1. GrabbinNewscum says

    Uh, way to distort what Lieberman actually said, Andy.

    Lieberman never said the work “attack” in reference to Yemen. He said “If you don’t act pre-emptively, Yemen will be tomorrow’s war.” Sounds like Lieberman is saying the US needs to take steps to work with the Yemeni government to try to AVOID going to war with Yemen as if have in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    I realize you’re not a journalist and don’t expect you to adhere to journalistic standards but you should at least attempt to report the truth and not lies and distortions. Otherwise, you’re no better than Fox News.

  2. Sam says

    Towleroad: I’m not following this story…but please don’t turn this into a blanket liberal forum. We don’t all support healthcare and don’t all hate Joe Lieberman.

  3. zach says

    hear, hear, andy . . . when is this arse up for re-election? it’s high time we put someone progressive up against him . . . get a national grassroots campaign going to get him out!

  4. Robert says

    “We don’t all support healthcare and don’t all hate Joe Lieberman.”

    Hate is a strong word. But if you like Joe Liebermann, you clearly hate yourself. Go away, Sam.

  5. JOE 2 says


    I find it interesting that you “don’t support healthcare.” Does that mean that when you get appendicitis, a tetanus infection, or kidney failure you prefer to just die rather than get medical treatment?

  6. Paul R says

    @Grabbinnewscum is absolutely correct. I loathe Lieberman, but he did not say we should attack Yemen.

    Yemen is considered a U.S. ally in the “war on terror.” It’s a desperately poor country at high risk of splitting (reverting, actually) into two parts because of civil war. Yes, there are dangerous factions there, including al Qaeda, but a lot of that is due to its location and geography (porous borders leading to large swaths of land that is essentially ungoverned). Try finding a Middle Eastern country that doesn’t contain violent religious fanatics. (Hell, trying finding any country that doesn’t!)

    Yemen also has no valuable resources and receives a lot of U.S. foreign aid. In his bumbling way, Lieberman seems to be saying that we need to support Yemen, increase aid (military and otherwise), and “preemptively” ensure that it doesn’t disintegrate. The country only united from North and South in the early 1990s.

  7. says

    @Paul R: why is a united Yemen important? Why shouldn’t it be two (or more) countries?

    I’ve never rally understood this fear of ‘balkanization’. Why is one big nation better than several (or many) smaller ones?

  8. TANK says

    Kinda hard for CT to do the right thing when Barack Obama endorsed lieberman, and refused to do anything when his own party dropped him from the ticket. Barry loves lieberman…thanked him personally for being part of the effort to gut healthcare “reform”.

  9. says

    Its not the economics, its the foreign policy that makes me a Republican. Even if we roasted marshmallows with the taliban and Al Queda they still would want to kill us.

    However I do disagree with Lieberman on an attack on Yemen. However we should adopt Israeli style airport security methods and check for suspicious chemicals from passengers at least.

  10. tofer david says

    personally, i am not in favor of this healthcare bill as currently spiraling out of control….i mean if you actually look at it and what it is taking to get it passed it is a sad state of affairs. joe l is arse that is for certain.

  11. TANK says

    No sensible person is in favor of the healthcare bill as it is currently formulated no thanks to douchebags like joe lieberman and barack obama…it’s not reform.

  12. GrabbinNewscum says

    I’ll never understand these gay leftists who are part of the knee-jerk reactionary anti-war crowd. These radical Islamists want to turn the Middle East back into the 12th century caliphate. Do you think they envision a role for openly gay people in that future?

    No one, including Joe Lieberman, has called for a pre-emptive military strike against Yemen. But to imagine that these radical Muslim butchers wouldn’t slice your head off without a second thought – and pose a threat to the liberal Western values that allows sexual minority communities to form and flourish in relative freedom – is beyond ignorant.

    Rachel Maddow reports on the plight of gays in Uganda and the only reason people on this site got upset is because of unsupported accusations that the legislation was practically handwritten by white Western Christian political and religious leaders.

    Yet when it comes to defending the plight of gay people in Arab-Muslim nations, you could hear a pin drop. Where is our concern for our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters now? Oh wait, I guess since we can’t trace it back to Rick Warren we shouldn’t care, and oh anyway, we don’t want to be cultural imperialists and impose our values on other nations.

  13. says

    U.S. politicians are all war mongers, especially conservatives (both Republican and Democrat). I have noticed that the only time the Republican party and conservative Democrats agreed with Obama was an escalation of war.

  14. Trace says

    Sorry everyone.. but looks like we are heading down the path of acting like Fox news. I detest Lieberman more than anyone but acting preemptively doesnt necessarily mean we have to act militarily. It just means paying attention to something BEFORE it becomes a headache and problem.

  15. says

    Maybe just once, we should try the Peace Corps method?

    I’m all for bombing a Bitch when they fuck with us ,but, most of these countries have economic issues that the terrorists exploit.

    If you have a family to feed and the Taliban, etc., are giving you money to kill westerners, where’s the problem?

    It’s simple economics stupid.

  16. Paul R says

    @Susan Hogart: I don’t have a strong preference for a united or split Yemen. My point (and concern) is about the instability, suffering, and economic ruin that a protracted civil war would bring, to say nothing of the effects beyond its borders given that one of the new countries would be decidedly anti-West. Countries rarely split up quickly or painlessly (in recent decades I can think of only Czechoslovakia), and one side almost invariably ends up economically poorer (witness Slovakia).

    Indeed, I’m completely with you that it’s stupid for countries to remain large masses forced together by historical blunders, wars, or colonialism. I thought Iraq should split into three countries, no question. Big countries can achieve economies of scale in various areas, but that’s not a worthwhile tradeoff if it’s constantly undermined by social strife.

    The recent bombing in Yemen was technically conducted by the Yemeni government with US intelligence and logistical support. It was a response to the Fort Hood shootings, and was hardly a case of the US attacking Yemen. Indeed, it showed how eager the Yemeni government is to stay on good terms with us, by going after fanatical clerics.

  17. DR says

    Gotta side on the folks who are saying that you’re misquoting Lieberman. He’s advocating a way to avoid turning Yemen into the next international mess like Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Sadly this isn’t the first time a headline here has been deliberately misleading…

  18. says

    “Rachel Maddow reports on the plight of gays in Uganda and the only reason people on this site got upset is because of unsupported accusations that the legislation was practically handwritten by white Western Christian political and religious leaders.”

    Take out the “practically.” Third world anti-gay genocide ISN’T supposed to get us upset?

  19. Pinky Tuscadero says

    Ms Motherfucking GRABBINNEWSCUM our racist right wingcock sucking nut sista is back. Gurl why don’t have a glass of cyanide with a twist of riacin and lay next to Lie-bermanderthal!


  20. Jane Roe says

    “We don’t all support healthcare…”

    Whoa. Whoa. Conservative Freudian slip?

    The health care reform proposals aren’t perfect by any means, but are there no conservatives who support things like;

    1) Banning denial of coverage based on pre-existing conditions?

    2) Banning the practice of recission?

  21. BC says

    Um Guys – Obama said the same thing:

    “We will continue to use every element of our national power to disrupt, to dismantle, and defeat the violent extremists who threaten us–whether they are from Afghanistan or Pakistan, Yemen or Somalia, or anywhere where they are plotting attacks against the U.S. homeland.”

    But those of you attacking Lieberman – I’m sure you will fully agree with the President, even though the message is EXACTLY the same.

  22. BC says

    Oh and Pinky and CJ – Nice work on the mature name calling and hopes that someone posting here dies. Again, another step in the right direction for the gay community. You guys know that the true wingnuts read this blog and others in order to use our own words against us. Name calling and death threats will be used to show how uncooperative and intolerant you are, when we need to be preaching tolerance, acceptance and cooperation to get our rights recognized.

  23. TANK says

    Uh oh, someone’s accusing criticism of the evil that is islam of being racist… Now either you’re doing it becauase of islam, in which case you’re a fool as islam is one of the most homophobic and antiwoman religions on the face of the planet and enforces it daily in the blood of innocent victims…or, it’s for some other reason. Let’s hope it’s not the former, for anyone who defends islam against charges of being brutally homophobic and sexist is an enemy of the lgbt community, and should be treated with just as much hostility as any christian religious bigot.

  24. patrick nyc says


    It’s clear that you are a GOP closeted troll, coming here just to provoke people who look here to discuss issues. Too bad that a house does not fall on you, like in both the Wizard of Oz and Katrina. But only the good die young, we must deal with the likes of you until you see yourself, like in The Portrait of Dorian Gray, and hopefully you will fade away.

  25. GrabbinNewscum says

    Uh Patrick NYC, if you took your shit-encrusted ideological blinders off, you’d see that I contributed something constructive at the beginning of this post when I dared to question Andy’s description of Lieberman’s call for pre-emptive action in Yemen as an “attack.”

    But since you’re obviously inclined to disagree with anyone who doesn’t subscribe to the loony leftist agenda, you can politely fuck off and die.

  26. patrick nyc says


    Once again, you are a douche bag. Anyone with half a brain, clearly something you do no have, would see that Lieberman is a GOP wanna be, except they don’t really like jews, blacks or gays.

    That is why you are a self hating piece of shit. So once again, fuck off you troll. Go to a Fox News site, there you can JO to your like minded trolls.

  27. CJ says

    Patrick, don’t waste your time on him. He’s simply feeding off the attention his comments receive.

    BC: Don’t be so “holy than thou” and dramatic and get a sense of humor. Sheesh.

  28. Mark says

    Damn. Ya’ll can get downright nasty!

    If someone would simply take the time to photoshop the old bastard in a putrid pale green – plus a small amount of nip and tuck – the WORLD would finally know who the grinch was the fucked up christmas.

  29. BC says

    CJ – explain to me how hoping someone dies is OK? Not being “holy than thou” (as you put it). Just saying that we need civil discussions. You are just in the business of shutting down anyone who doesn’t agree with you. I am not above you. I’m not above telling you to fuck off. I’m just not going to do it here. Oops.

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