has gone out on a limb in its support of gays and lesbians. I suspect it will wind up being kicked out of the Anglican Communion in the next few years. For traditionalist Episcopalians, this has come to a major decision: can one fully live the gospel and remain in a non-gay-affirming communion. The Los Angelinos are on the side of the Angels in this one. God bless Bishop-elect Glasspool.

  8. BobC562 says

    Once again, I’m proud to be a cradle Episcopalian, and proud of my Los Angeles diocese and my own parish, St. Luke’s in Long Beach. Bishop Bruno has been on the forefront of supporting the GLBT community, and this action continues that path. The Roman Catholic church put out a call for homophobic Anglicans to come join it. We put out the call for people of conscience to come join us. The liturgy may be the same, but there’s none of the guilt.

  9. John Wilkinson says

    The Episcopalian Church is a hugh “Joke”. What has come is the Institution – simply put- has gone from “great” to, ah, “negative”. It’s a “sign of our times”, only. DOES ANYONE IMAGINE THAT GOD is going to not -look- at this? A Day is going to come when Judgement will be uppon EVERYONES -head- I fear for MYSELF that I may go to “hell” and I am Straight as an Arrow (and have “absolutely Zero respect” for anything “homosexual”). WilkinsonjboxingII@Hotmail.com (Sport of boxing) Episcopalians are Hypocrites. If they aren’t hypocrites then their problem is they are “lazy” and give all sortsa excuses -internally- WHY they can not STOP their “Association”. I AM A SALESMAN. Do I -every- even “proposition” any Episcipalian “institution”? I DO NOT. By the way, “United Way” is a Cousin to that “Church”. No person in their right mind who is a true “Chrtistian” has ANY BUSINEESS “giving” to UW (They became Political something like 9 years -ago-)

  10. Mike Spencer says

    Just a point of clarification: The Rev. Glasspool is not a bishop yet. After the election comes the consent process. A majority of the bishops with jurisdiction and standing committees must assent to the election before she can be consecrated. Current church politics being what they are, it’s still possible that consent will not be given (God forbid). We have 120 days to find out.

  11. Bill says

    I was a delegate to the convention that elected Mary. I would like to add that she was one of the most qualified – intelligent, articulate, spirit filled candidates – in a field of highly qualified candidates (6). The election was done in a setting of prayer and contemplation. And we were moved by the holy spirit to be brave in our commitment to the inclusion of all at Christ’s table.
    There was also the election of the first female priest in the history of the Los Angeles Episcopal Diocese.
    It was a wonderful day in the life of Christianity, at least for those who really listen to the message of Christ.

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